Lobbying for Blackpearl 46JJ…

Although it’s been over half a year since I blogged Blackpearl, I nonetheless received a new comment on that entry just a few days ago from one of the fabulous female fans of MyBoobSite (so see, Sue? you’re not the only one!): HammerGirl wrote, “Why is Blackpearl in list under JuneKelly ? Its Pearls site – and she have more sensuality – i am astonished !!!!”

Thus, I thought I’d offer an explanation: It wasn’t until January of 2006 that I decided to add a model directory to MyBoobSite. At the time, I laboriously logged all past entries that featured a particular big boobs model…and since June Kelly made it on the blog scarcely a month prior to this, she already had a pre-existing entry (which is why my Female-Natural blog in which she appears is listed there). While I do try to keep my directory up-to-date, I tend to miss out on a few models in the course of my efforts. It’s nothing personal, though. Case in point: Although the lovely Aneta Buena had been blogged over a dozen times here, I didn’t get around to adding her to the index until earlier this month!

However, as HammerGirl aptly observed, it is Pearl’s site after all, and with beautiful JJ-cup breasts like hers, she most definitely deserves to be included in my directory. So, next time I have the opportunity to do an update, HG, I promise to add her. In the meantime, here are a few galleries of 46JJ Blackpearl and her busty friends from Female-Natural.com:

Blackpearl 46JJ at Female-Natural.com    Blackpearl 46JJ at Female-Natural.com    Blackpearl 46JJ at Female-Natural.com

Madleina 34H at Female-Natural.com    Madleina 34H at Female-Natural.com    Madleina 34H at Female-Natural.com

Chriss 42H at Female-Natural.com    Chriss 42H at Female-Natural.com    Chriss 42H at Female-Natural.com

June Kelly 42H at Female-Natural.com    June Kelly 42H at Female-Natural.com    June Kelly 42H at Female-Natural.com




9 thoughts on “Lobbying for Blackpearl 46JJ…”

  1. Madleina is stunning. Very lovely nipples. I could get lost in June-Kelly’s breasts for days! Sweet stuff. Great site.

  2. I’d take June Kelly over all those girls any day of the week. She has big breasts, is a bbw, and has a lot of ASS. I love really big tits, but a big ass is a must, too.

  3. Ok, more propers for Madleina I suppose. She looks mighty fine, woefully few pix of her. Those 3 pix, you can see she’s a hottie but she’s hiding in plain sight. A better look at her would be greatly appreciated. In my opinion too, she’s definitely the best looking of the bunch.

  4. The mysterious woman currently known as “Madleina” has always put me under an incredibly erotic spell in other layouts. She is just an unbelievably sexy sexy woman.

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