Winding down with a little blonde…

I didn’t really have anything planned for today’s blog since I’m in the process of winding things down, packing and preparing for travel, but I did want to make one more entry before Vix & I head off to Paris. Looking back, I noticed that it had been nearly a month since I last blogged Divine Breasts, so I thought I’d venture offer to the site and fetch some photos. It was a difficult choice considering all of the sundry superstars from the world of big boobs that converge there – Alicia Loren, Sapphire, Pam Parker, Maria Moore, Alexandra Moore, Ann Vanderbilt & Anya Sakova, just to name a few – but I had to make a decision…

Alicia Loren from    Sapphire from

Pam Parker from    Maria Moore from    Alexandra Moore from

Ann Vanderbilt from    Anya Sakova from

…in the end, I settled on little busty blonde Micky, partially because I’d only done one full feature on her in the past but mostly because a) she’s blonde, b) she’s ever-so cute and c) I just love the way that her all-natural, pendulous breasts hang so freely from her slender frame. As a huge fan of big floppy tits, it’s rare that I get to see genuine “heavy hangers” on someone as youthful as 19-year-old Micky. Generally, late-teens girls’ boobs – especially if said teenagers are of the slim-n-stacked variety – are still rather firm and perched high on the chest, whereas I’m more partial to the bit of “boob droop” that comes along naturally as women mature.

Who knows? Maybe Micky has had children, which could explain her wondrous slightly-saggy breasts, but the absence of stretch-marks belies this conjecture (besides, the thought of a teenage MILF is just plain wrong!). Whatever the case may be and although she may well be the smallest cup-size on the site, I still feel that little blonde Micky has most magnificent mammaries for her diminutive figure. Here are a few pics of Micky in and out of her white lace bra from

Micky from    Micky from    Micky from

Micky from    Micky from    Micky from

Micky from    Micky from    Micky from

Micky from    Micky from    Micky from

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×768 resolution)



10 thoughts on “Winding down with a little blonde…”

  1. Reese,

    You’re just showing off now. Come on, stop it! It’ll all end in tears. Gorging yourself on all this prime breast. What will you have left for later? Be a good boy. Yooooooooou know it makes sense!


  2. Mmmmmmm prime breast indeed. Have a good trip. I’m sure there’s a lot in Paris to cater to yours and Vix’s… ahem… needs. ;) Have a good one.

  3. Reese

    Say it ain’t so…vacation…does this mean no new updates while you are gone?

    Have a great time partner…


  4. Vadd,

    Or, if there is a bbw or a slim ‘n’ stacked model. We get all polarised about the issue and fight it out between us.

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