Maxi 32JJ’s post-pregnant boobs…

Well, I’m back after a gruelling ten days in the ‘States, five of which we spent cruising the Caribbean with the family. It was quite enjoyable, actually, with the only stressful bit being the eleven hours we spent at Gatwick airport on August 10th due to the terrorist threat. Apart from that, we had a great time. I was a bit disappointed, however, that there was only one woman on the cruise ship with breasts bigger than the wife’s, but I did have the profound pleasure of encountering some genuiney massive milkers native to our various ports of call. It’s good to be back on the blog, though.

And speaking of massive milkers, upon my arrival home I decided to check in with Maxi 32JJ to see how the pregnancy was coming along. In the last photo shoot I’d seen of her, she was truly fit to burst. The good news is Maxi has since had her baby and has posted a new series of photos and videos to show off her “new boob size” (the bad news is that none of them include lactation as yet, but I remain hopeful). Personally, I don’t see that much of a change in the tits department, unless you consider them in proportion to her recently deflated belly, but her breasts remain pendulous as ever and her perpetually erect nipples stand at the ready (and, if I could make a small suggestion, I wish Maxi would do a shoot shortly after breast feeding, as I’d love to see the impact of prolonged suction on those lickable nips!).

So check out these recent post-pregnancy photos from and judge for yourself how she stacks up in comparison to her pre-partum pics

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of    Maxi 32JJ of

(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)

…and if you need further reference material to draw your conclusions, here are a few clips from Maxi’s accompanying video:

Maxi 32JJ Videos from    Maxi 32JJ Videos from

Maxi 32JJ Videos from    Maxi 32JJ Videos from

(note: videos downloadable from the site are full-frame HD 1280×720 resolution)


28 thoughts on “Maxi 32JJ’s post-pregnant boobs…”

  1. Nice to see you back. I’m impressed you found some larger women in the ports of call.

    As for Maxi I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan. pregnent and shy? Doesn’t do it for me.

    The svelt looks were nice.

  2. Welcome back, Reese! Hope the holidays were everything you wanted them to be and you charged up your batteries again. Sounds like you did! Cheers.

  3. Hehe when you come back you go all out :)))
    Welcome home to your blog family Reese :)
    And thank you so much for this Maxi32jj aka MaxiMoom blog :))))
    I died and gone to heaven! :P

    My goodness, I can’t wait either when she starts lactating.

    Maxi if you ever read this, you are my number one :)
    Gosh I know I get all mushy when it comes to Maxi hehe.

  4. Maxi you’re the most amazing natural full breasted female I’ve seen,if you pay to become member of your web site, to we get to see your beautiful face as well as your beautiful body.Congrats on your new bambino!!

  5. Welcome back Reese! And congratulations to Maxi are in order. ;)

    I think I prefer her breasts now, in the after-partum. They look more full. Yet I find it strange that she hasn’t shared videos of her lactating yet. Because she has to be lactating already. Sometimes bigger breasts don’t really mean lots of milk. She may be producing just the enough for the child, and therefore it’s quite understandable. :)

    Wow amazing pixs !! and I agree with your suggestion to Maxi !!!!!!!!
    I can imagine those horny nips and my goose wake up faster.
    Many greetings to you!

  7. I was a member of Maxi’s site a few times. I HATE that her face is obscured and it keeps me from appreciating her fully. But her breasts are just SO DAMN BIG and amazingly hot that I just have to look anyway. I stayed away because of the pregnancy – that and lactating are turnoffs to me. Glad she’s over that and back to modeling her incredible udders.

    But the real big news would be unmasking. Another TopHeavy Alumnus (I think her name was Haley) was once Face-blurred and then revealed herself to be a beautiful mature woman. For those of us who appreciate more than just huge tits, the lack of a face is disturbing. It’s a shame that Maxi’s willingness to display herself doesn’t extend to her face, since you can ALMOST see it in some of the less blurred images over the years.

    My guess from those pics is she’s pretty attractive although in a slightly unconventional way. This may sound racist, but something about the blurred features makes me guess she might be Jewish, which I find pretty hot. There are all kinds of myths and rumors about Jews and sexuality, and a Jewish girl with Huge Tits and/or very into sex (Oral especially) kills those stereotypes. Eden (of Garden of Eden) is Israeli and that’s Awesome.

    Regardless of race, obviously for whatever reason Maxi has remained anonymous. Sadly so has Breya (recently blogged here I think). Maxi is one of a kind. Breya looks incredibly not but I WILL NOT join her site or any others with obscured faces.

  8. Welcome back, Reese :~) Geez, 11 hours? Whew!

    I agree with several of the above opinions, Maxi has some major detractions, such as the obscured face, the petite body which makes her big tits look even bigger, etc. My pet peeve is that her areolas should be bigger for those heavy hangers, but they’ve improved considerably with the PG, so they’re not as bad as before.

    I’ll take Alicia over Maxi any day. She’s got the milk, and Maxi still hasn’t (or isn’t willing). But I’m glad the PG is over, so now you can blog her less often and get down to more of Alessandra, Ines, Nicole P., etc., and new, fresh faces and boobs!

  9. Very Free
    You are a very negative person
    Appreciate the girls that Resse blogs since you are viewing it for free.
    Im sure you would never pay for anything. You seem like a lonely cheap guy who complains like a lil old lady

  10. Charles~

    And that he is, too! I know the guy personally, and he owns more big tit porn sites and content than I could blog in a lifetime!! ;~)

    ~Reese! :~)

  11. I cant make up my mind these days about maxi. Back on topheavy I loved her weekly post. Now im not so sure. I cant put my finger on but im not as interested for whatever reason. Im not knocking her, she is wonderful, just cant get into her anymore. It was interesting seeing her boobs get bigger over the years. I think in the end not seein gher face kinda killed it for me. I understand her wanting her privacy, but that comes at a cost, and that cost is connection with your fans. I hope she slims down some, she looked better thinner.

  12. To expand on the connection wiht your fans these. One of the reasons I love Ewa is he eyes, they are magnificant, smoky warm, dark sultry I oculd go on and on…….by not showiing your face you never get that same connection.

  13. Thanks for this posting!
    Maxi has got huge moster saggy tits as everybody can see.
    I think her best and weird set is her latest as preggo wearing the pink suit:
    her curves were amazing and she looks amazing!
    Please, keep on supporting her, guys!
    Maxi is a European busty bombshell!

  14. Maxi has some lactation pics posted on her paysite now. I take it some videos will come soon. Her tits are so damn big now. Maxi and Maria Moore are my favorites.

  15. :O
    Joey’s right, there are pics of her lactating. Reese, Please can you post any pics and vids. Would be greatly appreciated

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