New HH-cup arrival Sapphire at DivineBreasts

Divine Breasts has done it again: First, they started off the new year with the amazing Alicia 36JJ (who’s now providing new photos & videos on a weekly basis!) and, not long thereafter, were able to woo the lovely 32G Anya to the site. Pam Parker was the next big boobed beauty to join the DB family. Then, just yesterday, I received an e-mail from their webmaster with photos of their latest addition: HH-cup Sapphire!

I’d first encountered the this lovely redhead at Scoreland, back when she was a mere G-cup (he says, speaking comparatively). Well, it seems that Sapphire has put on a few pounds since her Score days, and, lucky for us, a fair measure of it has gone straight to her boobs! Not to keep you in suspense any longer, here are a few succulent samples of Sapphire and her massive HH-cup mammaries, now appearing at

HH-cup Sapphire at    HH-cup Sapphire at

HH-cup Sapphire at    HH-cup Sapphire at

HH-cup Sapphire at    HH-cup Sapphire at



47 thoughts on “New HH-cup arrival Sapphire at DivineBreasts”

  1. They’re an udderly fantastic pair :P, that blog of her when she was “only” a G cup, the difference make up can do….

  2. Sorry not cool. Yes she does have large breasts but you need a lot more than that to be much chop. Not a stunner in anyway. You can be bigger and beautiful like Maria Moore or Samantha but she surely is not in the same boat.

  3. Sapphire’s nipples aren’t as ‘due south’ as Craig said, as are Monique’s (AKA Moniq,‘s latest addition). Moniq’s are just about invisible from the front, unless she lifts up on those monster P-cup melons. And one must keep in mind that those heavy hooters have to hang low, given their massive weight. So her nipples are going to be lower as a result. We can’t deny that gravity is everywhere, even if it sucks when it comes to boobs.

    Sapphire’s pics, if you noticed, are a dissapointment. Of the seven sets, all of the first set and several more pics in the other sets are of her fully clothed, in that ugly olive green shirt. Speaking for all customers, we paid to see skin, _not_ clothes, and we’re not getting what we paid for, as far as Sapphire’s pics are concerned. Hey, if she’s gonna wear a top, make it a sexy see-thru fishnet, like the one Joana’s wearing in her latest set of pics. Now, _that’s_ the way we want to see tits clothed!

    As for Sapphire’s boobs, yeah, they’re quite a bit larger than her early days with Score. I like the improvement, but as usual, my gripe is that her areolas and nipples are not big enough to be in proportion to such massive mammaries. Just compare them to those of the Jumbo Juggs of Alicia, whose massive milking JJ cups have large, full areolas and nipples to match. And with the milk squirting, they’re nothing less than Excellent! WoW!

    But DB’s teaser showed a shot of Sapphire outdoors, so I’m hoping that they’ll soon be showing some movies of those big ol’ HH cup boobs in full, flopping, slapping, swaying motion! So c’mon, DB, don’t let us down. Show us what we’re paying to see — skin!

  4. I’d like to see a lot more lingerie and bra shots along the way before she gets to the nude part. She probably looks hot in the sexy, presumably off-white support bra and panties she’s got on underneath. Can’t think for the life of me why this pictorial went straight from t-shirt and bra underneath to no t-shirt and in such an unflattering way–ho-hum. A very pedestrian shoot–they could turn her weaknesses into assets (no pun intended) just by flipping through some old Playboys for ideas…maybe the next shoot will be better…

  5. Aficionado has some good points. And along with the clothes, I think they could do a bit better with the white balance. The fifth pic in Reese’s blog is a good example: it’s noticeably pinker than the others which seem to be a bit orangish. Some of you may think that I’m being too critical, but it’s the attention to these small details that transform a good website into an outstanding one. And an outstanding website will pay off handsomely in new customers. I think Reese’s websites are outstanding, and I think he may be a victim of his own success. So many visitors that he had to go to a bigger and better server!

    As for Sapphire, maybe Reese could come up with some of her early pics from Scoreland, so we can see the difference. earlier and more recently. I found one pic of her here, in Scoreland’s model directory. Click on S and then click on Sapphire.
    I’m still looking for other pics of her.

  6. I saw the New set of Sapphire on and I am SPEACHLESS!!!
    How can they attract so many Phenomenon girls , nice, not fat with so enormous booobs in so little time?? And they just started the career…

  7. oh come now. so cruel to sapphire. i think she’s bloody gorgeous. where are the videos, that’s my question!

  8. Oh my God!! She is by far the one of the hottest women you have ever posted!! I’m soo glad you brought her to our attention. She has a body to die for!! I would love to see more of her in this candid style. I hope she keeps in contact with you so that the public at large can enjoy her voluptuousness as much as I do!!

  9. What? Are you people homosexuals?? this girl is fantastic, are we looking atthe same girl? Her boobs are very nice. I doubt the guys insulting her have ever been with a woman half as good looking or busty as Sapphire. this site is about busty models, some of them I don’t like, but you know what? I don’t go out of my way to insult them or be cruel, but how someone can see this lovely specimen and say anything revolting is baffling to me. I hope she didn’t read those comments from those jerks. Sapphire, you are beautiful, and you have many fans, i’m one of them.

  10. Reese,

    Sapphire is wonderful and so sexy, I can’t even stand it. She has some news HARDCORE videos on Scoreland and I can’t wait to get them. She is top notch…The other guys are just haters…Sapphire, don’t ever listen…


  12. Yes, I cant imagine these guys not seeing her potential. Apparently they havent had an intimate second with someone of this magnitude. I only had one oppurtunity with someone this enormous and I was hooked since. It was nice. Nothing like it! The massive flesh, the poundage swaying with every thrust! knowing that woman of this giganticism is less than 10% in the world!

  13. i luv these tits
    so big
    so pendulous
    so beckoning
    squeeze them around me
    in and out and in and out
    rivers and rivers

  14. Truly amazing how much this girlk has changed over the years! From her first layout in Score’s Voluptuous magazine in 2003, to now… stunning transformation! Barely even looks like the same girl!

    But I love it! Women come in all shapes and sizes, and this girl is still very cute, and the natural breast/body growth over such a short period of time is off the charts! Very attractive.

    Take the time to see her over at He does some great work over there. Gets those girls to really show off their best assets… their gargantuan juggs!

  15. The thing I find so hot about Sapphire is her down to earth smile. Because the way her ‘every woman’ grin contrasts with the rest of her unbelievably curvy body makes ME smile.

  16. hey Reese!
    Thanx for this great site!
    I’m just wondering if you have any plans of
    loading up pics with JULIE from TopHeavyAmateurs?
    Im mad about her and I think everyone elso is too.
    So if you have any, Please please post them
    Keep up the good work!

  17. I think she looks much better here, more natural than she ever did with the early Score stuff. I am a breast/bbw man, I don’t have a preference to natural or fake, just the bigger the better, although a nice juicy arse goes a long way too. I think that you and her should keep up the good work, look forward to reading/seeing more in the future.

  18. I admit that this woman doesn’t have a “perfect” body, but I still think she’s incredibly sexy. Her curvy body looks amazing in clothing and out. Even though she has fairly outrageous proportions, she still has a very real appearance — the kind of women you might see at WalMart, if you’re lucky.

  19. I just can’t describe in words :)
    Her pictures are worth more than words :)

    I don’t see a damn thing wrong with her nipples :)
    Due North or South:)
    She is Fine, the way she is :)

  20. I think she’s a really sweet looking girl so cut her a bit of slack will you. Cheers. I think you look lovely babe. x Look me up at my email address.

  21. Found your pics a long time ago.
    Always have intense ejaculations masturbating
    with your tits on my screen.

  22. I have to say that you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Such a pretty face, along with those big gorgeous tits makes you the perfect woman. I never get tired of looking at you. Please keep the pics cumming.

  23. I have to say that Sapphire is one of most beutiful women in the world that I have ever seen. Sapphire is the ferfect woman. I never get tired of looking at you every day. your fictures arealways in my pocket.

  24. Dear Craig,DREADFULL,Christ,what an A-HOLE.Two of THE most BEAUTIFUL,”NATURAL” tits in my memory and you refer to them as “DREADFULL”.You gotta be one of those jerks who stares at photos of that SKANK,PAM ANDERSON,with those “STORE BOUGHTS” and plays with himself,PATHETIC!Sapphire,is an example of BIG breasts in all their glory,not jutting out like two helium inflated balloons,TRULLY,BIG BREASTS ARE due south NUMBNUTS!

  25. Oh,sorry JOHNNY,SAME goes for you,just NOT QUITE as NASTY.The ladies you mentioned,are world class in my view,BUT I’ll take SAPPHIRE over both,JUST a MATTER of OPPINION,and we’ve ALL heard the responce bout oppinions,so…….

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