Help! Davina 32J or Alicia 36JJ?! I don’t know!!

I find myself today faced with a terrible conundrum: 32J Davina has a new photo set over on, which is all well and good, but now I can’t decide who’s my current favourite between her and 36JJ Alicia! Perhaps I should just calm down and examine the facts:

Well, Davina’s a blonde, which I generally prefer. She’s got that lovely milky white skin common to British babes, whereas Alicia is a bit darker. Davina’s a little plumper than Alicia, too, which I rather like in a woman. Granted, Alicia’s 36JJ boobs are a bit bigger than Davina’s J-cup juggs, but I’m trying to look at the whole package here. However, there’s still the inescapable fact that Alicia’s lactating! I just don’t know…

Hmmm. I think I’ll ponder this further whilst you enjoy a few of my favourites from Davina’s latest photos at

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Davina 32J of    Davina 32J of    Davina 32J of

Davina 32J of    Davina 32J of    Davina 32J of

Davina 32J of    Davina 32J of    Davina 32J of

(note: sample photos are 1/4 the resolution of those available on the site)


24 thoughts on “Help! Davina 32J or Alicia 36JJ?! I don’t know!!”

  1. Alicia for me is a lot more exiting by the curve of his boobs which are falling perfectly…
    I am impatient to see more pictures and video of Alicia.
    I will wait a few months before to subscribe to Divine Breast because there is not enough pictures or videos at the moment.

  2. Davina is truly magnificent though!!

    Please post more stuff of her on here cos she is one of my all time faves especially now her tits are even bigger since she modelled for score! Wish she did hardcore though, she could sffocate someone with those tits! lol

  3. I’ve got to go with Alicia. I think her tits are the best since Milena. Plus, I think she’s a lot prettier. Plus, as you know Reese, I like the slim stacked babes best, although Alicia really is totally in a different category all by herself.

  4. The only woman capable to compete Alicia’s endowments is Maxi “from topheavy” who is pregnant now and can be proud of her 36JJ cups also. I know she opened her new website but I could read few months ago she stated she was 36JJ actually. The biggest and also fullest natural bust is of Milena one, but she is of different age (and I think after kids what made her bust much larger than before for sure).

  5. I agree with ayrton, gimme those lactating squirters any day! Like, I love those beautiful boobs on Davina, but I think her areolas could be a little bit bigger and darker. Alicia’s are really nice and large! Now if Davina were lactating like Alicia, I’d say the choice would be more difficult. But for now, Alicia, Alicia, Alicia!

  6. There’s really only one way to sort this dilema out….Some sort of wrestling bout…with chocolate and jelly (or jello for you Americans out there).

  7. I think that Alicia is the better of the two. She’s prettier and she is packing some serious heat in the bra of hers. The only thing is the lactating part, I’m not a big fan of seeing milk squeezed out of some titties, maybe if i saw it in person it would be better.

  8. Hey, Josh! You don’t have to see milk, just don’t squeeze! No problem! However, in the video of Alicia, she doesn’t do much squeezing, just kind of fondled her juggs, and they started leaking! So they must’ve been just full of milk, waiting to be suckled. Hey, if you don’t want to see the milk, just don’t look, just suck! :-)

  9. scott paul~

    Webmasters frequently send me promotional galleries for their sites, but it’s usually photos & videos that are already available there. I’ve heard from one other DB member that the bathroom photos of Alicia aren’t on the site yet, but I expect you’ll see them soon. Still, I agree that it’s a bit unfair to advertise using material that’s not yet accessible to members without explicitly stating that those particular photos are “coming soon” (with a definitive release date) or something like that…

    ~Reese! :~)

  10. Alicia is much better than Davina, no doubts. For many reasons. The min is that if Davina is a 32J, Alicia is a 36JJJJJ .
    Why are there so many FAKE SIZES?
    Davina is a 36 H, not more. And I saw maaaany huge tits in my life.
    Plus, Alicia is sooo Beautiful and exciting in her pics! Theya re not comparable (a part the J FAKE size of Davina)

  11. Divinebreast sucks..all the video clips are 58 sec long and you get maybe 7 min total from each scene. I can’t believe that all one gets is “maybe” a seven minute video of Alicia from each shoot. Who ever is filming sure doesn’t know what they are doing. I downloaded all the mpegs ( from all the big titted cunts ) in 3 days. Now what ? I’ll tell ya, NOTHING. What a rip-off. I would have GLADLY paid more for more material. What a scam.


  13. Hi Davina, I recognise you babe, I swear I used to date you, ever been to Birmingham? Remember all them nights at my nans?

  14. Both Davina and Alicia are pretty sexy. I’m not sure it’s necessary to compare, but both have advantages. Alicia is prettier, in my opinion, but not necessarily more attractive. I think Davina sometimes looks a little tired or bored, whereas Alicia’s expression is more lively and sensual. Davina’s body is incredible! Not perfect, but I love every part. Huge breasts that are still in proportion, cute tummy, nice butt, cute feet, and I *love* her photos where her pubic hair is more natural. Who knows what Alicia’s body looks like? I like women with big boobs, not just the boobs alone. In that respect I prefer Davina.

  15. Alicia it IS… i love to see some of her friend sucking out da milk ot of her lovely big 36jj breasts… can please some 1 tel me where i can find da new videos of her coz i c da same old videos everywhere.. since her official web is under construction i am lookin forward 2 hear from 1 of ma fellow friends here for som new sites.. thnxxx.. hav fun

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