Induces an… Ines Cudna?!

A visitor to my “Busty Polish Co-op” blog recently commented that he’d like to see some Ines Cudna videos here on MyBoobSite. Not a problem, especially considering she’s one of my top three models from (and, besides, I’m really fond of her flaps). However, there’s yet another reason I’m impressed with the 36EE Ines: Unlike some models, she’s used her real name consistently throughout her modelling career.

Before finding a home with, she’d appeared on both Scoreland and Big Naturals as, you guessed it, “Ines Cudna”! And it is a rather unique name, making it a breeze to find her on the search engines. When I first encountered her, though, I couldn’t help thinking her name had to be an anagram for something: “Can undies?”, “Inca dunes?”, “Dance in us?”, “I scan nude?” Who can say?! But I digress, as usual…

So, in deference to Chris’ original request, I’ll get to the videos; but it would be a shame not to post some photos as well…

Ines Cudna    Ines Cudna

Ines Cudna    Ines Cudna

Ines Cudna    Ines Cudna

Ines Cudna    Ines Cudna

Ines Cudna    Ines Cudna

Ines Cudna & Ewa Sonnet    Ines Cudna & Cassandra

…and here are the videos, wherein we see the lovely Ines enjoying a mutual masturbation session with her little friend Cassandra (well, she does look tiny compared to Ines in the last photo above, but I suppose that could just be a matter of perspective):

Ines Cudna & Cassandra Video - Clip 1    Ines Cudna & Cassandra Video - Clip 2

Ines Cudna & Cassandra Video - Clip 3    Ines Cudna & Cassandra Video - Clip 4


18 thoughts on “Induces an… Ines Cudna?!”

  1. Can you please find some good nipple sucking action videos from those gorgeous babes at Ewa Sonnet and Ines Cudna is the dynamic duo. Thanks

  2. I’m just wondering from where you have information that Ines Cudna (or any of the other girls) uses her real name professionally? Ask your parents, but I believe “cudna” is simply the Polish word for “wonderful”. While this is a perfectly appropriate name for this wonderful woman, and it is not entirely impossible that Cudna actually is her real name, it is about as unusual in Polish as the name Wonderful would be in English.
    (Even more amusing, there is a busty Czech or Slovak model named Katerina Konec – if I’m not mistaken, “konec” is the slang word in her language for “orgasm”!)

  3. Hi !

    “Cudna” in Polish means beautiful marvellous wonderful.

    So I wonder if it is really her family name :-)


  4. i love this woman ines cudna, she has a perfect pair of tits and a very nice face, she doesnt have a lot of ass, but i bet that she can take a cock better than a big ass latina…
    Does Ines take cock in front of cameras, if she does please share with me

  5. The boobs….? Ines has such a beautiful face, and those eyes. Boobs are great, but she far excells any in the beauty category. Thank you Ines…you more than do it for me.

  6. No one blast me . . . I think Ewa is the hottest woman ever. Ines is pretty, but her breasts are really baggy. They sag much more than Ewa’s. Jana is hot too.

  7. Ines Cudna, please be my girl friend or at least my pen friend. I fell in love the moment I saw your elegant, beautiful, marvellous, perfect, lovely, sexy, seductive and immaculate body and poses. Your are my perfect woman and my perfect queen. Please write back. Love always.

  8. I would love to lay in her lap and suck her gorgeous nipples for hours. I heard that amny ladies in countries that cant afford plastic surgery artificallially induce milk in the tits. Hers are sooo big, I wonder, I would love to drink milk from here and stroke her breasts

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