Could it be any hotter in Eden?

Well, not in Eden, specifically, although that is a pleasant thought. I’ll bet it’s quite warm inside of Ms. Mor, actually, not to mention moist, slippy and inviting. Don’t you just want to sidle up next to her, gently removing her hand from her crotch and replacing it with your own (coz, let’s face it, she’s usually got a couple fingers up inside of herself most of the time anyway)? If it were me, I’d start by lightly tickling two fingers up and down over her labia whilst rubbing my thumb back and forth across her clitoris, releasing a torrent of moisture to lubricate the entry of my index and middle fingers into her wet pussy, using them to seek out her g-spot – that tender mound of inner flesh positioned just beneath her pubic bone – all the while continuing to thumb tease her clit, ever more rapidly and with gradually increasing pressure until she explodes in the ecstasy of a combination vaginal / clitoral orgasm, spreading her legs wide and thrusting her pelvis feverishly and repeatedly into the air, upon which I’d replace my hand with my mouth, sucking and thrusting my tongue deep within her folds to taste those succulent juices, and then…

…no, wait. If I keep going on like this, I’ll be driven to distraction and won’t be able to finish today’s blog. What I meant to say was is it hot wherever Eden lives, the worldly residence of her heavenly Garden of Eden website (which I sincerely hope is somewhere other than her home town of Haifa). It’s been bloody hot here in England, with temperatures reaching up to 37°C (98.6°F – blimey, that’s body temperature!). Air conditioning being largely non-existent here in the UK (expect in automobiles), I have only a big electric fan to cool myself as I sit here at my computer desk blogging away. I probably should be drinking something other than coffee, but I’ve obviously not figured that out yet. And the wet daydreams of Eden Mor certainly aren’t helping, either.

Eden, on the other hand, is keeping cool inside, trying on various bikinis to brave the hot Summer (I’ll bet she’s got an air conditioner in there, too!). While all of her choices are luscious, I’d have to say that the black one is my favourite, with not quite enough material to cover her huge aureolas and allowing a generous portion of her 80HH boobs to spill out the sides while still offering exceptional cleavage. This photo in particular leaves me with the uncontrollable urge to reach out to her left breast and tuck the label in, letting the backs of my fingers glide sneakily over her nipple on the way out. She’d have to remove that tag first. Tehn again, if she actually goes out with it still dangling from her bikini top like that, she runs the serious risk of people starting to refer to her as the Minnie Pearl of the big boobs world. I don’t think she’d mind, though, as our Eden seems like a lot of fun. In fact, she’s even begun snapping silly cam pics with her phone and posting them on the site!

Anyway, back to the bikinis. Here’s the exceptionally-endowed Eden Mor modelling a nice selection of too tight bikini tops for us (although I feel they’re all a perfect fit!), courtesy of her website…

Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from

Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from

Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from    Eden Mor 80HH from

…today’s selection of Garden of Eden video clips is taken from her “Outdoors” series, which includes some awesome photos as well. It’s lovely to hear Eden speaking in that adorable accent, and there’s some excellent close-up HH-cup tit sucking, too! But what romp with Eden would be complete if she didn’t start fingering herself at some point in the video (see? I told you she was a bit of a wanker!)? I just love a woman who knows how to make herself feel good:

Eden Mor fondling her breasts...    Eden Mor masturbating outdoors...


37 thoughts on “Could it be any hotter in Eden?”

  1. Okay so how long before Eden finally does some hard core stuff? I am hoping VERY soon. After seeing that Faith finally gave in and gave us all what we really wanted (and are willing to gladly pay to see) Eden should step up and follow her lead! From Eden’s first foray into the biz up until these latest, she has gotten more and more… explicit. Lets hope she continues becuase Eden is fucking AMAAZING. MORE MORE MORE! EDEN… um.. MOR!

  2. Eden is great, but I hope she’ll get her magnificient tits tanned. Big tits look a lot better when all-tanned, without “the best parts” being pale white.

  3. Let’s get down to hard facts. Is there anyone out there with the combination off big breasts, beautiful face and sweetness of Eden? Maybe Nadine a while back but she seems kind of boyish lately besides Eden (and her pal Milena as well for that matter). Eden must be a real wild child as she was escorting in London when she was only 19. I’m not 100 per cent sure if that means what I think it means but this young goddess has been around. I hope she stays out of harm’s way in Haifa. So far the updates keep coming right on time. By the way she is very devoted to her site and doesn’t get lazy like many other successful models. Bravo EDEN!!!

  4. Bloody hell!! Those things are huge! I should’nt be so shocked as Eden reminds me of a girl I dated a couple of years back particularly the way she sucks on her bosom. This girl I dated was a cute 19 year old called Cheryl who I met at a London nightclub. Her breasts were as large as Eden’s and were quite weighty. Our favourite thing that we used to do regularly was for her to dress up as a schoolgirl using her old school uniform which amazingly still fitted her. The sight of her breasts bulging out of her blouse was shocking. I’d then get her to lift each tit out of her bra and with both hands suck/lick on her nipple. Meanwhile I’d be wanking off at the sight. The upshot was that as soon as I was about to come I’d stand over her looking down at the breast she was sucking and as she pulled her mouth away I would blow my load all over her titmeat. What happened after would differ as depending on Cheryl’s mood she would either lick my cum off her breast or proceed to rub the tit over her face so that her features were glistening from my cum! Alas it didn’t last forever as she went off to University and I lost touch. Still I’ve got plenty of photos of her which I regularly beat off to.

  5. I love Eden’s tan lines as they are and am not a big fan of tanned breasts myself–the nipples start to disappear and the breasts begin to look plastic (case in point: the beautiful Ines Cudna–somebody please tell her to take it easy with the tan booths!). Eden’s breasts are fine just the way they are and I personally do not want to see Eden do hardcore–save that for Kelly Madisons of the industry. Some other poster said she used to be a prostitute but I’m skeptical and think Eden should just continue to do what she does well–tease us with that rare combination of innocence and seduction.

  6. she really shouldn’t be allowed.
    fuck knows where i was when Eden was an escort in London. If you ever come back then throw up the batsign and i’ll be first in the queue.
    she is the ultimate big breast model. her tits are magnificent and she looks a whole lot better now than when she was first around in voluptuous about two years ago. something to do with the extra pounds she has added since then. she is obviously a girl who is happy to add a bit of weight. too many girls i know who have the potential to look sexy as hell if they just add a few pounds are terrified to do so.
    guys i need help out there. women need to be told that bigger is better and that we are not all after stick thin size 6/8ers. give me a tall size 12 – 16 girl with big breasts anyday. see how i keep coming back to you Eden.? now about that hardcore shoot……….
    think only Nadine and Milena can come close to this natural wonder.
    why none of those two on mbs by the way Reese?????

  7. Eden seni tarifi imkansız şekilde sevdim inan bunu bir anlayabilsen aynı dili konuşmasakta seninde beni sevebileceğine inanıyorum..Sendeki bu güzellik sanki gökten inmiş bir PERİ nin güzelliğinden daha güzel (allah günah yazmasın) … Sen bu güzelliğini ne olur artık sakla ben seni göremeyecek olsamda Kalbimde varlığın hep olacak bunu bil… Sen sadece senin kıymetini bilen ve seni başkalarıyla paylaşmayacak olan birisiyle yaşamaya layıksın…Belki gençliğinin ateşiyle bunu anlayamıyorsun ama şunu bilki bir gün yanlız kaldığında beni ara bana ulaş benim kapım ve dahası kalbim her zaman sana açık sevgilerimleeee

  8. Not only has she got tits bigger than my head, they’re capped off with areolae as big as dinner plates! A1 titties and a girl next door innocent look too…does it get any better?

  9. The hotest big breasted girl in the world is Eden! She has the most amazing huge tits! What I wouldn’t give to have her in my bed and fuck her giant tits. I would love to place my penis inside those 36 HH jugs and wank off. What a pleasure! The nipples are also great and Eden has a super beautiful “full” figue. Keep up the great work Eden, I love those tits. You are every man’s dream fantasy.

  10. eden is the god give to man dream. unbelievable creature perfect boobs. did eden read this site i hope she always to hear fans voice of missing and dream. eden we love you from foot to hair not just your boobs as georgeous girl

  11. eden why…..why?……why?….why?…….you so beautifull and sexy…….ed…….en………………….ed…………can we have candlelight dinner

  12. Love Them Tits, Big Areolas. I think you should Do Hardcore! Get you some Nice BIG BLACK COCK up in you surely. Yeah Suck some nice BIG BLACK COCK. I No This One Big Cock Black Dude that would Love to Cum on Those Tits. Love you Eden!!!!

  13. When Eden was in London she was no way near as good looking as she is now, I have seen some pictures of her that she looked absolutely awful in. The hairbushing they are doing or make-up she is wearing is really doing her justice. As she is looking really beautiful now, also her breasts have grown a lot too.

  14. i saw photo eden in black sea….how i wonder eden lor look soooooooooo soooo beatufifulllllll and kilerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  15. Eden is the most naturally beautiful woman i have ever seen. I literally can not keep my hands off of my cock every time i look at her. I have the hardest and thickest explosions while playing with myself while looking at her. I wish I could cum all over those gigantic beautiful breasts. Then lay on top of them and feel my cum on her.

  16. she’s a real goddess and in the future she will be the hottest milf, wish to see her in a gangbang with multiple black cocks penetrating all her wet hols

  17. يا ادين باموت فبزازيك ونفسى طول النهاروالليل احط حلمتك فى بوقى و ادفن زوبرى فبزازيكوالحس فكسك

  18. Eden, you’ve turned me into a tit-jack-off-maniac. I can’t help stroking and stroking. I spray to your tits and still I have to start again and again….

  19. Maldita sea!!, esta mujer se lo merece todo.
    Simplemente, lo rico del instinto, de que te vale verga todo y de solo abrazarla, ya se me sale el semen, esa sensacion del paraiso, de que llegas y te vale y la abrazas y en ese abrazo, sientes que te va a reventar el corazon de tanta dicha.
    La voy abrazar y sin importar si me pega, grita, alaba, acepta o rechaza, sin importar nada, le plantare un beso en la boca pero si bien sabroso y luego luego a coger.

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