Maxi 32JJ and her marvellous, magical milking machine…

Okay, so perhaps it’s not really magical – what with maternal lactation being an entirely natural thing with the breast pump providing but a measure of mechanical suction support – it is nonetheless marvellous to see Maxi’s massive milkers expressing their delightful dairy goodness once again. The sheer volume of milk weighing down her huge, pendulous 32JJ breasts seems to have increased exponentially as well since her last lactation videos (with her right breast seeming to produce significantly more milk than the left)!

In this series, we get to watch every step of the way as Maxi presses the robotic boob sucker appendages firmly against both of her JJ-cup tits (although I’m upset it doesn’t show how she switches it on after doing so), the lucky machine then sucking her nipples hard into each sterile sheath and hungrily devouring every drop of delicious dairy goodness drawing down from lactating Maxi’s lovely lady lumps (I do so strive to be both overly-dramatic and anthropomorphic here). It’s no wonder the milking machines nipple cups steam up so quickly, as I imagine I’d get rather hot and bothered if put in the same position (but, alas, I am inferior in my own boob-sucking abilities to the extent that I can only suck one tit at a time). :~(

After at long last the now milk-depleted Maxi removes “Mr. Sucky” (now this is just getting ridiculous!) from her most magnificent mammaries with tell-tale drops of milk still clinging to her nipples, we can clearly make out the rings around her expansive areolas from the vacuum. Lovely photos indeed. Still, after witnessing Maxi’s session with the mechanical breast pump device, you can’t help but wonder, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of similar machine that sucks cock?” Oh, wait, there already is. :~)

Here’s the marvellous Maxi 32JJ demonstrating her magical milking machine, from

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(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)


22 thoughts on “Maxi 32JJ and her marvellous, magical milking machine…”

  1. Ahhhh, what healthy wholesome goodness! Well I think I get the title: it’s kind of like the Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour.’ I’ll buy that! It definitely magical to share in this experience with Maxi. What a lucky kid she has!

  2. Maxi’s breasts are, of course, top-of-the-world class. But I have always found that her pudgy tummy adds to her overstuffed sexiness!

  3. I have followed Maxi from another website dating back when she started in this business in the year 2000 I beleive. What can I say but that she is an adorable person who needs to be hugged real hard. Too bad of course that she doesnt want to show us her face which probably would accentuate her pictures even more so, but we get what we get and can only hope that one day she will reveal herself and not being scared of people around her finding out that she had her own adult website. Her boobs have gotten quite huge over the years and seem to not stop growing which is fine by me and many of her followers. Now with her 1st child, it looks like they are ready to explode. Not much more can be said as we all enjoy what she has to offer even though parts of her are hidden, we can only dream. Keep up the good work, Maxi
    A long time fan and admirer

  4. When it comes to Maxi I have to atleast say something hehe.
    After seeing JM milking her lovely assets and now seeing love goddess Maxi doing hers. I mean does 7th heaven say something?
    Too bad there wasn’t a movie about this one. So I am kinda hoping
    you will post one soon Reese :) If not no worries. Maxi and now JM are my number ones :) Way to go Maxi :) *imagine you would be Maxi’s or JM’s sucking machine haha* oh boy :)

  5. Maxi is just so fine. This birth experience she is sharing with us is so rare. Maxi my hat is off to you! Keep it up and have fun! I think the only women who can even come close in this category are Milena Velba and the Juggmistress. Alas, Milena had a few great videos, but that was it. But I think the prize for my buck goes to the Juggmistress. The Juggmistress will just wontonly squirt milk with abandon. It is awesome to see her lactation vids. I would rate her juggs to be just a slight bit bigger than Maxi’s and their milk output is phenomenal. I don’t care for any old milkers, but those three will do it for me. Milena is the prettiest and only one who shows us her prettiness. Maxi has the ‘narrowest’ or ‘small frame’ body. And Juggmistress just rules with her whalloping I cuppers bursting with milk and she has the most bodacious body, while still managing to keep from being sloppy. Go ladies!

  6. I cup? I thought Juggmistress was a K cup. However I saw one preview where she wears a 40 J cup (or something like that) so that she can pull it up over her tits and let them fall out the bottom. She’s much bigger tham Maxi, who is quite petite. That’s nice, though, since it makes Maxi’s juggs look even bigger.

    I still prefer Alicia’s milkers, though. Also, Wild Bill has some good lactation stuff on Especially Yolanda AKA Twin Volcano’s heavy hangers. :-P

  7. Maxi is truly amazing. Her breasts look so heavy now and hangin very low. For whatever reason I always prefered the slimmer Maxi, even though overall I prefer women with some roundness. But these pictures really do her “new” figure justice, her round tummy and soft hips are very alluring. Maxi is always changing, it will be interesting to see how her body changes in the coming months. One thing i keep wondering though, what do the weigh now? they look so heavy.

  8. What do they weigh, Jack? Do the math. I did, and came up with a guesstimate of 2 to 3kg. But since she’s quite petite and there’s nothing there to compare them to, to gauge how big they are, it’s as I said, a guesstimate. You could buy a bra that’s the same size and make as the one she wears (the picture showed the label), and then fill one of the cups with a water balloon and weigh it. That would give a reasonably close estimate.

    Or maybe you could just email her and ask. :o)

  9. Well Free as to the science of breasts I think you would do well to remember what happens when a big breasted woman enters a swimming pool: that’s right you have two beautifully buoyant balloons! So a water balloon would be an OVERestimate, the breast is actually lighter than water. As to your estimate on Maxi I would say thats probably pretty good. Us Americans talk pounds so 3 kilo is about 6 1/2 pounds. That’s probably close.

  10. The JuggMistress actually exploded from a J to a K cup with our previous pregnancy. She is now a borderline KK with our latest pregnancy and all of Mother Nature’s Finest will be featured on the site starting this coming week. Her breasts are now possibly larger than ever before and her milk flow is beyond anything we’ve experienced previously. God is good… enjoy!

  11. makes sense what your saying. Im just thinking back in time, to 2 differetn girls who were roughly the same size but one felt much heavier than the other as I remember it……….not that it matters really, its all good :)

  12. I’ve collected every video of the Juggmistress and Maxi lactating, and I think Maxi produces more. Every expression from Maxi averages 4-6 streams, while the Juggmistress averages around 2-4. In terms of pumping (rate), from comparing the pumping vids they both did, I would say Maxi would fill the bottles faster than the Juggmistress.

    In terms of distance though, the Juggmistress wins. In her latest videos, she barely squeezes her areolas and the milk streams travel about 10 feet in the air. Maxi’s streams don’t go as far (not by much though) and I think she has to squeeze her breasts much harder to get the milk to travel.

    This is just my opinion though.

    Does anyone know how tall the Juggmistress is? I remember reading from Maxi’s website that she is 5’7″.

  13. I had a chance to nurse a breast milk or two and blew it big time.
    Now can not stop wondering if I would have loved it or not.
    To drink breast milk.
    I believe that I would love it and not want want to quit once I have tried it from the breast.

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