How about a redhead?

Why do Brits dislike redheads? Derisively referred to as “gingers” here (with both Gs pronounced hard), these poor folk have been the butt of jokes and discrimination tantamount to racism. It’s got so bad that there’s even an activist group called Readheads United here who believe those who share their genetic predisposition “should be recognised as a minority group in the UK in the same way as ethnic and religious minorities.” Truly, the issue has reached epic proportions.

Personally, I’ve never had a problem with our ginger brothers and sisters. In fact, I’d always harboured a secret appreciation for them in high school, as it was the redheaded girls who always seemed to have the largest breasts! The only thing I could ever dream of holding against them was my face (or certain other parts of my anatomy) in the general region of their cleavage. But even the fact that I was never allowed to do so is no reason to discriminate against them, is it?

In order to ease the racial tension a bit, I’d like to present the stunning Maggie Green from A natural readhead, Maggie always says that she never thinks her boobs are that big “until I see the photos and then I’m like, DAMN, my boobs are huge!” They’re a 36F, to be precise. Thing is, Maggie moved to Southern California from her home in Michigan a few years ago, and all that time in the California sun is turning her into – yes, you guessed it – a blonde! Check out the last photo…

Maggie Green PinupFiles    Maggie Green PinupFiles

Maggie Green PinupFiles    Maggie Green PinupFiles

…you can see more of Maggie and other busty babes, brought to you by the letters DD through HH, at


20 thoughts on “How about a redhead?”

  1. You’re absolutely right! When the folks at decided to start producing some of their own original pinups in 2003, they began scouting around for new models and found Maggie at one of SbB’s “gigs”. Looking at the photos of her at the link you’d posted, it would appear that she’s grown a bit since then, too! ;~)

  2. Hi. Now I will ask you the same thing. Many women on here are like my dream woman, but it would be a dream of mine to date someone as georgeous as you, to drape you arond my arm just going on a simple walk holding hands or to the movies. Would you do that?

  3. I was thrilled to see that Maggie Green had branched out from SbB to reveal her true outer self. What a smokin’ lady. Has anybody seen any other photos of another lady, Denise, currently being featured on SbB. Only a matter of time before that gorgeous creature becomes a star.

  4. I have not seen Denise from SbB anywhere else, but she is amazing! Still looking for her to pursue other things so I can see more of her!


  5. I am in love with Maggie ever since when i found her on SbB… she is my fav!!! I was happy when I found her nude!

    I have a folder of Denise from pics from SbB… my Maggie one Owns it but yeah both are hella hot

  6. If any of you guys want to meet the beautiful maggie you can find her everyday at venice dog park-yes yes she is an animal lover !

  7. that’s awesome, i live like half a mile from the dog park in venice. it’s too bad that my dogs are anti-social, otherwise i’d take them to meet her heh….

  8. i’ve been looking arround for long enough but i havent found any nude pics of “Mirriam Gonzalez”, a pinup girl. among all the pinup girls she’s the most interesting i’ve found and i m more than curious now why i cant find just a single pic of her’s showing her “naked”.
    if anyone can help me in this, please do it.
    thank u.

  9. did you guys know she actually did a hardcore scene in “natural wonders of the world #45” as Jessica?
    well, now you do!

  10. Is she really the one in Natural Wonders of the World #45? Well, we look forward to another HC performance of Maggie now that she’s with Scoreland. I’m sure it’s jsut a matter of the”right price.”

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