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For nearly as long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve listened to both sides of the debate as to whether Jana Defi (aka Princessa / Maria Swan) had breast implants. I guess it just seemed to good to be true that this beautiful, svelte Czech-Italian could sport such impressive 32G boobs on her otherwise slender frame. I must apologise to those who have, in the past, asked my own opinion on the matter and not received a reply, instead sitting back and watching quietly as the controversy raged on.

You see, in the early days of MyBoobSite, I had a bit of a debacle with Jana’s modelling representative over some unauthorised photos and video footage I’d featured here. However, when he discovered that I’d done this with the best intentions and was eager to comply with Jana’s wishes, we became good friends. So, ever since, I’ve had a bit of an “inside track” on the progress of the debate. At one point, we were even joking about taking X-rays to put the matter to rest once and for all!

Then, the proverbial shit hit the fan when a site called “Men Against Fake Boobs” posted what they considered to be damning evidence from a “Dr. Dallas” who “confirmed” their suspicions that Jana had implants. They used the following thumbnail from one of Jana’s videos as Princessa at MC-Nudes as “Exhibit A”…

…wherein their “consulting doctor” cited the apparent fold between her left breast and the chest wall as proof, and then went on consider some irregularities around her nipples as an indication of breast augmentation surgery. This prompted a dramatic response from one of the other sites upon which Jana regularly appears: PinUpFiles.com.

Now, personally, I don’t care if a beautiful pair of big breasts are real or fake (in fact, there are some breast-centric activities wherein a bit of surgical enhancement often proves to be a bonus). However, I also realise that a lot of you don’t feel the same as I do, instead insisting that your breasts remain 100% natural. Thus, when I came back from my vacation to find that four separate people – including webmaster David Jackson from PinUpFiles – had mentioned the rebuttal against MAFB, I decided it would best serve our boob loving community to feature this story as front-page news.

In their efforts to quell the dissenters, PinUpFiles‘ sister site, PinUpGlam, enlisted the expertise of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Vishal Kapoor for a hands-on medical examination of Jana’s G-cup assets. After thoroughly examining her nipples, areolas, breasts, armpits and navel, Dr. Kapoor could find no scars indicative of implant insertion. Then, as a coup de grace, a sonogram machine was employed to show, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that all of the tissue filling Jana’s exceptional endowments was indeed hers.

Of course, the entire examination was captured on video (as hosted by the stunning 36F Maggie Green, my 2nd favourite former redhead), and is now featured on their PinUpGlam.com website:


44 thoughts on “Jana Defi – 100% Natural”

  1. I’ve always thought they were real. It was fairly obvious to, there are no ripples as with saline implants are no scarring.

    The way they moved and how soft they appeared was also a indication to me that they were genuine. That’s what made this girl so special, and that’s why we are all obsessed. I think most people could tell that.

    This “group against implants” seem to be just a bunch of bums. I doubt they’ve ever felt or seen real or fake breasts in their lives. I don’t know why the folds of skin would be an indication of their fakeness, I doubt the disbariging doctor has ever encountered a girl like Jana or ever will.

    The pinupfiles and pinupglam sites are ok but they are not updated nearly enough to warrant a membership in my opinion. The material on the site is also cycled and not archived.

  2. im glad thats settled. i dont think i could have handled another disappointment in the world of tits this year, the first being linsey dawn, the traitorous bitch.

  3. she is perfect! to all the naysayers who didn’t believe me before when i said i’d seen em and they are real, ha ha ha ha i was right! Great post reece, you made my night!

  4. I had a GF once who had F cups and was accused of them being fake, usually by guys who probably just wanted to feel her up. “They’re only that big if they’re fake” – BULLSHIT. There’s a Score Model or two with implants whose boobs ended up looking kind of squarish (Tawney Peaks) when she hung upside down. Once I saw real breasts do that, sometimes the “signs” are wrong.

    Used to be easier to spot if a girl was skinny but with a Huge rack you figured she had implants. But now you get more Slim’n’Stacked types like Jana and Anya from the abundance of Hormones in meat eaten while growing up.

    I think those girls are amazing and beautiful and if they were right in front of me I’d be happy as a fuckin clam. But honestly I like the more well-rounded types. A bit of cushion for the pushin, somethin to hold onto. Call me crazy but I’d take a woman like Rachel/Davina, Cherry (at xx-cel), or most of the women at DivineBreasts over Jana or Anya. Although to me the ultimate woman is Joana.

  5. I sense some political overtones here. Is that doctor Muslim? Perhaps its a complex plot to hypnotize airline pilots flying over the Atlantic. How can we be sure that the ‘ultrasound’ results are not prerecorded and piped in to ‘prove’ their case. I hate to be a wet blanket, but in some ways it’s important. Does anyone here feel as strongly about Julia Miles as I do? This girl was THE BOMB in 1999 and in Y2K she was newcomer of the Year in Score )and guess who’s quoteable quote was published in that issue — mine thank you very much!) Well remember then it turned out she had had some moderate cosmetic breast surgery including a small implant? It was kind of heartbreaking.

    Jana is awesome, no doubt. I feel very strongly about the girls of busty.pl. They are close to the ideal as far as I’m concerned. Ines Cudna, Bea Flora, Ewa Sonnet, and this new girl Kate Bona are all superstar material. Just think next time that you see Jana, that Bea Flora has bigger tits. This is true. I say the Polish busty girls have totally broken the iron curtain! The old stereotype of cold matronly bitches has been shattered. In the 80s they would always joke about the East German women’s swimmers as being ugly, being built like running backs, and having facial hair. Well I think that beginning with Chloe Vervier the old East German stereotypes have been totally turned on their head. The Polish beauties have simply rammed the point home. Up with BIG EAST EURO BOOBS!!

  6. I could not agree with Charles more! I just love those busty.pl girls. Ewa is my personal favorite, with Ines and Bea a close second. I think that Ewa has the best face to go with her amazing body and tits.

    As for Jana, I think she is natural. They just… LOOK like it, ya know? I have no problem with fake tits- I love ’em! But when she moves around, those things ripple, sway and shake the way every natural big-tit I have evern had the pleasure to experience to play with move. Jana is one of those perfect thigns in the world that we all just can’t believe is so perfect! Sometimes, there are amazing, beautiful things in the world that have no explanation other than they just ARE. ya know? Jana is one of those things!

  7. Never a doubt in my mind!!

    Those guys at MAFboobs must be gay!! Nadine Jansen, Eden Mor… pleeeeease!!

    Jana does have that “ripple” that can induce doubt but these two??!?

    Go to their site, watch the “large” gallery and be amazed…

    Gay… Too much gay!!

  8. If the woman is beautiful and the breasts are large, I don’t care if they’re real or fake. I think some people are waaaaay to critical of such things! Why can’t we just enjoy these lovely creatures without debating real vs. fake? :)

    Some women over-do it of course (or receive a really botched up boob-job). I present Echo Valley as an example in the “visible DENT in one of her boobs in certain lighting conditions” category and Letha Weapons as my entry in the “can we please FIX this horrible SKIN-FOLD in the center of her chest???” category.

    But otherwise, if she’s pretty and loves showing off her big gorgeous breasts, who am I to criticize? :)

  9. I hate fake tits. Used to accept them in the 90s but now they just gross me out. Charles, I remember Julia Miles, and I was on the line about the real/fake issue. At the time I didn’t care. But time will tell with implants. Real boobs, especially tat big, just strech out and droop all over. Something about Julia’s just didn’t seem quite right. She was probably already like a DD and the implants were just to make her a bit more spectacular because she’s a big girl all over.

    I believe for now that Jana is real. I gree the video isn’t 100% conclusive because there’s no proof of this doctor being totally impartial, and the exam is pretty quickly done and not shot at the best angles. The ultrasound seems live and legit, but I’m not an expert and you can’t really see it on the screen too well.

    But it’s fascinating to watch and listen to Maggie Green talk! With her clothes on! I have more respect for her now. It would’ve been nice to hear from Jana herself on the subject, but perhaps she’s not so good with english.

  10. Mick said it best:

    “But otherwise, if she’s pretty and loves showing off her big gorgeous breasts, who am I to criticize?”

    Amen to THAT brother!

  11. Jana is real, not fake.

    I was a skeptic, but now I’m a convert. You can watch her videos and see that they really do move like real boobs, not fakes.

  12. One other point. Had it ever occurred to the skeptics that the lines of the “Exhibit A” pic might have been caused by the fabric or underwire of Jana’s bra? No, I suppose not…

  13. I’ve always said that I didn’t mind if they were real or not – Jana’s tits are fantastic and I’ll never tire of them. If they are real as it seems then they’re even more impressive.

  14. Props to Vadd for recognizing Polish beauties the way I do. But I’d have to say that Bea slightly edges out Ewa in my book. Bigger boobs… bottom line. LOL.

    I have a request: Reese you showed us some great stuff on Kate Bona. I’d like to see a blog on Anna Jota. She is really hot! I’d like to see more footage of her. See if you can get her in the rotation. Thanks.

  15. Charles,
    Well I just MIGHT have to agree with you about Bea and Ewa.. he heh. I mean Ewa is a drop-dead gorgeous specimen of a woman. Probably my #1 babe at the moment, but I was recently watching a movie of Bea (long movie, sort of a POV of her “fucking”) and I was CAPTIVATED. She is amazing. Just fucking amazing. So I MAY… JUST MAY defer to you on that one! He heh.

  16. well real is always better in my opinion. But im an equal opportunity boobman….I like them all. I see it this way, I prefer blondes, but I also like brunnetes etc………

  17. Glad you’re back Reese!!. Hope you had a nice holiday, i know it’s late but better late than never.

    I have to admit that i was one of the doubtful about Jana/Princessa/MariaSwan/etc, em…”naturality”, of her breasts. As you point out, it just seemed SO good to be true(massive,heavy-looking breasts on a slim frame and a cute ass to boot) to be natural, and i agree with Charles about the authenticity of the medical test (¡¡and about Julia Miles too!!). Sure, it seems a 100% more believable than”Dr.Dallas” AND it has Maggie Green as a host (HUGE plus) but i’m no specialist in plastic surgery and i don’t know if everything shown is accurate. Would be nice if any reader in this blog with experience on plastic surgery could verifiy this for everyone and, like VeryFree says there’s a couple of videos in wich you can see that the way her breasts move is quite “natural” so who knows?, she may be huge natural breasted woman despite all the speculation.

    ¿Do i care if Jana’s breasts are real? well, not much to be honest but it’s still a “plus” in my book,it wouldn’t be the same and i’d feel deceived even though i like her for specific reasons, other than those big boobs of her that makes it all so much easier. She’s a gorgeous woman (and on top of that, fun to be with by the looks of her videos) but i don’t like “fake” breasts. My personal and individual opinion.

  18. Just to answer HollowLeg —

    Do you really think an American Board of Plastic Surgery ceritifed doctor, who’s entire business is based on customer faith, and who works in one of the most reputable cosmetic surgery offices in the country would go on camera and LIE because we “paid” him to say so?

    And then to argue with a live sonogram that clearly shows her breasts are real? (show it to ANY radiolgist and I mean ANY)

    Are you kidding me? Are you truly that stupid?

  19. Hey Jackson, take a chill pill. Are you aware how many doctors and dentists have rented out their offices and exam rooms to adult entertainers; this includes porn starts, big bust magazine starts, to name some of what I have seen. For the record, I have not seen the whole clip. But it is definitely within the realm of possibility that the whole thing is a fake. I mean who’s to say this ‘Dr’ is ACTUALLY on the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Anything can be faked for a buck buddy. Especially online. Credentials don’t mean anything over a cam. I’m a skeptic to the end.

    As for Vadd and the Ewa Sonnet issue: don’t throw over totally. Ewa and Bea are so close. Two starlets hard to separate. I was about to say that I might view Ewa as the lead model just because her hair is so fine and she is more beautiful in some ways that Bea. Bea has the ‘girl next door’ look and that makes me horny. LOL. But Ewa is more like a ‘classic’ face in the beauty dept. Even if she did not have big breasts she would hold her own next to any beauties selling cosmetics. She’s hot.

    And so is Anna Jota! Reese!! Let’s see Ms. Jota!

  20. First of all, doctors who anonymously rent their offices to porn stars so they can film scenes is WAY different than a doctor going on camera, personally identifying himself and then doing a full clinical exam. We even identified the medical hospital the exam was done at, so not even that is anoymous. When a doctor goes on camera and ID himself, then it’s serious, especially when it’s his career that he’s spent 15 years studying for and building.

    And as for your assertions that he might be a “fake” doctor, I guess you’ve never heard of Google…


    Finally, you should watch the video before calling into question our integrity, Dr. Kapoor’s integrity and Jana’s integrity by making “it’s fake” accusations. It’s 100% genuine and so is Jana and we stand by this and so does Dr. Kapoor.

    “Hey Jackson, take a chill pill. Are you aware how many doctors and dentists have rented out their offices and exam rooms to adult entertainers; this includes porn starts, big bust magazine starts, to name some of what I have seen. For the record, I have not seen the whole clip. But it is definitely within the realm of possibility that the whole thing is a fake. I mean who’s to say this ‘Dr’ is ACTUALLY on the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Anything can be faked for a buck buddy. Especially online. Credentials don’t mean anything over a cam. I’m a skeptic to the end.”

  21. She’s an awesome girl David Jackson. Take as many photos and videos as you can. Also, what’s the deal with Miriam Gonzales? No nudity, yes the photos are nice but they’re not that special. After 3 or 4 sets it’s all a bit ho-hum actually it’s a bit ho-hum after the first.

  22. I hate intentional ignorance. I hate it when somone has the proof right there in front of them, and they always have an excuse for why they’re wrong. It happens all the time. If they have a doctor, they paid their own. If they have a machine, it was most likely pre-recorded. If they cut her open and check it out, they pulled it out during the surgery with a magician’s aid (who they paid quite well) and then put it back in and sewed her up again. Always an excuse for why a girl who’s got bigger boobs than your girlfriend is fake.

    To dissenters: GET A LIFE

  23. Of course I believe they’re real, but I will need to confirm it with a personal examination. In my bedroom. Over a weekend. A four day weekend.

    She is absolutely awesome — always a joy to look at!

  24. You men are all fucked up, big boob are GROSS and so are the ones in these pictures!! Yuck, they look like cows!!! How can you find that attractive?
    Give me a set of firm small perky ones any day!!!!

  25. I remember this same type of debate went on when Lindsey Dawn Mckenzie appeared on the Howard Stern show. Howard had her inspected for scarring, for abnormal shape, made her bounce up and down, etc etc. It’s sad that sometimes the human psyche just won’t accept the fact that there ARE goddesses like this in the world…they actually do exist.

    The first one of these boob goddesses I remember seeing, the first time I went on the internet, was Nadine Jansen. To this day, she’s still my favorite by far: http://naturalboobtube.com/action/viewvideo/165/Nadine_Jansen_huge_tits/

  26. I’m not an expert in fake tits. I just always thought her tits were natural because they behaved naturally. Their shape, their movements, their softness… Fake tits tend to be stiffer; perkier, like inflated balloons, too symmetric… Of course it depends on the size of the implants and the skill of the doctor. Some fake tits look and behave almost like natural ones and you can only tell them from scars and such while some tits you can tell from miles away.

    On the regard of skinny tits having big boobs I’d say it’s not common but far from impossible. The same as fat women having smaller tits than you’d expect. Haven’t you guys ever come across a 1.45 m girl sporting a natural (and yummy) 120 cm bust? Haven’t you come across a 1.95 m flatchested girl? Just search the Internet, you’ll even come across short-sized (height) freaks with tremendous boobs hanging below their hips. From flatchested to these freaks there are tons of combinations along the way: big areolas, small areolas, very dark areolas, white-pink areolas, smooth areolas, bumpy areolas, thick nipples, thin nipples, long nipples, retracted nipples, round tits, long tits, perky tits, blubby tits, pointy tits…

  27. I always knew her breasts were real. She has this stunning figure and beauty that no one can compare to and I love her for it. Jana is so photogenic, which is obvious in her fantastic photos, it’s amazing how she’s not more famous!

  28. Yeah it was obvious that she is natural!
    There are many pics you can see her tits flatten out!
    And her tits are too perfect to be not natural!

  29. This Doctor was never going to be belived to have been impartial because he was paid by Jana Defi or her representitives to come to this very conclusion.

    Her breast implants are similar to those sported by the majority of big boob Japanese AV Stars, in that they have a natural look and are not your typical ‘Las Vegas Stripper’ bolt on soccer balls. That is the mistake most of you make, to assume that ALL implants look like that.

    There were some guys that said that ‘they lie flat’ – they don’t. Go and have a look, they are considerably raised; whereas they should fall under her arms leaving her chest as flat as a guy.

  30. I just don’t get the naysayers. The doctor’s (and as pointed out, he is a legit board certified physician with a reputation to maintain, and highly unlikely to put it on the line by publicly lying) exam and ultrasound certainly erase any doubts I had. PUF posts photos and videos of beautiful women, of both the natural and augmented breast variety. They have no reason to lie about one model, as they have so many naturally busted models in their “stable” already. Even if she had implants, I’m sure they’d feature this beauty on their site, and simply stay out of the argument altogether.

  31. People who never se or touch real breast might be a little bit confused. But it is very easy to see that her breast is natural.

    You can always tell buy the shape on the upper half of the breast, does it follow Newton’s law of physics (gravity) or is some thing pointing upward on the top slope of the breast. That is does it have the natural breast tissue slope or the “plastic one?

    With an implant you can always see kind of something pushing from below.

    If it’s a video they are moving in a different way as well. Implants are rather stiff and does not have the same viscosity as breast tissue.

  32. She goes to the extreme why does care what a jealous flat chested woman thinks or ones with fun bags.

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