M-cup Breasts Frighten Rachel Aldana

Having only given you, at best, pseudo-boobs news last time Rachel Aldana was here and, considering how much large breast fetish fanfare there’d been way back when her tits got upgraded from a K-cup to an L-cup bra, I figured I should pass along the word she just got her massive breasts re-measured and has grown into an M-cup bra now, as Rachel Aldana revealed herself in this little clip from her latest candid webcam video at RachelAldana.com

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…s’not good for a super busty girl to be frightened by her own boobs, is it? However would she get away from them?! Mental images of a topless Rachel running backwards spring to mind. In fact, I think that would make for quite a nice video! She could call it Escape from Tits Mountains or something like that. Although setting it all to a theme tune of Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Boobs would probably be overkill. Hmm, I’d best stop there.

After all, this is just getting silly and, to be fair, Rachel did come to grips with her momentary lapse into megalo-mastrophobia over having M-cup breasts quite quickly before going into denial over her increased cup-size (it’s just a good thing she didn’t put her new glasses back on to see those “udderly” massive mammaries magnified even bigger!). So that’s my busty voluptuous fear of tits video idea shot out the well-endowed window.

Thus, since my imaginary Escape from Tits Mountain movie seems to be a non-runner, I guess we’ll instead just have to be content with big tits in a tight fishnet top with erect nipples poking out through the holes from her most recent real Rachel Aldana video from RachelAldana.com:

Rachel Aldana M-cup big tits in a red fishnet top video from RachelAldana.com




17 thoughts on “M-cup Breasts Frighten Rachel Aldana”

  1. i love rachel
    her boobs are not just massive, they also seem to defy the pull of gravity as they are quit pert which you don’t really see everyday with huge breasted women

    not forgetting that she’s also incredibly beautiful :)

  2. I love her candid videos SOOOO much better than her model videos. That said, that background didn’t work, as there wasn’t enough contrast.

    I did find it cute that she needs her spectacles for “concentratin'”.

  3. First of all let me say RIP Steve Jobs

    Ok. Now. Those nipples are OUTSTANDING! They look like they are cumming close to giving Maxi’s a run for their money.

    Thank you. That will be all.

  4. Rach looks great. Even with the size increase, her breasts still seem firm and supple. She might be having a glandular outburst within her already gorgeous body. I hope it doesn’t “frighten” her too much to have a reduction surgery. That would be a shame. Still, Rachel is one of my favs. Absolutely love her. Rach is beautiful personified. ;)

  5. They keep upgrading the breasts of the women on that site but it doesn’t mean anything. It’s mostly vanity sizing by the people who make clothing because it’s not standardised. Vanity sizing is when they make a size 6 a 4 make DD bigger. She does have enormous breasts with high quality but you don’t need subjective sizing to tell you that.

  6. Rachel is looking great!,
    esp. given my prior apprehension that she’d been slimming down,
    but I have to add that I do not enjoy all this diagonal framing…

    It really gets in way of appreciating her…

    Either I have to tip my computer screen diagonally (impossible)… or print them out, and then tip.

    (This was also annoying with those recent diagonal photos of Beautiful Duana from Busty.pl)

  7. She doesnt look like anyone I couldnt find at Target or Walmart. She even looks Asian which Im not into either. NOT on my hot list anymore.

  8. She’s just awesome. And she keeps getting better and better! She’s not losing my attention any time soon. I hope she keeps growing to QQ cups.

  9. Rachel, I have followed most of your modeling career, and I must say this to you, your “red net” presentation is right out of the top draw, I wish I could describe to you in words just how amazing you are. Now you are an “m” cup, just take care of those wonderful breasts as you have always done. Thank you.

  10. Rachel, you just keep growing. Your boobs just keep getting bigger and bigger. Your boobs are inflating like balloons ready to burst. I hope your boobs grow to a P cup. Don’t stop!

  11. I love the fact that Rachel’s breasts are growing! But she still suffers from an unattractive, plain face that I just can’t get past. And if you watch her on video, she doesn’t exude any sexuality or even much interest in what she’s doing. She should at least act like she’s enjoying herself!

  12. Hard to say whether that’s K or L or M – natural boobs can never be too big. Good to know there are still some letters left for her to grow into! By the way – she may not be the prettiest girl ever, but would you guys really care so much about her face if she was your girlfriend? She’s definitely NOT ugly at all.

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