Hey!! Be nice to Sapphire!

I’m sad to say I’ve received some truly nasty comments regarding my most recent post about HH-cup Sapphire’s arrival at Divine Breasts. A majority of them have been so downright cruel, I’ve simply moderated them into oblivion. To be fair, there have been some positive comments, too, as well as some constructive criticism. These, of course, were approved. I just can’t tolerate anyone being mean…especially to a girl like Sapphire who has developed such an amazing pair of all-natural boobs!

Among the constructive comments, the typically-verbose Very Free wrote: “As for Sapphire, maybe Reese could come up with some of her early pics from Scoreland, so we can see the difference. earlier and more recently.” So I sought out more photos from her Score days (oh! and found that I’d made an error in my last post, too – she was only a 36F at the time, not a G-cup). Thus, for the sake of comparison, here are some pics of the significantly lesser-endowed Sapphire from Scoreland.com:

Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com    Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com    Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com

Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com    Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com    Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com

Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com    Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com    Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com

Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com    Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com    Sapphire 36F at Scoreland.com



30 thoughts on “Hey!! Be nice to Sapphire!”

  1. The 2nd shoot certainly looks a lot better than the one posted at first. Although her breasts are a lot bigger in the 1st post, you can also see her breasts have because more saggy and she gained a lot of weight.
    The 2nd shoot is perfect though, not too fat, and her breasts look excellent.

  2. Skinny or heavier, she is still amazing! She looks great with a little meat on her!!! We love you Sapphine!!!

  3. I only came across this web site by accicent a few days ago. And I thought the pictures of her in the green shirt, were amazing. She is probally one of the most beautiful and attractive women I have ever seen…I like her much much better now than the older pictures in the newer post…

  4. I think I like these pics better than her recent pics. Some of the imporovement may be due to the better camera work, but I think some of this may have to do with her gaining weight in her midriff. I think she’d look better if she had a bit of liposuction on her midriff, and while they’re at it, do a bit of work on her breasts. But _not_ implants. I’ve read that some plastic surgeons can clean what they get from the liposuction and reinject it into the skin to fill out some problem areas. I suspect that more than one model with ‘natural’ breasts has had this done (I suspect Rafaela of Siliconefree.com may have had this done). There’s nothing wrong with it since it’s all her, and all natural. I would like to see Sapphire’s breasts be repositioned so that they have better foundation, by changing how they are anchored to her chest. And if the surgeon is good, he might be able to add a bit, especially to her areolas. But I don’t have any insults for Sapphire, she’s a very full-bodied woman with a magnificent set of mams.

  5. Hard to believe it’s the same woman. She looks positively hot here. She should continue in the tradition started at Score as the hot, very feminine redhead pictured. I’d like to see a big bush on her too. In this pictorial she seems to be saying, “I know what boys like”…more of this please. So maybe she’s a little bigger now but we still like a little titillation and tease. Start clothed and work your way towards undressing the package. The wrapping should include very feminine support bra and panties, high heels, a generally sexy presentation along the way and good photography–natural lighting…

  6. I remember thinking back then that she was stunning, and she looks pretty amazing now-oner thing I should mention: not entirley sure of this but….DivineBreasts seem to present their models very naturally (guess the models do their own v.subtle make-up), while Score has make-up people….hmmm.

    Oh who cares, she still looks awsome.

    And none of you would say ‘No’ to her…..

  7. I just wrote a letter to Juggmaster complimenting him on getting Sapphire back. I liked her before because she was a little different, but she could never be a favorite on Score. I dont like Scores bright shiny photo style. Airbrushing out blemishes and stretch marks. Its too pristine man! In that place only the Chloes and Linseys will rule…and even their natural charm has been increasingly Glammed out.

    Yeah Sapphire gained weight…guess what folks, shit happens. Welcome to Women with Big Natural Breasts 101. If you’re an F cup @ age 18 its only gonna get more and not just up top. Only Madonna has time to do personal training 3 hours a day to keep trim. Fuck Lipo, that’s for super fat people who can’t lose weight any other way and who can afford that anyway.

    Like I told Juggy, Sapphire is a natural beauty whose increased softness has made her more like the impossibly huge-breasted gal next door or the sweet chick down the hall in the college dorm. Check out her DivineBreasts set with the glasses…thats hot. She’s studying and smart and you cant help but notice her huge tits, and then you get to see them. Thats a lot cooler than some tryin ta be slimmed down vacuous pseudo-hottie with her just-madeup lips all pouty wearing high heels. Come on guys how stupid are you? Cant buy that shit for a second. Thats why pro-am and amatuer sites rock. Its more like it is.

  8. I think she is awesome. Deffently think she looks much better with the extra weight, her proportions are awesome. By far my fav girl on the web.

  9. Personally, I like her newer stuff…I like the way her boobs sag. Large, perky boobs don’t look right anyway. And her chubbier belly gives me a hard-on.

  10. I happen to think that Sapphire; to me is the most yummiest girl on the Internet and not to mention the fullest when it comes to those pillows of hers. But the thing that make me week in the knees when it come to Sapphire; is that I think she is so pretty–if I could only have her for a play toy.


  11. I hadn’t seen these older photos before. Obviously she gained quite a bit of weight over time, but I love her more recent photo sets where she is so amazingly curvy and voluptuous. Even so, these are great.

  12. She is very cute and cuddly – sweet face and wonderful body. I’d love to be smacked in the face by her boobs. These guys insulting her probably couldn’t pull her in a bar.

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