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After making her rounds through Polish Busty, Score’s Voluptuous and even Big Naturals, it seems that Ines Cudna has finally settled down. Credit her new webmistress, Pani Silk (of Boobs Garden fame), for making it all possible by setting up a new on-line home at!

And, having just come back from a visit there, I must say that Ines’ new site is really something! Although I’m quite partial to big-breasted blue-eyed blondes, those of you who’ve read through my previous posts on Ms. Cudna know that it was actually her pronounced pussy flaps that first garnered my attention. The best news (for me, at least) is that, in addition to showing off her beautiful 36F breasts incessantly, she’s also begun flashing pink with abandon! *sigh* It just makes me want to suck those luscious labia flaps deep into my mouth, massaging them with my lips whilst I probe her warm, moist inner recesses with my tongue (which, you’ll have to agree, beats the hell out of masturbating one’s self with a fireplace poker!).

That being by the by, here’s the incomparable Ines Cudna in a see-through black fishnet body-stocking (I just love how her erect nipples poke prominently through the mesh) from the all-new

Ines Cudna from    Ines Cudna from    Ines Cudna from

Ines Cudna from    Ines Cudna from    Ines Cudna from

Ines Cudna from    Ines Cudna from    Ines Cudna from

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×683 resolution)

…Ines is also wont to invite various busty Polish girlfriends to the site – well-endowed women like Kora Kryk, Malina May & Aneta Buena – for a bit of big tit girl-on-girl lesbian shenanigans (which I find somewhat odd, since Wikipedia identifies Ines’ orientation as “heterosexual”). I’m sure I’ll be detailing their dalliances more in the future, but, for now, here’s a meagre sampling of their sundry salacious soirées at

Ines Cudna & Kora Kryk at    Ines Cudna & Malina May at    Ines Cudna & Aneta Buena at

…lingering on that last one for a moment (since I’m rather fond of Aneta, who just happens to be a regular reader (and occasional commentor) here on MyBoobSite) today’s video selection shall be duly dedicated to that most delectable dessert – big tits covered in whipped cream – as shared by Ines Cudna & Aneta Buena at

Ines Cudna & Aneta Buena videos at    Ines Cudna & Aneta Buena videos at

Ines Cudna & Aneta Buena videos at


14 thoughts on “Ines Cudna at”

  1. Ines was my first “discovery” in the big tit world. I had always liked well endowed women (Anna Nicole back in the day was amazing) then I found Ines… it was over! That was it! I never went back to anything under a DD (or maybe F) cup again! Of course as soon as one discovers Ines… that leads to Polish Busty… wich leads to the incredible (and #1 on my list) Ewa, along with all the other amazing Polish Busty babes. Then Faith (my #2)… etc.

    I still love Ines and have a soft spot in my heart for her (yes, and a hard spot in my pants). She still looks amazing- if not a BIT too thin. Thanks so much for the update!

  2. Vadd, I totally agree with you about Ewa. Those still pix of Ines are amongst the finest I’ve seen of her. The mpegs with Aneta are awesome, although for me, Aneta steals the show. Reese, what about more Aneta? Especially vid clips!!! Happy turkey day bro, hope you had a good one. As always, love the site.
    Oh, have you ever thought about showcasing Gianna Michaels on the site? Haven’t seen her turn up here anywhere as of yet, unless I’ve missed it.
    I’ve seen some of her stuff at She’s pretty hot, gorgeous big naturals on a young pretty frame. Just thought I’d mention it.

  3. Ines is a dream. She and Ewa are supermodel-like. Can’t get enough of these two perfect girls with their four perfect boobs.
    But for sure, both could have a bit more on their hips.

  4. Ines, Ewa et al are simply heaven on legs :)

    Got to agree though Reese. ines_pussy.jpg is just an awesome shot.

    Haven’t seen to much of Kora… but would love to see more

  5. The thought occurred to me that Kora Kryk is a really odd name. But then I realized that Ines Cudna is just about as bad! I first came across her on a website whose name remains unmentionable here. She was posing in front of a German helicopter in a military flight uniform. When she took that off, WOW. What a bod! Although her tits weren’t as big as her host’s (she’s “only” an EE cup, sort of undersized for this blog), she was a damn fine looking blonde with a really nice set of tits.

    To me, she looks like she’s been working out at the local gym. Her tummy looks like it’s flatter than it used to be. Maybe it’s all the food that she and the other Polish girls smear over each other… They never eat it!

    For those of you with a penchant for BBWs with what Reese calls the biggest tits ever, here’s some info and a pic or two of Monique AKA Moniq on, AKA Sweet Pea here. Scroll down a lot, or do a control F and search for Sweet Pea. Says she’s a 46 P cup. I don’t know how accurate that is (do they even make bras with a cup size above K or L?) but she’s got a pair of incredibly huge ta-tas!

  6. Long time reader, first time poster.
    Thanks for the update on Ines – you have a fantastic site here!!
    Keep us posted if you ever decided to branch out from the Big Boobs Blog into a “Luscious Labia” blog site. I think they could both be of a huge benefit to the world!! Keep up the Breast Work!!

  7. I am 56 year old house wife from India.

    I love my boobs and greatly desire a woman to play with mine and me with her

    but am not getting any companion

  8. Hello to all big boobs fan in the world,

    Ines Cudna is the most exciting big boob girl….

    Yes Iam a big big fan of Ines. Her boobs are GREAT… and her Pussy too.

    when i see Ines at the first time on net (for 3 years) I must have all the Pictures of her…;o)
    I have pict from Ines , Ewa , Aneta , Bea , etc. etc.

    Sorry my english is not so good… (i came from Switzerland)

    My Fan List of Bigboob Girls:

    Nr.1 Ines and the other Polish Bustys / Nr.2 Faith / Nr.3 Sweet Yurizan / Nr.4 Kerry Marie / Nr.5 Nadine Jansen / Nr.6 Linsey Mc Kenzie / Nr.7 Chloe Vevrie / Nr.8 Gianna Michaels / Nr.9 Brandy Taylore / Nr.10 Alexis Silver!!! etc, etc,etc,

  9. Ewa & Ines are my dreams. They are two goddess, I prefer Ewa with her sweet eyes, perfect body, but Ines is very nice too. I love them

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