M-cup Massive Breast Massage from Rachel Aldana

Apologies, since we just had a Rachel Aldana blog on My Boob Site, but I just couldn’t help but post a few of my favourite moments from the new massive mammary massage movie which just appeared on her well-endowed website today. It’s just the ultimate picture of large breast perfection – you know, the sort of enormous norks firm enough for “successful” cleavage coitus yet full of the silky soft, squishy tits goodness as only the huge boobs of youth can bestow; two glorious, gigantic golden globes of glistening breast flesh being fondled through fingers as erect nipples on pert areola vanish then reappear once compressed from beneath her tender breast caress, giant jugs jiggling under their own immense weight as slippery tits fall from her grasp – in her new Rachel Aldana oily M-cup breast massage video at RachelAldana.com:

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11 thoughts on “M-cup Massive Breast Massage from Rachel Aldana”

  1. How many times can you watch a girl massage her breasts!!!??? It’s can get so lame and boring. Just a knock at her creative side. I’m not taking away from anything else she offers. I enjoy her semi-cam/blog/vids that you post here..

    Just saying

    Thank you for modeling for us Rachel :)

  2. Tony: Really? Do you know where you are? Speak for yourself! Why should she do any more or any different? If you are bored, move on… the rest of us are fine without you Tony, including Rachel :)

    I (and im sure others) could/would sit here for days on end watching if we didnt have 9-5s! Guys (and gals!), am i right? :) Screw creativity, Rachel’s 1 in 10 billion look and figure makes her special without gimmicks.

    As far as the ‘business’ side and progressing with modeling… I say keep doing what shes doing if its working for her. One should only do what makes them feel comfortable! I also will admit to enjoying and preferring the candid stuff as of late because it feels more genuine and true-to-life.

    Rachel if you ever venture over and read these comments… you should feel flattered! Simply breathtaking… dont know how else to describe your overall beauty. You look more amazing then ever! We are all lucky that you share that with us. Hope your career gives you everything you need and want in life, because noone here wishes you to stop! :)

  3. Damn! That is the hottest video I had seen of Rachel. I love the the erect nipples she spouted. Truly mouth-watering. Hmmmm, Yea!

    I love Rachel just the way she is. If she wants to take it to another level, that’s fine by me. Guaranteed, she will do some masterbating scenes in the future. I’ll keep an eye for it.

    Keep doing what you do breast, Rachel. LOL. You are an amazing woman. :)

  4. Tony, I agree with you completely. I wouldn’t want her to stop it, just mix things up some more. And if you have any contact with her team, Reese, please let them know that not every shot has to be slow motion! Variety is the spice of life!

  5. I’ve complained about Rachel before – not touching/playing/massaging her breasts enough in her videos. This is exactly what I want to see from her. I could watch her massage her perfect melons for hours. Let’s put this one and Blue Bikini 2 (from Pinup Files) on infinite loop, shall we?

    [Reese writes: Did you mean this blue bikini shoot?]

  6. This is pretty hot. And she is amazing. But honeslty, I can see both points of view. And some nicer photography through a decent lens that shows her to her best advantage would be a boon to her boobs. Also her commentary is at once disarming and distracting. So yes, massaging is good but perhaps she should expand her repertoire a bit. Will she ever do soft or hardcore?

  7. hmm I’d love to see her combine this sort of stuff with some pussy play, at least a bit of spreading. Nice boobs but it does get a bit dull… Still she is a lush girl though.

  8. And I thought I had large breasts. I am 5’6″ tall and about 147 lbs. I wear a 36-FF cup bra normally, but as of a few months ago I just had a baby and I now wear a 36-HH maternity bra. I have a 39 inch bust, so I am not sure how she is rated as having 32M breasts. She even has the same measurements as me, but I have a bigger booty.

    Foxxxy Brown

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