L-cup bras for XL boobs…

I recently received an e-mail from the webmistress of a women’s big breast forum (i.e. where they share lingerie advice, etc) upon which I am an honorary “token male member”. She wrote to say that there were four new brands of bras coming out by the end of this year, with one manufacturer extending their range all the way up to an L-cup! Good news for someone like Sabrina Meloni, whose bra size is a staggering 38L!

Sabrina’s just one of the mega-mammary models at Boobs XL (See? I do try my best to bring you the biggest breasts on the ‘net!). She’s also the largest, breastacularly speaking, but you’ll not find anyone there short of an H-cup. Since they’ve just released their first promotional content to 3rd-party webmasters as of yesterday, I thought I’d provide a sundry selection of titanic tits from the site. If you’d like to see more of a particular model in future blogs, just let me know (hover your mouse over the thumbnails for the model’s name and bra size)…

Sabrina Meloni 38L    Sabrina Meloni 38L

Agnes 34H    Agnes 34H

Dolly 38HH    Dolly 38HH

Erika 38JJ    Erika 38JJ

Amanda 34H    Amanda 34H

…and, since the lovely Dolly happens to be my favourite from Boobs XL, here’s a little video clip (though I can’t help but wonder how she gets her bra to make that ominous creaking sound as she takes it off):

Dolly 38HH Video


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  1. Hey I love what you’re doing with this site…and definitely i would love to see some more sabrina meloni she’s my favorite

  2. Hi,
    This is a wonderful clip in every respect, very dramatic and sexy and also sweet. I am filled with admiration for this girl who enjoys giving us this visual pleasure watching her. Is there a website where we can email her directly?

  3. Dan~

    I don’t have a direct e-mail address for Dolly, but there’s a “fan post” link toward the bottom of the page if you log into BoobsXL where you can send messages to the models. You could also try their support e-mail address, which is listed in the same menu. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    ~Reese! :~)

  4. Hi all,

    There’s one thing I’ve always been asking myself..I mean, there are apparently quite a lot of boob lovers out there but also women who want particularly these men ( or am I wrong ). I’ve been on the Inet quite a while but I could never find any platform that would bring boob lovers and voluptuous women together on a serious basis. However, the expectable rush on such a site would possibly too immense to handle.

    Maybe anyone here knows of such a site ?

    I personally couldn’t ever do with a flat chested girl. Makes me an addict, I know, but honestly speaking I don’t give a sh*t anymore. Been through too many arguments, discussions and justifications; don’t want that anymore.

  5. Thought I would go ahead and leave a comment for what it is worth.
    It would be great fun to communicated with a busty bombshell but who is really on the other end? You don’t want to know. A dating site that caters to what society thinks is a mental problem is trouble in itself. Most of these women have been pregnant a dozen or more times! You don’t want to see their famiies! or there are pimps who give their girls enough hormones to kill an elephant. I believe these women are beautiful. It is in the eye of the beholder. You can’t be bothered of what others define as beauty. but then again the level of excessive hormone natural or otherwise is like the period times 10x!!! I have met busty women who are paranoid that you are after their boobs?! So watch out and becareful of what you want out of life—–good luck!

  6. Wow this is a great movie, it reminds me of a year ago, i was at my mother in laws place, and when we were sitting in her garden, a bee flew in her blouse.
    She takes her blouse off, and the bee was between her cleavage, she pulls her bra up (a 38GG) her tits came falling out, and the bee flew away!
    Just like Dolly’s tits, really amazing!!!

  7. Wow this is a amazing video!
    The cracking sound of her bursting huge bra whens she pulls it up!!
    And what a amazing pair of hanging tits she haves, huge tits rules!

  8. The boobs are nice but the scale is wrong.

    I looked on boobsxl and bra size conversion charts to get this info

  9. dude ur site is ace could u plz, plz post somepics or vids of barrbie doll and samntha jayne from boobs xl would be v much appreciated!
    peace :)

  10. Wow, I love all you larger then normal ladies as I have been a big tit man for well ever since I know thay made my cock hard! The pairs I have seen here are some of the finist ever, never to big in my eys so much to do with them and if done right it is enjoyable for all!

    Hit me up ladies in buffalo who wish a young hot stud to be there tit boytoy_wny at yahoo dot com!!

  11. amazing site, i ended up at this womans house from work the other night i always fancied her because she is extremely busty i had thought a j or k cup. imagine how please i was when i found out she was a 40L they were fucking huge!!!

  12. WTF i mean come on these boobs are too big they are pointless and they look fucking shit. Small boobs are better you sad wankers!!!!!!

  13. Fantastic breasts! I know a lady who is the same size such as the ladies here. She is gettting her own website going with pictures and videos, she just turned 40. All of the ladies here and her have gorgeous breasts!

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