G-cup goddess of sex…

I’ve always heard it said that the largest sexual organ we possess is the brain. Thus, it tends to reason that the ideal erotica should fully engage the mind as well as the body. Veteran big boob model Chloe Vevrier has done just that: Far beyond your typical porn site, ChloeVevrier.com is an intimate celebration of one well-endowed woman’s intense sexuality – in Chloe’s words, one “who believes in the sincere innocence of Lust”.

A degreed doctor of holistic medicine, Chloe has travelled the world studying traditional healing methods (in fact, her interest in sound as a healing tool was one of the things that drew me to her back in the late-’90s). From her extensive knowledge and background, she delves into the anatomy of sex and the chemistry of lust. She even touches upon the spiritual side of sexuality, addressing such topics as Yoga, Tantra and the mystical side of our sexual desire.

Chloe’s lust-driven Loveschool writings share her views on sex, including true encounters, personal fantasies and her own orgasmic experiences. Her personal diary, though, is by far the most intimate feature of the site, allowing you to “get to know the girl behind those big boobs”, revealing the innermost secrets of her private world. With camera and notebook always close at hand, Chloe takes you on a journey into the erotic adventures and sex shows that fuel her fantasies.

..and, don’t worry, you get to see plenty of Chloe’s perfect 36GG tits in countless photos and videos as well! ;~)

Chloe Vevrier 36GG    Chloe Vevrier 36GG

Chloe Vevrier 36GG    Chloe Vevrier 36GG

Chloe Vevrier 36GG    Chloe Vevrier 36GG

Chloe Vevrier 36GG    Chloe Vevrier 36GG


35 thoughts on “G-cup goddess of sex…”

  1. Chloe! You make my balls ache. Looking at your ampleness is the sweetest torture. It makes me ache for you soooo bad, but I cannot look away.

  2. I’m afraid Chloe’s poetry is mere doggerel whereas her body is a Shakespearian sonnet of the eight line variety….

  3. Chloe’s site is full of pics of this doughy honey, but be warned, even after upgrading to Quicktime Pro, I was unable to download any of her movies. Boy am I pissed.

  4. i just love how Chloe looks, mine first picture of hers was a pic when she showed hers tushy and i was hooked! more please :D

  5. Anyone else notice that Chloe’s tits seem to have recently gotten a bit bigger? Fuller, rounder and firmer. Was she pregnant? Did she have them lifted or surgically enhanced? Being IMHO the pinnacle of big tit models, I’m always curious to learn more about her. My wife & I would give anything to have her share her gorgeous face and ultimate sexy body with us. Will always lust you Chloe!!

  6. chloe vevrier has been around for years and is about the prettiest busty girl on the internet. her silver dollar aeorla(frisbee nipples) makes for a beautiful pair of tits. she belongs in some sort of hall of fame. if only i could just see what they feel like. in 1989 while in a toronto strip bar i took 6 pictures with nikki knockers on my laps for 10$ a shot. her boobs were huge and felt really good. i bet chloe vevriers feel even better

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