Heather Michaels – Busty blonde slut perfection…

In Friday’s blog on PinUpGlam, I mentioned that Maggie Green has recently been precariously approaching my personal preconception of the ideal woman (I can’t believe I called her a “fluffy Earth-mother”!). “Approaching”, yes, but she wasn’t quite there yet. Indeed, although Maggie’s a busty blonde with a bit of flesh on her bones, she’s missing one crucial quality that would propel her to the pinnacle of my personal preferences. Truth be told, my “ideal woman” would be a voluptuous, big-breasted, slutty blonde (I may prefer blondes, but I’m certainly no gentleman…and so would rather have my girl be a bit of a slut like myself).

To that end (and with an aim toward achieving an accurate protrayal of my ideals), today’s big tits come courtesy of Heather Michaels of WantBoobs, representing my picture of slutty perfection (I use the term endearingly, of course, as, if I saw this sprawled out across my living room floor – a big blonde looking horny as ever whilst wantonly fingering her pussy – I’d be besotted beyond measure (as a matter of fact, that’s precisely how I remember my wife, Vix, the very first time I met her!)). Heather’s not only got beautiful blonde hair, big G-cup boobs and a gorgeous body built for comfort, she’s also got this overtly obvious “fuck me now” attitude that, to me, makes her immensely attractive as a potential life-partner.

[begin rant]

Now, I realise that conventional patriarchal wisdom dictates that one’s good wife be “a virgin in the parlour, but a whore in the bedroom” – in other words, appearing sexually unavailable to anyone but their betrothed husband. Thus, if you’re a single girl at all interested in working your way to wifehood, you’re totally bolloxed! If you don’t “give it up”, how could you be any good in the bedroom? Conversely, if you do, how could you ever hope to show your face in the parlour again?!

Nevertheless, I know many a former single girl who’d “put it about” a bit in their heyday who are now in monogamous marriages. However, that’s when everything changed for them; their sexy clothes and flirty behaviour banished at the behest of their husbands, despite those being precisely the qualities that attracted said men in the first place!! Some have even gone so far as to cut their hair in accordance with their mate’s wishes (it’s not that I find short hair unattractive, bit I do rather enjoy getting lost in luxurious long locks)! Are these women expected to now conceal their innate sexuality except in the sole presence of their husband? Are these men so bloody insecure in themselves that the thought of another human being finding their missus sexually attractive is seen as a threat?!

It’s just my personal opinion, of course, but I feel that if my attraction to a potential partner is inclusive of her looks and attitude, I certainly don’t want her to change all that after we “hook up”. If being a vivacious, flirtatious vixen is how she most enjoys spending her evenings “outdoors”, whyever would I want to cock-whip* her into altering such inclinations? Perhaps I’m rowing a ways out to the mainstream, but that’s exactly what I’d look for in a future mate, and so would never seek to suppress such behaviour when she’s not in the proverbial bedroom! I can only hope that other women (and men, for that matter) who find contentment in being a “confirmed slut” can, if they so desire, have the pleasure of finding a partner who’s willing to unequivocally accept them for who they are.

[/end rant]

But back to Heather Michaels: I’d first encountered her in a photo gallery for Score’s XL Girls site. While these were comparatively tame for the likes of Score (who tend more toward hardcore than softcore porn), I could still see that Heather had something special going on well beyond her 44G breasts. Then, when I encountered her more recent work for WantBoobs, the intangible was made manifest. Not only had she flourished into the voluptuous creature we see before us today, but it seemed that, in every photo shoot, she’d ultimately end up masturbating (and I do so love a woman who wanks), thus transforming an already stunning Heather into the big busty blonde slut of my dreams.

So, for those of you who happen to share my particular penchant for prurient pulchritude, here’s a little bit of Heather from WantBoobs.com

Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com

Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com

Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com

Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels 44G from WantBoobs.com

…shamefully, the last time I blogged Heather Michaels was over a year ago! In looking back on that long-past post, I found that it consisted of four meagre vidcaps from one of Heather’s hardcore videos, but no video clips (then again, my hosting company hadn’t yet granted me the incomparable 4TB (yes, that’s terabytes) of monthly bandwidth I enjoy today)! And so, to supplement my scant offering from the early days of MyBoobSite, I’ve decided to cobble together some choice clips of Heather in 1-on-1 hardcore action to see just how she does do in the bedroom department (hmmm, let’s see – blowjob, titfuck, girl-on-top, cumming on tits – yeah, that’ll do!) from one of her videos at WantBoobs.com:

Heather Michaels Video from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels Video from WantBoobs.com

Heather Michaels Video from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels Video from WantBoobs.com

Heather Michaels Video from WantBoobs.com    Heather Michaels Video from WantBoobs.com



* cock-whip: v. Used figuratively, to pound someone into submission with one’s penis [derived as an imaginary term referring to one being “pussy-whipped” by the masculine gender]

19 thoughts on “Heather Michaels – Busty blonde slut perfection…”

  1. Yes! I’ve always looked at Heather as kind of an ideal model. Kind of? Hell, she’s a total bulls-eye! She did a FANTASTIC layout in Juggs magazine a while back. Since then I hadn’t seen much of her? Glad to see this stuff on the net. Is she still actively modeling new material?? Or is this a re-release of old photos….

  2. Concerning the rant: We’re all victims of our preconceptions. A good example might be this weblog, where the whole thing is with being breast obsessed.

    Seems that big-boobed blonde sluts are relatively rare. Statistically, that would imply that one or more of those three attributes isn’t an important factor in the gene pool.

    Seems that there are plenty of natural blondes. As for sluts, one would think that the sluts would have more progeny than average.

    So it seems that big boobs is the least important factor of the three. Or perhaps for most of the population, the definition of big boobs is anything above a B or C cup.

    So maybe those of us who are truly breast obsessed are relatively uncommon. Or maybe we should not be so demanding, and change our attitude to define big boobs as something more in line with the rest of society.

    As for myself, I’d consider DD cup, or maybe D cup, but I don’t think I’d go below that.

    I think my choice for the ideal big-boobed slutty blonde is Samantha Anderson, but maybe a dozen (or so) pounds lighter. Reese, I think you’ve been there and said that, too (except for being ‘lighter’).

  3. Heather is the bomb. She has a prettieness to the face that is nicer to me than Samantha. I think I would only take Scandanavian Inesse above Heather. I wonder how Inesse is doing these days? I would see her a lot in magazines, but have not found who is carrying her photos online. Reese, if you see photos of Inesse, please blog her. She might be hanging out with the busty.pl girls these days, but I don’t know for sure. Inesse is a dream, but as far as I know does not do porn. Heather is pretty damn near ground zero if you ask me. LOL.

  4. Plus she is not short or even medium height. I believe she is like 5’9″ or something. Nice long legs. That’s factor number four in the gene pool Very Free!

  5. Reese, I hear ya. I like my gals on the freaky, slutty side too. Has to be, my proclivities require it. Sex is just so much better with someone that has the same adventureous, naughty enthusiasm. Heather is definitely in that category. What splendid tits too. big soft natural with perfect nipples and areolas. I’ll take two with an order of curly fries. Chessie’s another. haven’t been to her site in a few years now. She actually had a section where you could schedule to make a private porno w/ her. Either filmed by someone, with the camera on a tripod, or you could just leave the camera off and “rehearse”. I wonder if she still does, if you know Reese, could you mail me and let me know. Hell, might be long overdue to make a pilgrimage to FLA and bring her a lovely string of pearls. Damn, I’m in a raunchy mood tonight.

  6. I had the pleasure of sleeping with “Heather” once. I still fantasize about that night, it was absolutely amazing sex, the best. I am sorry I lost contact with her after I moved from San Diego.

  7. I was in a department store yesterday, just innocently browsing, when I saw a beautiful woman in the next aisle, pushing a cart. As she passed me, I suddenly saw her enormous, succulent tits. She was like a mix of heather Michaels and Maria Moore. She was wearing a tank top, and she was spilling out of it all over th place. She must have been a G or H cup. My penis was the first to react, growing to an epic erection. As I stared at her from behind- she had a great cute ass too- I wondered what to do. I shadowed her from aisle to aisle, watching her heavenly tits bounce about. Finally, we came face to face. I smiled. She smiled back, and then noticed my rock hard cock bulging out of my pants. A little embarassed, I just went for it. I said hi, and told her that I couldnt help noticing her rack. I assumed she would be angry and feel violated. Instead, she did what I never expected. I am not lying when I say she rubbed her left tit with one hand and reached the other hand to grab my throbbing cock. She gripped me hard and started to walk backwards, dragging me by my dick. Of course, I followed. I asked if we were going to her house, thinking I was lucky. But she said no, she couldnt wait. She took me to the fitting room, and ripped off her shirt. Her breasts were the most spectacular thing Id ever seen. I instantly went to work on them, rubbing, sucking, touching. I pounded her pussy for more than an hour in the dressing room, cumming multiple times on her big wet tits. She worked my penis over and over, and her tits kept me rock solid all the way. Finally, exhausted, we left. I got her number, and wandered back into the store. Before she checked out, she walked right up to me and flashed her tits, just to see my reaction. My reaction. A boner so stiff I thought it might never go away. mmmm, she said, and gave me a tug goodbye.

  8. I was hanging out with “Heather” a few years ago, when she was still dancing. I saw her about a year ago and I believe she’s a housewife now.

  9. Heather Michaels is one woman who brings out the animal in me! Those big juggs, her log thick legs, that fat plump bottom, and that fat twat!!!!. I use to own that pictorial with her and Van Damage! What a lucky guy! He got paid to suck and fuck her and get her sweet pussy juices all over his cock!!! I so mad I threw that magazine away. I would pay any price for that mag!!!

    It’s sad that she retired and became a housewife. Her and her husband could make a lot of money letting men like me run up in her. I hope she gets bored with being a housewife and starts modeling and dancing again. Better yet, if she and her hubby get divorce or seperate, she will come to NYC and dance in one of the clubs here. I would pay her to suck and fuck her and do it way better than any other man she has been with. She will pay me to suck and fuck her every time she comes to NYC!!! If only I had her address and phone number!!

  10. I actually had the opportunity to take her out for dinner and drinks last year. I had no idea who she was at first, but I can say she is a great girl and is still incredible looking. You guys are missing out on a gorgeous, sweet chick with incredible tits!

  11. I actually got to have sex with her once. We chatted for a while and we got into this big argument. Then she called me up one day out of the blue and invited me over to her hotel room for a beer. We met. I could go into the details, and I could even tell you her first name.. but out of respect I will not. It was the most amazing sexual experience of my life. I will never forget it and I would love to do it again. I no longer have a good phone number for her as her number has changed since then. If anyone knows how to contact her.. i would love to know how. Maybe I was only meant to experience that one time.

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