Faith vs The Rampant Rabbit

No, I’m not talking about the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannor who decapitates its victims with nasty, big, pointy teeth; vicious vorpal bunny who cannot be vanquished save for The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. Rather, I’m referring to a popular brand of the alternative vaginal pleasure probe that is the vibrator. But as my exposure to said sexual organ substitute is limited to it being used as a supplement for single-entry double-penetration when there’s not another proper penis about, I shall defer to our resident expert Vix (who informs me that it’s now illegal to promote such “obscene devices” over in the ‘States) to elucidate on today’s topic…

“Being a late starter at wanking, my first vibrator was a surprise to me. My partner had gone away for a few days and on his return, he looked in the drawer under the bed and pulled out a huge pink phallus, with veins and crinkly testes, which had a note on it : “Hope you’re thinking of me” it said, in his handwriting.

“He was miffed. It was unused. I did not know the drawer existed and even if I had, I would not have known if that was intended for me.

“I was 17. The thing was hideous. Like a bad Dr Who monster. I had previously told the man that I did not like “pretend penis” type toys.

“I had to use it in front of him. It smelled like rubber. It made a lot of noise. It stuck to my labia and turned me outside-in.

“When I finally left him, I also left the fowl phallus.

“My first own purchase was one of the 8” white, ribbed “non doctor” varieties. Easy clean, non smell, non stick. For the longest time i used it switched off. (After all, I reasoned, cocks don’t vibrate) I would be having a wank, alone, and when I was nearing orgasm, I would fill myself up with it, so as to have something to contract against. Despite my consternation, this is not a bad thing. I had thought that maybe something rigid might prove uncomfortable to clench against. It was not.

“Moving on in life, I am advised that the best way to test the vibration of a masturbation device, is to switch it on and lightly touch it to the very tip of your nose. This is a ploy I now use whenever purchasing such a thing.

“I now own a huge vibrator which is kinda penis shaped but not like a ‘replica’ It is rechargeable, has varying speeds and a very slippy-slidey texture. Still smells of rubber, though.

“Also, I now know to use lube and am not scared of using the buzz. If lightly moved around the vulva it will soon get me going. Then against my clit – not long before I am ramming myself with it. Pressure remaining against my clitoris, with the shaft of the thing, it’s tip now against my g-spot.

“The only time it is better is if Reese is here to slip in, alongside. Seems to make him cum fairly quickly, in that event, too.”

…and she’s not aling in finding function for the mechanical male member, as it seems our G-cup goddess Faith of FaithExposed is an avid fan of the faux phallus as well! Hmm, I wonder if she and her faceless Prince have ever tried the DVP thing with it? Since the pair have remained distinctly monogamous thus far in their hardcore careers, it’d probably be the only opportunity we’d have to see Faith’s pussy pierced by two penii. Until that time, we’ll just have to be content with her solo sessions at

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from

Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from    Faith Nelson 32G from


…but back to the Rampant Rabbit – vibrating vaginal & clitoral stimulator extraordinaire – I’m not surprised to find that Faith is not without one of these in her toy box, too! However, I am surprised that, judging by her videos, it appears to be one of the bog-standard original models without all of the new-fangled fancy features they’ve got now.

You’d think that, with her growing popularity as a big boobs hardcore queen, she’d invest in one of their pimped-out, high-tech RR Thrusters to play with (although I did find the demo video rather intimidating, leaving me feel obsolete as a male of the species and wondering why we hadn’t evolved with frantic little flapping fingers just below our pubic bones). :~(

Alas, I suppose I should feel fortunate that watching women wank remains a major turn-on for me, as that’s probably the only pleasure I’m gonna get until genetic engineering advances to the point of providing me with a built-in clit tickler. To that end, here’s Faith enjoying her anatomically-superior beaver bunny, from

Faith Exposed Videos from    Faith Exposed Videos from

Faith Exposed Videos from    Faith Exposed Videos from


16 thoughts on “Faith vs The Rampant Rabbit”

  1. THIS is why Faith is in my top three… if not top one! She is fucking hot, sexy, dity, amazing body, the best tits ever… all that. Love her to pieces. I just hope this new video does not set a trend on her XXX site- I am one of those perves who would prefer to see her with a real dick.

  2. Faith is looking very sexy to me here, especially those vids. She is heating it up and bringing sexy back. Faith you are gorgeous and your bo is a lucky man.

  3. Faith wasn’t on my radar but she has definitely come into her own now. These clips are a little bit special. And she has got great tits. she is now in my top three.

  4. Faith has never done all that much for me but I have to say the last six or seven photos in this set were HOT! Must be latent Spring Fever left over from last season…she’s starting to look really good…

  5. BTW, it’s not illegal in the entirety of the U.S. to promote sex toys. The law only applies to the ass-backward, fucked up state of Texas.

  6. hello faith! you got me cum again and again with your new video. you are really,really delicious.hope to see you with some new videos with your busty girlfriends. keep it up!

  7. Should die.I need to join it.I do not have the credit card.I need to have a look the faith boyfriend’s face.That is certainly extremely outstandingly talented I really hoped they can operate the telephone to join I lie in curiously.That sexy dangerous body faith.With mystical prince.I like.Collection.Beautiful video recording I hoped can understand more secrets.When is likely the faith marries.How does the prince know with him.Nobody meeting wants to know these In the past matter.It is continuously very mystical.Preservation.My real hope knew

  8. omg! i actually bought this toy for my partner about 2 weeks ago…shes a bit scared to use it, but give it a while… haha ;)

  9. Reese
    i bought the same one for my now wife a little over a year ago. she has since unsed it alot and is now needing a new one. Oh yeah and I bought it in her favorite color. Purple. and when she uses it its so hot. Just too bad she isn’t into the porn business really. Otherwise she would look great showing off her now 32e. I love her. :D But anyways. Faith your awsome and Absolutly gorgeous. Hellooooooooooooo Nurse!!!

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