Bea Flora gets slippy…

Well, I’ve still not decided between Davina & Alicia, but I did enjoy one visitor’s suggestion that we put the two of them in a wrestling ring full of chocolate and let them sort it out (although I think Davina would have a definite edge there, as she seems quite comfortable covered in chocolate). Besides, I haven’t really put much though into it, instead spending all morning perving over buxom blonde BBW Xtasy. Fickle, I am.

However, when it comes to the girls of, there’s no question where my passions lie: Bea Flora always gets my vote as the sexiest woman there (and with such stunners as Ines Cudna & Ewa Sonnet sharing the site, she’s got some stiff competition). Still, no matter what busty Polish beauties they throw my way – and, let’s be honest, most of their models aren’t even really Poles – I always find myself coming right back to Bea…

Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of

Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of

Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of

…if you’re still not convinced, perhaps these video clips will help persuade you, wherein a shiny, slippery Bea Flora glides effortlessly across the oil slick that is her bathroom floor (erm, after she falls over, that is – but even that is accomplished with great form & elegance):

Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of    Bea Flora of


47 thoughts on “Bea Flora gets slippy…”

  1. Oh my! That is one sweet set of pics and slippery video. What amazing breasts! They are aboslutely perfect. Very nice hips and thighs and a great face to boot! Very sweet. I love that “one in and one out” look. Heh heh – very hot.

  2. If I can add something… her eyes and looks at the camera remind me Vix’s looks into the camera. Very sexy.

  3. Bea Flora is every man’s nightmare. This guy goes into a bar and tries to be friendy with Bea, and buys her a drink. Not knowing she’s Polish, he decides to lighten things up by telling a stupid Polack joke.

    “Did you hear about the Polish prostitute who didn’t know the difference between Vaseline and putty?” He says (Vaseline is a brand of petroleum jelly.)
    “No, what happened?” she says.
    “All her windows fell out!”

    At this point, Bea decides to turn the tables on this guy. “Do you know how to speak Polish”
    “No,” he says.
    Well, then you must be dumber than a Polack!” :-)

    Well, so much for the humor. Bea can be in my wildest dreams any and every night.

  4. I ran across another blog you might be interested in, Today it shows a ‘police lienup’ comparing the boobs of Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie, Chloe Vevriér, Chaz and Desirae, and also we can get a nice look at their legs, buns, and everything else. We can even tell about how tall they are.

  5. Regarding goomah’s comments: he/she must be a total clown, Bea Flora must be one of the worlds most naturally beautiful women,yes she has put a slight bit of weight on,but nothing drastic,and remember Bea was never ultra slim anyway,in her recent 2006 photo shoots she looked hotter than ever and if she ever bothered to give me a 2nd look I would be straight up her :D she is a goddess,we must worship her…..

  6. I love Bea Flora. I agree she is a godess and I just love those slippery videos you have posted she always have a bottle of that Oil which I think makes he look verry sexy

  7. # goomah Says:
    March 11th, 2006 at 8:19 pm

    seen Bea Flora lately? She is wickedly fat. Yuck!

    Most of the weight she gains goes to her breasts and that plump belly is mad lickable i’d hit it and if gomer or goober what ever his/her name is wouldn’t u mad krazy i’d drink her bath water :)

  8. OMFG Bea Flora has to be the most sexual n beautiful woman EVER to grace this planet!!!!!! If there is anyone out there who thnks otherwise thn you need to get you head looked at!!!keep your paris hiltons and britney spears…..Bea flora is THE only one for me!!!!

  9. I have to say something. There are women in the world today that are famous like Britney Spears. I never found her attractive. I took a look at Brianna Banks, Amber Michaels, you know her, I have probably seen her. I have to say that they are all just getting so slutty looking anymore that it just does not seem appealing to me or my friends anymore. Look at them. Amber’s tatoo and her whips and chains thing. YUCK. When I first saw Bea Flora, I saw her virtual ride from One of my friends showed it to me. I have to say that I instantly became a member of the site, and I have never seen a face, an ass, hips, legs, and ohh yes, those tits…. I….cry when I think that there are people who do not know about this woman. I know that there are teens out there that would instantly cream their pants and all over the furniture they are sitting on just by seeing a pic of her. Good grief…..the only problem is that there have not been any updates in two months on for her. It appears she went to Scoreland, but from what I hear, no vids of her are there yet. It seems she has disappeared. I hope not forever. PLEASE COME BACK. YOU HAVE A VERY LARGE RACK…umm.. I mean…FAN….group. We luv ya.

  10. BEA FLORA IS THE GODDESS – She is the SEXIEST – Those boobs can blow off anybody anywhere – If a volcano erupts – house is on fire and I was fucking her – I won’t stop even if the house comes down. One wish that I have is to play with those boobs – press them with my hands – squeeeeeze them – suck them. She has a beautiful ass also – large and perfect. I mean I can stop talking about her – I want to collect all her pics and each and every – all her videos. Any body with latest updates – where can I find her latest collection – pics – videos (even ready to buy DVDS Cds etc) – contact me on my mail address.

    Fuck her.


  11. Reese, please put more Bea Flora videos up she is one of the most beautiful women around and plus she’s very classy not doing hardcore.

  12. Guys there IS a video of her fucking something but its very hard to find.
    Bea flora rides that pony
    And you’ll find it somewhere I hope, but most sites have taken it down
    Its about a 10 minuite (I think it was)
    Of her fucking something till orgasim, her tits bounce a lot, and she’s wearing that green shirt of hers, which looks very HOT in the video and I belive she does reverse cowboy (is that right? I thought it was cow girl) anyways good luck finding it!

  13. i get a nine each hard on for ninty minutes and keeps up with those silk soft boobs ma sweet bea! just wanna rub my dick on those ass cheeks..and squeeze these rubber bags..

  14. Bea Flora is the best. Jane@bustyplace doesn’t exist. As far as “Jane” running the website with her “friends” lets get real it’s really mobbed up big money operation. Untold millions. Ever notice in every video Bea looks to the far side of the room and is directed at every turn? Sometimes the girls seem intimidated by someone in room.

  15. Man ma cock hurts now lol too much masturbating over this saggy bitch all you other scum bags can suck cock coz your all gay ma fuckas’

  16. Talk about leading lives of quiet desperation. Do you have any reason (aside from the net) to keep waking up every morning?

  17. To Bea Flora

    I am Zurde, I am music, I do one music for you, I love you very years, you are wonderfull, beatifull, I can do music for you and send?

    I play piano in you tube, if you see?

    this music in you tube no for you, I play your music and after I send to you.

    The film you tube I play piano tipo Michael Jackson trash, funny, ok?



    I want to be your friend, I love you…

  18. bea you are gorgeous!!! cant belive you work at the same place as me!! im gona strike up a conversation with you very soon,hope you dont take it the wrong way!! would love to take you out and have a laugh and get to know you better.x it would be a dream come true!!!! xx

  19. I know that video that unknown is tlaking about its amazing bea flora I really do though think shes fucking a guy believe it or not. she orgasms and its absolutely beautiful. I try to cum with her when i jack to it. Shes had the most loving look on her face after she finishes. If you listen cloe i thin you can hear someone elses and if it were just a camera person they would mkae no noise at all. she’s fucking the camera guy basically. I would love to have her colapse in my arms after fucking me till she orgasimed.

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