Meet Merilyn! (i.e. “Anya, re-branded”)

Latest big boob sensation Merilyn seemed the obvious choice as cover girl for the September 2005 issue of SCORE Magazine. Regarding their latest find, SCORE said: “Featured in a seven page spread, she acheived instant fame among breast-men eager for a new flavor. SCORE’s editor called Merilyn ‘The Discovery of the Decade’. Many readers agreed.”

When I first began writing this entry, I was filled with enthusiasm that another as-yet-unknown busty babe had bounced her way into the limelight…that is, until I took a closer look: While I must admit that SCORE’s “discovery” is a stunning big-boobed beauty, has anyone noticed that Merilyn is none other than our already-beloved Anya?!

Oh well, it did seem too good to be true, didn’t it? At least she’s got her own personal website now, and we can look forward to seeing a lot more of the gorgeous G-cup Anya / Merilyn in the future!

SCORE Magazine's Busty Merilyn    SCORE Magazine's Busty Merilyn

SCORE Magazine's Busty Merilyn    SCORE Magazine's Busty Merilyn


19 thoughts on “Meet Merilyn! (i.e. “Anya, re-branded”)”

  1. She’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn sexy. Never saw such a wonderful russian angel before.

    Merilyn, you’ve got my heart

    Your Lionheart

  2. i liked her better when she was anya and before score got ahold to her the same way they did ines. Both women had a more all natural beauty amatuer look to them. Score always take these girls and doll them up in a ton of makeup-hairdressing and then shoots them in these photos that look like computer generated images. I really prefer the more candid pictures over that air brushed crap that have posted on her website.

  3. You are sooo smokin’ hot! I wanna give u a full supply of vitamin me! I got an idea! draw smiley faces on dem big yummy boobs grrrl! I’ve got the golden boner from lookin’ at u babe! I love you. I wanna see the real thing and jump on u all night long! Do you like being jumped on untill the matress breaks? I do! This one chick I never liked sneaked in my room one night and asked me to hug her… Naked! She asked me to play with her boobs and squeeze them tight and put my head between her boobs! But you are the hottest i’ve seen yet! You, bosom quest, and prin cessa. But woah! Never mind the others sweetie! Yer the one!

  4. I am attracted you have liked Bahk Do you want unmarried monogamy like Atakplin or one of the Akhtiarki be beautiful

  5. Wizzo is wrong. who wants to see them with pimples and bad hair in badly lit photos? would you want to go out on a date with a girl who looked like she fell out of bed? Be seen by your friends with a girl who looks like she just woke up? NO!

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