“Legend” of the TW Girl…

Nothing has sparked more controversy within the on-line big boob lovers’ community than the mysterious TW Girl. Originally called “T.W.’s Girl” (the initials of her then-boyfriend) and later foreshortened by cyber-geeks to “TWgirl”, she first appeared on the internet in the late ’90s. Her photos depicted a huge-breasted young girl whose already-massive mammaries seemed to grow even more month after month!

Visitors to the site began fiercely debating amongst themselves, with one side proclaiming her to be a genuine miracle of nature and the other speculating that she was a “morph” (similar to those found on the Breast Expansion Archive). Despite the intense division amongst the ranks, word of TWgirl’s enormous endowments spread like wildfire and her fan base continued to grow, much like her breasts, at an unprecedented rate.

Curiously, the website upon which her pics appeared was totally free, devoid even of 3rd-party sponsorship, effectively releasing the photos into the public domain. Although there was no nudity shown and the face was always blurred (at her request), the breast-obsessed would wait anxiously every Sunday for two new pics to be posted, and this continued until TW’s full catalogue of 207 photos had been exhausted. Then, having effectively reached “urban legend” status, she was never seen nor heard from again…

…until early 2004. Soon after my wife had launched her “VixPix – Tits Out for Multiple Sclerosis” charity site for which I acted as webmaster, I received a comment from one of our visitors lauding Vix’ bravery, as well as her untraditionally innovative approach to fundraising and furthering the cause of MS awareness. She’d mentioned that she was a “big girl”, and that her breasts had caused a great deal of grief in her life, including where the ‘net was concerned.

I began corresponding with our new-found supporter, who spoke openly of her unfortunate experience: She’d been involved in a relationship with a Swedish gentleman by the name of T___ W______ (name blanked to protect the not-so-innocent; anyone for a game of hangman?), who turned out to be more interested in her breasts than with the person behind them. TW became totally obsessive, carrying the camera everywhere they went and demanding photos at every opportunity. He began posting the photos on the internet shortly before they broke up on the worst of terms, and she never wants to hear the letters “T” & “W” together again. Now, she wants only to be known as “Michelle”, the English transliteration of her real name. I congratulated her on a successful escape from what had turned into a psychologically-abusive relationship.

It was through our subsequent conversations that I first learned about Virginal Breast Hypertrophy (or VBH), a condition which causes the breasts to grow at an unnatural rate, and one from which Michelle suffered. This explained why she appeared larger in successive photos, increasing from a 32J to a 32K during her time with TW. Fortunately, in Michelle’s case, the enlargement was bilateral (in many cases, VBH results in a dramatic asymmetry between the two breasts). I was reminded of the case of 20-year-old Isabelle Lanthier, whose bust size grew from a mere 34 inches to a massive 52 inches in just 5 months during pregnancy. I also realized that TW’s photos had unintentionally served as a chronicle of the progression of Michelle’s condition.

For those still following the elusive TW Girl, I’m pleased to report that she’s alive and well: Now 35, Michelle seems truly comfortable with herself and presently has no intentions of undergoing breast reduction surgery – the only known “cure” for VBH. A single mother, she and her daughter left their homeland of Sweden just this past Winter to start a new life in Australia. Considering that she’s spent so much time living in the dreams of boob lovers the world over, it seems only fair that she take the opportunity now to pursue her own. Michelle, you are indeed a true legend (despite the unfortunate circumstances that thrust you there), and we can but wish you all the best.

Here’s a relatively recent photo of Michelle, taken early last year during one of her frequent trips to London (apologies, but I’ve blurred the face in compliance with her wishes). And the rest, as they say, is history…

TW Girl    TW Girl

TW Girl    TW Girl

TW Girl    TW Girl

TW Girl    TW Girl

TW Girl    TW Girl

95 thoughts on ““Legend” of the TW Girl…”

  1. I saw her pictures reposted on the usenet the other day.

    Whether your article is true or not [blogs are a too questionable source for me to be trusted entirely], she should start making photos of herself again.
    She would be in immediate competition with the famous Nadine Jansen and Milena Velba, since thousands of booblovers have already seen her pics.

  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Michelle has vowed never to become part of the adult entertainment industry, despite full awareness of the earning potential. At this point, although accepting of her former notoriety, she just wants to get on with her life.

    As to the verity of my blog, I guess you’ll just have to take it with a grain of salt. I know I would (as I customarily do with most things I read on the internet). For me to provide proof would be disrespectful and a betrayal of her wishes – something I would never do. Besides, if I did, how could I ever hope to maintain the confidence of the others with whom I communicate in the course of my blogging activities?

    That being the case, perhaps it’s best if you merely regard what I’ve written here as a minor work of creative fiction – another chapter in what is, and shall always remain, the enigmatic legend of the TW Girl.

    ~Reese! :~)

  3. Although the site is no longer actively maintained (and thus I can’t vouch for how long it will be around), you can find a comprehensive collection of TW Girl photos here. Bear in mind that it’s not the most reliable site, however, as it’s hosted on a free server and frequently gets shut down (albeit temporarily) whenever bandwidth exceeds it’s allotted threshold.

    ~Reese! :~)

  4. Erm, that’s why I wrote “the rest, as they say, is history” right before posting those photos. The 10 thumbnails are historical shots of TW Girl, from the original series of 207 images all taken in the late-’90s. The only recent photo I’d posted was this one, taken in 2004 and aptly labelled “here’s a relatively recent photo of Michelle”. ;~)

    ~Reese! :~)

  5. I’m very sorry to hear the situation that she feel into. She looks great today as she did back then. Greedily, I wish I could see more.

  6. I saw a couple of pictures of her by accident once and yes, is truly sad what she fell into( if it happened for “real” ). A unbelievable woman,truly unique (from a physical “boob-lover” point of view ) but , i guess you could answer this , as a person ¿how is she?
    Txs for your time !

  7. Gustave~

    Sadly, I lost touch with Michelle late last year, when she & her daughter were preparing to move to Australia. Thus, we can but hope that she’s found all the happiness she deserves in her new life.

    ~Reese! :~)

  8. I’ve seen a few photos of her scattered around (and even saved one or two, go figure) the net but have never seen these. Thanks for passing them along. Now that she’s in Australia, maybe she will agree to more photos….you never know. Dan

  9. Speaking of Isabelle Lanthier, whatever happened to HER? I remember watching her on a very early episode of Montel over a decade ago. Is she still alive too? Is she still married, and does she have any more children?

  10. Are you kidding me? Hi michelle, from what I can see you look beautiful! I wonder what you are like deep down inside? Are you my dream girl and is your real name Michelle? I would love to hold your hand and take you out dancing maybe, or to the movies.

  11. Ok, here’s another try once again guys at Michelle’s heart, but before that I must admit that I’m a hard core Christian, who is a 36 yr old virgin and I have dated beautiful models (like Michelle) who have asked for marriage or sex. I found this sight because I’ve not been attracted to women with small boobs, it’s been a turn off and I have felt more comfortable with women who have big chests, but someone with a nice personality though and that would probably win over all.
    So here I am asking her, Michelle if you are listening (Hi!!) if you are in the market for dating, a connection and serious about marriage and would want to have a lot of kids (around 10 kids) (I like kids) seriously then you could write to me: flapychks1@hotmail.com and I can send you a photo and excerpt of who I am (my father comes from Holland and I”m learning how to speak dutch).
    And if any of you guys want to cheer me on then this can be like your dream too. This is a dream, deffinately, but if you can dream it then you can do it and I can give you the detail (if she lets me lol)

  12. I remember just recently finding a photo of Michele, second down, left side WITH A FACE!!! I saved it on my computer, but then deleted it because I didn’t think it would be a good idea if my girlfriend found it…( Yes, I have been attracted to big boobs before her, hence I am here!)I have always been fascinated with the whole mysterious aura that has surrounded Michele…I seriously have to laugh at some of these guys who are saying ‘I am a 35-year old Christian virgin’ and ‘You are the girl of my dreams’. Please!
    A.) Read the blog, its not posted by her, and B.) Ya don’t think she hasn’t heard that before? If you guys are looking for love, get off the computer, and go meet people!
    Anyway, Reese, Great site! Really love the video of Eden Mor in the teal dress! Whoa Momma, what a hottie!

  13. Greetings all. Glad to see that my old site is still of some interest to folks. I am the owner and creator of the TWG Archive on Yahoo. The one referenced above with all the TWG pictures. Fascinating to see that she still creates buzz on the internet even 5 years after she faded from view. Can’t speak as to whether what has been stated here about ‘Michelle’ is true or not. The one ‘recent’ picture posted could be her, but who knows. There is no way to tell, and like I stated, I think her allure was more her mystery that than her bust size.

  14. In response to some guy named Kelly.
    It’s true what I said and I am trying to meet people on here, so I don’t have to lean on something ‘fake’ when it comes to women, or what I want in life. You can fantasize, but for me I will get it all, that’s a fact and I’m not asking, I’m telling and right there is the difference. If I don’t get a response then ‘that’s great!’ in fact then I have my answer and I move on. She doesn’t know what she is missing and then the ball is in my court, that gives me strength.
    I have extremely high self esteem and unusual confidence. I don’t get kicked down, ‘kicked’ yes, but I get kicked up! I’m not here to masturbate.

  15. I really recommend Escapist’s site. You have to be patient in downloading though due to the file transfer limits of the free site. I think it’s fair to say that the “Michelle” or TWG mystery is now back in full force. I am no sleuth, but gauging from the pics on Escapist’s site, many of the original photos appear to have been taken somewhere in Southern California. My guess is somewhere in San Diego County, like Pacific Beach. This is just a guess based on some of the vegetation, the clothing, infrastructure (light poles, streets, retaining walls, etc.), the Jamba Juice cup, brown grass, etc. As for Michelle, herself, I think she is of a mixed Mexican and some other nationality based on her hair color and tan complexion. I think it is amazing how her facial features still comoe through even after blurring, and she still looks good! One of my favorite features aside from the obvious are her toes and fingers. I don’t have a fetish with either, but it is cute how they are posed in some of the pics…call me weird! As for moving to Australia and the recent photo of her, I question the validity of both. The recent photo reminds me more of Milena Velba based on the size and shape of the breasts. And the move to Australia story might just be a diversion. I respect that Michelle doesn’t show it all and has not gone harcore and I think it would detract from her allure. I do hope that she might find it in her to put some more pictures on the web, in the similar fashion as before. A good idea would be to have a non-profit website that funnels donations to some charity of her choosing. I would be the first one to make a donation!

    As for you Escapist, I briefly read your treatise on the female condition. It had some good points and some different, although I got your meaning. I think that many women, however, would prefer to have chocolate twice a day as opposed to sex twice a day.

  16. i thought i ran across her “myspace” page if this isn’t a hoax, then she’s on the way to becoming Michelle and leaving behind the TW

  17. That most recent shopping trip photo looks more like New York than London, I agree with what rankandfile said about photo locations and Michelle’s genes. Maybe there was another TW or maybe she is the real deal, always good to hear about her and see her image again, whovere she is I hope shes doing well.

  18. I looked at the Webshots gallery and it’s hard to tell the difference between TWgirl and Terry. Terry looks to be heavier in thighs and butt, but there are some shots, like the ones in the bath tub, where it is more difficult to tell the difference.

    I really think that TWgirl, or Michelle, or whatever her name is, should start her own website and post some updated photos. Keep blurring out the face if you want. She is too attractive a person and has a God-given body that should be celebrated, not obscured. I understand the request for anonymity. It can be done without divulging her identity.

  19. hmmm. Very intersting, I’ve looked at the links, and the research, however I am still sceptical if shes real (I know shes real, I mean if the images were not morphed) to what I understand TW posted two pics of her once a week, thats alot of time for two pics? Still so realistic. I don’t know … I could go on but what the hell, let’s enjoy the lochness of the boob world for what she is…beautiful.

  20. I remember talking to a “Tiffany” About 6 or 7 years ago online on ICQ . . She had sent me a few pic’s & we had talked. Im not really a big boob fan, but she (if thats really who it was) was very nice online. The pic’s were always blurred in the face, I had always tried to get her to send me Only a pic of her face with no body. . . But she never did. . Oh well I hope everything going good for her. . .

  21. So that recent shot is definately the shot from “Michelle’s” Myspace page.

    The myspace page also says she’s a single parent, and from Sweeden. So, either the myspace page is fake, this story is faked but taken from the myspace page to give it credibility, or the story is true.

    Bad news for those looking for her love (LOL), she says she swings the other way these days.

    Honestly though, anybody trying to ask her out is seriously fucked in the head. Seriously, if the story is true, she had abusive relationships in the past and trying to get away from guys who cared about her massive knockers more than herself. And now guys who are in love with her for nothing more than her tits (can’t even see her face) really think she’d be interested in meeting them. Give up your fantasy guys.

    Sure, I think those tits are incredible. And who wouldn’t want to meet her. But, she clearly doesn’t want to be met by guys who ogle her ungodly udders

  22. Man, I’ve been following the enigmatic TW Girl since about 2001 sometime. Some porn sites even collected all of her then “free pics” and now make people “pay” to see them. The nerve, I tell ya’. Anyway, I wish her the best. He body makes me absolutely EUPHORIC. Cheers. – Joe : )

  23. The “relatively recent photo of Michelle” allegedly taken during a recent trip to London was actually taken in front of the Crown Building located at 730 Fifth Avenue in New York City. If you look closely you can even read the sign on the building in the upper left corner of the photo. Reese, I love your site but your TW Girl story is total nonsense.

  24. Love the site Reese, but unfortunately I have to confirm that Binghampton is correct. The picture was definately taken in NY, proving whoever sent it is a fraud. I’ve followed the TW story since the beginning, and besides noticing that the picture was taken in NY, the woman in the Michele picture doesn’t even have the same skin color as TW. The real question is, who is the woman in the Michele picture?

  25. As a generallity – I find it stupidly difficult to talk to women like this: As I feel they are thinking that this guy (me) is only in it for the tits :-(

    Can be incredably frustrating, especially if their _is_ more than one reason to like them.

  26. To add my 2 cents:

    I believe I could find a girl like that around my place, and there are plenty here. So, what’s the point on obsesing for one misterious girl then?

    There are millions on the planet, why this one?

    Besides, like another person said, girls are more than just tits, but, let’s face it, this site is about girl’s breast, so, what’s the point on saying that? We as men (and some women I hope) enjoting the site come here to find these beautifull and well packed girls, as a whole package, not just the breast.

    You want an explanation of why she’s so popular, well, the face is blurred, then she becomes misterious, then, she becomes even more popular. We all want to know HER FACE, that’s what attract us to her, all dreams must have a face, that’s the point.

    If in any time her face is revealed, I bet my computer and my money that she will be forgotten as SubGirlie was, nothing will be left, just the name, nor even a nice page about her or anything.

    And yes, is silly to say that she had troubles in her relationships with men, I mean, come on :/ ANY girl does.

    Anyways, rant mode over…

  27. Hi there from Newcastle upon Tyne, England!
    I’ve seen pix around of TWG/Michelle on the net but never paid attention to them thinking they were ‘morphs’!
    However, after reading ‘Jes’ post and clicking on the link, I was literally blown away. Shame there aren’t more pix of her on the net. I stumbled across ‘Michelle’ as I was looking for ‘Maxi 32JJ‘ pix and honestly, she is simply adorable. I understand her reasons though by not coming back to the lime light through her past ‘noteriety’ and it’s a bloody shame that it has happened. But her legend will live on and she should be (as I imagine she is) proud of what she has achieved by her ‘cult’ status.!
    PS, this is a fantastic site!!!!! :-)

  28. Davey, the article was not talking about the pictures posted actually on the page, it was talking about the link given highlighted in blue

  29. Quote from st.paw. ” Speaking of Isabelle Lanthier, whatever happened to HER? I remember watching her on a very early episode of Montel over a decade ago. Is she still alive too? Is she still married, and does she have any more children?”

    Isabelle had them reduced at the earliest opportunity to their previous pre pregnancy size. Sadly. *Sigh*, a crime against Humanity if you ask me!

    Yep, she’s married and, wherever she is I hope she’s happy.

    Piers Knight.

  30. Well good luck to her! I hope she has a better time down under! what a wanker TW was! were on here because we like big busts, but to make ones life hell through an illness & putting it on the web! well it says all it has to about TW, good luck to you chele to you and your little one! both of you stay safe and well x.

  31. is it me or did the “TWgirL” have a striking resemblennce to Maxi 32JJ…..Like that she was the TWgirl before she got popular, and then went on topheavy.com as maxi

  32. I would just like to say : I am a buddist monk, (regardless of
    whether I like to ogle womens boobies online).
    TW girl, If you’re out there- I’d like to get married ! Whilst I acknowledge
    you mainly produced photos for financial gain, I’ll just sit here & fantasise
    you took them because you need a man (me). We can have 15 kids and you can be confined to the kitchen/bedroom. A tempting offer you say? Please marry me, I’m desperate and ironically sad enough to try my luck online using obscure tit sites (which I’m absolutely sure you’ll be viewing). If you do, I’m sure these guys will cheer us on !

    Sorry but you’ve got to wonder about the state of some ppls mentality.

  33. Had to peek here, never checked this girl out before now. After blogging at the most recent maxi blog, I felt compelled to see it after someone else there mentioned her. She looks beautiful, you can almost make out her face. But FFS!!! She blurred out her face after posing for some pix of her….fully clothed?!? What is she, amish? No offense to the amish meant, just trying to make a point. Please excuse me.

  34. I love tw girl….if exist Tw Girl pics at sea or with her face, PLEASE SEND ME! or give me internet link! Tw GIRL IS WONDERFUL!
    happy new year to everybody

  35. WAIT!!!!!! The story behind this women is that shes all 100 percent natural, just suffering from Virginal Breast Hypertrophy???? Get the hell outta here. VBH is a DIESEASE, that causes a womens breast to grow to extreme proportions. A diesease that women usually only undergo for some time before they run to the doctor and get a breast reduction. If this was the case with this “TW girl”, judging from all the trouble that her boobs have brought her with these jerks shes been dating. My guess is that she would have got those things chopped off loooooooooog time ago. I wouldnt be surprised to find out that this whole entire story was made up and all those photos of her are just really good morphs.

  36. As much as it is dissapointing to admit, I must say that “get real” makes one hell of a point. If she has “vowed” not to enter the adult industry and use them to profit from and the only thing her boobs have done for her is cause a great deal of “grief”. She would have been on the first thing smoking to the plastic surgeons office. Reese mentions that during their conversation she says that she dated this guy TW who was obssessed with the boobs more then he was her. TW stood for the guys screename ‘Tangle Weed”. Those werent his intials to his real name, and what girl goes around calling her ex boyfriend by his screename.

    You will be SURPRISED as how many MEN actually goes online pretending to be women. Pretending to the this TW girl is no exception. I think that as men, in the back of our minds we know better and know when we’re being taken for a ride. But its that “wanting to believe” soooooooooo bad that usually gets the best of out good judegement.

    Take the pics for what their worth, mere images..Images like cartoons, or paintings. Sure, you can use them for personal fantasy but as far as believing this whole hype and really wondering where shes at and what shes doing now. That would only be foolish!

  37. I’m with rankandfile. The jamba juice cup and the impression southern California location stood out in my memory. I just checked. Jamba Juice has a minimal international presence, and only very recently.

    Good catch on the location of the most recent photo, Binghamton U.

  38. After nearly a year of analysis, I have come to the conclusion that Maxi 32JJ and TW Girl are, indeed, one and the same. I saw earlier posts that alluded to this, but thought that Maxi 32JJ was of a simply of a different body type (heavier) to be TW Girl.

    After reviewing scores of images and videos, however, the more it seemed that I was initially wrong. The true tells are in the size and shape of the breasts, the facial footprint, and the overall body language of the poses.

    Maxi 32JJ is simply TW Girl after 2 or even 3 children. Plain and simple. For what it is worth, although Maxi 32JJ is bigger than she was in her TW Girl days, I still think that she is a super attractive woman. A little extra weight is expected after giving birth to a couple-few kids. I personally don’t mind a little more cushion for the pushin.

    I am quite pleased to finally see TW Girl’s nipples after all these years and think that her breasts, and overall appearance, is simply amazing!


  40. WHAT? Maxi and TW Girl the same person? No no no no no.

    I’ve been following Maxi for a long time, from when she first appeared on Topheavy.com in… what was it, 2001? Back then, she looked like this: http://topheavy.com/thnewnew/maxi/2000_2001/09122001/page_01.htm
    Much smaller breasts (yes, they grew), thinner, and guess what, NOT TW Girl. At all. When the TW pictures were released, Maxi was not nearly big enough to be her. And am I the only one who thinks, breasts aside, the two women look nothing alike?

    Maxi has also only been pregnant once, rather recently, and thus only has 1 child as far as I know.

    Maxi’s not a mystery at all… I remember when Topheavy had a board… she posted there quite a bit. You could talk to her.

    I don’t know where you got that idea, but I hope I’ve successfully refuted it.

    Also: Get real’s point, which was correct, was that VBH is a nasty disorder and not something you’d keep around if you had any choice at all. Simply developing extremely large breasts is not at all the same thing. So yeah, this story is bogus.

  41. I have been an admirer of the TWGirl since her pics first showed up on the internet. Besides her awesome body. I couldn’t help but notice the way she dressed. Its refreshing to see a woman dress in outfits which accentuated her tremendous assets. I miss seeing her pics. I’m happy that Michelle has moved on from her boyfriend who did not appreciate her besides her breasts.
    She obviously was more than he could handle.

  42. Original posts of TW girl were not always blurred out. I still have one that I downloaded from back then. Her face is very pretty.

  43. Does anyone know anything about the veracity of this link?
    Is this a previously unpublished picture? I asked abou this at the BEarchives site, and it caused them to suspend my account!

  44. By the way, I also saw a pic a few days ago on some website’s feed-back blog about TW girl that showed her face, and now I can’t remember which site it was!

  45. Both the story here and the MySpace girl are fake. That picture of “Michelle” has been floating around without a name for several years.

    TW Girl is real. That’s the whole story to her.

    Any pictures I have seen without the face blurred are either head crops or someone else morphed.

  46. Dude, do you have any inside knowledge? The whole mystery aspect of this is what drives me crazy! It would seem that in 2008, no one as public as TW Girl could stay anonymous for long! Maybe it’s because I’m a criminal defense lawyer, but I want to get to the bottom of this. I personally think the pics are morphs, because: 1. the site she originally appeared on, BEarchives, specializes in morphs; 2. it would explain why she couldn’t be seen or identified “in real life”, and 3. a couple of the pics just LOOK morphed, especially the one where her nipples show through a sheer top- the nipples look too big to be in proportion to her body. If you know something, will you share it?

  47. Of course those see-through ones look fake as hell. Are you retarded? Also what the hell is with mentioning BEArchive. You must not have been in the game very long…

  48. I apologize if I mentioned a website I shouldn’t have. I take it from your answer, “Dude”, that you don’t have any personal or inside info about TW girl? It appears you are just guessing as well. My point is, someone out there in the BB community (probably several people) knows exactly who TW girl is. There were around 200 pics of her posted over a period of years, for God’sd sake! All we need is one person with actual knowledge to speak up!

  49. Fuck you, mike. I “know” exactly what the deal is. I already said the facts, you can keep guessing things and acting like you’re not being an ignorant buffoon here.

  50. All you said is “TW girl is real.” What does that even mean? Does that mean she’s real, but the pictures are morphed? How do you know? Do you claim to personally know TW Girl? I make my living establishing facts and exposing lies. Anyone can claim to know something. As a trained litigator, I need more than a bald assertion without any corroborating evidence, “Dude.” Without any substantiation, there is no evidence that you know any more about TW Girl than anyone else who has ever seen her pictures. I don’t understand your hostility unless you’re just being defensive. BTW, the website I mentioned is also mentioned by Reese in his “Legend of the TW Girl”, so I did not do anything wrong by mentioning it myself.

  51. God damn this guy is retarded.

    Look, Michael, you’re an idiot because you’re very plainly showing that you knew nothing about this stuff when it was going on, and now you’re just speculating on previous events after they all ended.

    You must really suck at your job, because it seems you can’t understand the simple phrases I am putting out. There’s nothing defensive about how I can’t stand your level of idiocy. “TW Girl is real” means exactly that. Not any asinine bullshit you added to it or speculated on. You just don’t have a clue. The original gallery of her is all that there is, plus maybe the [original] little tidbits about TW. But since you’re a noob here (one that is lame in the head, as well), you can’t really tell what has been added after the facts, such as morphs.

    You’re a stupid fucking idiot about mentioning BEArchive, and then foolishly mentioning it again like you just did, because you’re probably just looking at someone’s dumb fansite that put up the collection. But I guess you can keep acting like you’re not an ignoramus, if you wish.

  52. Dude, your lengthy reply tells me nothing. I have done extensive internet research on this issue, abd it comes down to NOBODY KNOWING ANYTHING about who she is, where she lives, did she stuff her bras with socks, or whether she was even one person. You have admitted now in a couple of places that you don’t have any firsthand knowledge, but the point is, someone who probably reads this site knows all those things. Ijn other words, we’re not asking something that no one can answer, and in this day and age, someone should be able to discover that answer. I appeal once again to anyone who has any “special” knowledge to respond. P’S.- Just so you’ll jnow, Dude, I am a member of MENSA and was voted top lawyer in Houston Texas last year.

  53. lmfao @ MENSA remark

    How fucking pretentious can you get? This is really a sad display you are putting on, and once again you show how you must have more bluster than intelligence in any matter.

    I already told you the facts, so stop trying to deviate with your retarded conjecture. Also like I said, you were not around at the time and don’t know jack shit, as well as can’t seem to “research” it very well. There is only 1 set of pictures. 1 person. “TW Girl”. Hence TW Girl being “real”, and then you come along adding crap to it and getting all confused.

    Let me reiterate and hope that Rote will do its trick: morphs, de-censors, photoshops; they are just fiction. There is TW Girl and TW, and I think he said this was taking place in Canada. Sure, people have added bullshit to the myth and some claim to have originals of her. It doesn’t take a pretentious asshat “genius” to figure out that some of the pictures in some collections are not real or the same person.

    Just go to the damn Geocities site posted above. Also don’t fucking mention bearchive again if you’re going to go on about any sort of “facts” or “research”.

  54. TW Girl was a combo of morphing and different women……..its easy to surf the net and find all kinds of big breasted women and blur the face and pretend they are the same woman,,,especially if they are clothed and you dont have to match up breast size and areolas and all that.You could tell some of the TW pics were of different women and some were morphs,not that well done morphs either.to top it off you have some practical jokers pretending they knew TW or even have contact with her today etc etc.Its fun to fool people on the net,I do it all the time,but its also fun to bust people when they pull a prank and the TW girl was a prank that was busted long ago.

  55. Reese I was excited to see news. But your “recent” pictures cast doubt, serious doubt on your whole story. I dont believe you. Why? B/c I have the “recent” photos you posted on my hard drive since the 90’s when she first came around. So Im guessing your motive is to attract hits on your site which is very sad. Very sad indeed. I believe she is from Georgia US.

  56. Well, for many years now I ´ve been watching hundreds of pictures of big bustet ladies.
    But if I would have the chance to choose one, I surely would choose Michelle alias twgirl. Her breasts are somehow the most beautiful ones for me although not the biggest in the net.
    They have a wonderful shape – just a little bit rounded and simultaneously a little bit hanging down – just like very big breasts should do if they are natural. Only silicone breasts can be big without hanging – that is not really beautiful, a big breast must hang at least a little bit.
    And concerning Michelle – not only the most beautiful pair of breasts, it is also the way they are “fixed” to her body, and Michelle´s figure too, that is only a little bit chunky, but in common still somehow a slim figure, so that her chest is coming out very mighty in relation to her body. And I guess her face is also very nice, though she never had shown it directly.
    She would surely be my queen if it would be possible.

    By the way: Already many years before I found this website here I have got convinced that twgirl is the same person that has continued the model career as Maxi. Breasts, Figure, Hair, Face – everything is the same – only the breasts have become bigger and bigger during her pregnancy.


  57. Damn it, I covered this above – MAXI IS NOT TW GIRL. I’ve been following this stuff since the 90s, and when Maxi first popped up in 2001, she was way smaller than TW Girl, whose pics already existed. Maxi grew over the years long before her pregnancy. There’s nothing mysterious about Maxi; she doesn’t show her face in the interest of protecting her job (she’s a computer programmer). Hell, I used to TALK to her on the old Topheavy.com message board. I even remember somebody bringing this up there and she said that she was flattered, but it wasn’t her, and pointed out it couldn’t possibly be her for the same reason I stated above.

    Please stop with the completely bogus speculation. Please.

  58. I just wanted to drop in and say how-do-you-do to everyone. I wanted to introduce me, my name is Joshua. Hello everyone, my name is Keith.Hello to all, I am recent here and my name is Bill.

    I determined to post now because I feel this forum as a whole is very useful and social. I appreciate reading all of the topics and topics here and being that I am not much of a poster, I decided to create my very initial post.

  59. This is my first time to add a comment. I am very curious about Michelle(TW Girl). I thought she was from the States. I hope she finally finds happiness where ever she is at.

  60. In the early days of her most popular posting site, I emailed the incredible and lovely Maxi…and ask her if she was previously known as TW’s Girl. She said no. She also said that she has never posed with a motorcycle because those two wheeled machines frighten her. They (TWG/Michelle & Maxi) are both mysterious and awesome.

  61. wow, i just love the internet. now morons can argue with each other across the globe endlessly when once they were restricted to bouts with local morons.

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