Respect the boobies!

Like many breast-obsessed individuals, I frequent a number of on-line forums that cater to big boob lovers. Often, members will post photos of their favourite models for others to enjoy and comment upon. They tend to be great little communities, and I’ve made many a new discovery on them. However, I’ve seen some rather disturbing behaviour as well, where members who don’t fancy a particular model will go out of their way to put her down in every way possible, usually culminating in an all-out flame war.

Show some decorum, guys! Just because you don’t find someone attractive, that doesn’t mean there aren’t others who do. Everyone’s got their own unique preferences…why, I’ve even heard there are some people who dislike big boobs (the heretics!). You get to participate in these forums for free, so please show some respect: If you happen to find a model you’re not particularly fond of, just hold your tongue, bugger off and find someone else to wank to! [Sorry for the rant, but this is just something I find terribly juvenile and offensive.]

One such model that this minority of nasty, etiquette-deficient forum posters seem particularly cruel towards is Zina. Personally, I think she’s rather nice. I first encountered an early photo her sporting red hair on a long-gone big boob forum several years ago and have been a fan ever since. And it wasn’t just her fabulous 36HHH breasts that caught my attention…it was the whole, sexy package. I was fortunate enough to happen upon some videos of Zina the other day and have included a few clips with this post.

Although it appears that she’s become a lot more adventurous since she’s gone blonde (sounds prejudiced, I know) – and despite the fact that I’m quite partial to big, busty blondes – I think I might just prefer Zina as a redhead, as I’d originally discovered her. But there’s no need to choose: There are plenty of photos & videos of both versions of Zina, along with a bountiful selection of other naturally huge-boobed models in all shapes and sizes, at her home-site of!

Zina 36HHH Video - Part 1    Zina 36HHH Video - Part 2

Zina 36HHH Video - Part 3    Zina 36HHH Video - Part 4


21 thoughts on “Respect the boobies!”

  1. I think Zina is outstanding. I wish there was more of her here. Especially her bra pics. What an incredible body and beautiful skin.

  2. RIGHT ON MAN, I totally agree with those sentiments, I’m completely against anyone expressing dissatisfaction towards a particular model. As for Zina, how could anyone not approve of someone as adorable as her? I’m in love with her, she is so sweet and beautiful looking. All those tossers out there should remember these girls can be quite nervous striping in front of camera. It’s not easy being objectified you know. They sometimes need to overcome a great deal of shyness. Be grateful and express your appreciation. It may encourage others to strip for similar admiration and positive reception. RESPECT THIS!

  3. Guys, i’m not sure if you’re gonna believe me or not, but take it as it is: i live in Moscow, Russia and i met Zina (not her real name by the way) in person for a couple of times. Moreover, I even had sex with her. I paid her for that. The rate was $70 p/ hour. She used to work as a hooker advertisinig her services via internet. I can send the link to that website for those interested.

  4. on the topic of Zina….ok…lets face it…she doesn’t have the most attractive face in the world…however….you will find that woman like her are usually ten times more friendly and more accessible than women with perfect faces…and let me tell you…I have been a member of Silicone Free and the films of her in there are sweet…she has a beautiful body!….tummy, hips, ass, and a great smile…she takes it all off and she is DAM SEXY!…I guaranty she is a good lover too…she has it all! get past the face would ya guys…. in my books the “school teacher” type with the gorgeous body and big tits are the best ones!

  5. i am in total love with her. she has the total package of beauty. she has the nice tits ive ever seen, and if seen alot. just wish someone would send some free pics of her to me.

  6. Dimitry from Russia~
    6 months have gone by now since you posted. Can you send her website information please? Thanks, my friend . . . you lucky guy!!!

  7. Dimitry is 100% right!!! Her real name is Lena, she came to Moscow from russian city Vladimir. I know her personally as well )))

  8. I tell you what Zina is so beautiful and so sexy, her videos and stills at alone are worth the admission. But they also have an unual mix of models some that I have never seen anywhere else on the web such as Milano (USA), Jenny (white Czech I think), Amber (UK?) who is 100% fox and sexier than anyone I have seen in a while unfortunately pix only and of course the delectable Kiki and many, many more. All models have natural breasts that appear to be at least FF cup and higher. I can’t give any vital statistics as none are given on the site when I asked the webmaster said (get this!!) he thought it too personal to ask of the models and he wouldn’t know which measurements to quote: metric, British or American. Go figure. If anyone out there has more information of the girls I’ve mentioned please share

  9. “she doesn’t have the most attractive face in the world” –

    Actually, I think she has a very pretty face. I totally agree with Reese on this one, I’m constantly being attacked by idiots in forums because I’m a “chubby chaser” or whatever, and it gets right up my friggin’ nose. Zina is lovely, and any guy who disagrees probably likes men. :P

  10. Hi reese my wife the boss double ff just gave me a new phone just saw my first karola clip wow ver impressive would llike to see her standing up to let the amazing floppers sag down

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