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Wow. The webmaster over at Divine Breasts certainly has a lot to answer for in the world of big boobs: I’ve not heard such a collective cheer arise from the big breast lovers’ community since the debut of Busty Merilyn Sakova! It seems that the fervour over the lovely Alicia with her girl-next-door looks and massive, milk-laden 36JJ breasts has totally eclipsed our former trio of G-cup goddesses Merilyn, Princessa / Maria Swan & Faith Nelson (but, let’s face it, Alicia’s got the biggest tits of the lot!). In fact, Busty Merilyn herself (aka “Anya 32G“) will be joining Alicia on Divine Breasts as of March 17th!

The industry-benchmark Alexa rankings bear witness to the meteoric rise of visitors to since Alicia exploded onto the scene, and DB’s webmaster has responded to her popularity brilliantly, releasing a continuous stream of new photo sets & videos – including an all-new lactation video – featuring this new big boobs superstar. Webmasters the world over have been clamouring to get Alicia to appear as a guest on their sites, but I’ve heard on good authority that’s just not going to happen in the foreseeable future. For now, at least, Alicia and her JJ-cup endowments remain totally exclusive to

Alicia 36JJ Gallery from Divine Breasts    Alicia 36JJ Gallery from    Alicia 36JJ Gallery from Divine Breasts

Alicia 36JJ Gallery from    Alicia 36JJ Gallery from Divine Breasts    Alicia 36JJ Gallery from

Alicia 36JJ Gallery from Divine Breasts    Alicia 36JJ Gallery from    Alicia 36JJ Gallery from Divine Breasts

Alicia 36JJ Gallery from    Alicia 36JJ Gallery from Divine Breasts    Alicia 36JJ Gallery from

Alicia 36JJ Gallery from Divine Breasts    Alicia 36JJ Gallery from    Alicia 36JJ Gallery from Divine Breasts



32 thoughts on “More Alicia 36JJ at Divine Breasts”

  1. This girl is so fantastic, it is shame that DivineBreasts spoil a superstar like Alicia by pictures and videos which are not in good quality.
    The light is bad, the definition is bad and the views are not fantastic.
    The videos shots which I have seen have the same problems.
    If the webmaster improve that in a near future I will subscribe their website.

  2. WOW !!!! I love Alicia’s Udders!!!! Is really so cute, very angelical face, wow man, I want Alicia on my bed right now !! nice nice pair of HUGE tits, nice areolas and nipples!!
    THANKS Reese for this girl !!

  3. Far out! if you went in for a titty fuck, a search party would probably need to be sent in to find you. Thats awesome reese!

  4. I haven’t been to a diary farm since I was a kid, but am I wrong in saying that Alicias tits actually rival a cows udder in size? Maybe a little smaller but not much. How cool is that! Man I wish she did some hardcore. I’d love to see her get it doggy style watch all that tit flesh move as she gets hammered. Even better would be me doing the hammering. LOL

  5. I LOVE THIS GIRL !! I have been a big fan and worshipper of HUGE NATURAL breasts (Not talking D, DD, even DDD cup). My previous 5 favorites were Milena Velba, Nadine Jansen, Eden Mor, Maxi, and Anya (‘Merilyn’) After having viewed Alicia 36JJ’s photos ..She is my new UNDISPUTED favorite who I absolutely LUST after…!! What an absolutely sexy girl !!! BRAVO !

  6. One of the best models right now, but some of the worst pics and videos I’ve ever seen on any big boob website … ever! And I’ve been to a lot. Crap.

  7. I have some comments about Alex and Reese’s followups, but first I had to do some guesstimates. I enlarged that pic of Alicia holding up the centimeter tape to her cleavage, and it looks to me as if she’s an impressive 27cm or 11 inches to the tip of her nipple. And using the tape, her areola is over 10cm or 4 inches across. Damn, those are some big titties! But it’s even more fun watchin’ her squeeze milk out of them!

    I’ve seen some bad pics and videos on pay sites, for example the previews on Buisty Amateur Boobs. Their boobaholic boatswain of a cameraman makes the viewer seasick with all the camera rocking and gyrations, and he tries to get so close that her nipple is nearly touching the lens, which he might be using to make her boobs look bigger. Other websites have pics where the camera is turned at a 45 degree angle, which might be okay for a snapshot where you can turn it while viewing, but to me it’s unacceptable when viewing on a monitor. You could get a kink in your neck from tilting your head if you viewed too many of those.

    I haven’t seen such bad camera practices in Alicia’s pics, so I have to agree with Reese that they aren’t so bad. But I see a lot of room for improvement. Such as? Well, for example, the pics of her putting on makeup, the incandescent lighting causes the white porcelain sink and bath towel to have an orangish color. Some cameras automatically correct the white balance, or else it could be done in Photoshop or even a free program such as Irfanview. And in many of the shots of her on the couch, the camera could’ve been closer or more tightly zoomed in, so that less of the room and furniture was in the scene.

    In the video of her wetting her blouse, she reaches down and presses the buttons on a remote fob to zoom the camera in closer, so apperently she’s doing all the camera work. Nothing wrong with that, but I think she could make it a little less obvious. So I’ll have to agree with Alex that her pics and videos are not the best quality. But I believe that the pics and videos are being done by amateurs, so I have to cut them some slack, and hope that in the future they get better or they hire a pro to get the higher quality. Time will tell, so in the meantime, kick back and enjoy those fabulous milk-laden mammaries!

  8. To ayrton: No, those aren’t as big as cow’s udders. If you wanna see what cow’s udders look like on a woman, go to Mastasia, Breast Expansion Archive, or Diana the Valkyrie’s and check out the galleries of the artists who draw such not-real women. Those guys have some really vivid imaginations. I believe I saw one there with actual cow’s udders sticking out from her midriff.

    To gigantomastialover: if you’re familiar with Anya/Merilyn’s pics, I’d appreciate it if you looked at the pics of her that will be on in a few days. I think I’ve seen some of them before, so they may be old material. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it would be nice to see some new Merilyn. ;-)

  9. WOW!!!!Can’t believe the size of those tits!! It really seems that the webmaster of is doing everything right AND he is bringing Merilyn over his page???That is some extreme line-up( Joana, Merilyn and Alicia).
    VF: You’re absolutely right, it would be good to see some new pictures of Merilyn :)

  10. Thanks Reese for the posting of Alicia. Perfect timing cuz it was my birthday and I just love the fact that when i got up I saw the most beautiful breasts in the world.

  11. re: Sensational Alice -a future world-famous movie star ?
    Hi breast guys ! If you don’t mind, I ( a Dutchman ) will gladly give my opinion about the sensational discovery “Lady Alice”, of Italian origine I guess ( listen to the Italian radio on the clips ) I fully agree with all of you that indeed, we ALL ( big breast lovers ) must complain to9 and claim that Alice with her Monalisa smile, her deep deer-brown eyes, her incredible big and beautiful udders, her innocent face..?, her delicious body, her “Sofia Loren” look, deserves much better than the 4 miserable un-professionable-made clips .. in one month. Div. Br., an excellent webmaster, must realise that he scored ” a lucky top-hit” with Alice ( he may rise the subscription rate or cancel all other clips! but enlist the aid of a professional camera-man and produce clear and more defiant pictures/clips of Alice in all her glory ..every week ! Let us NOT be jealous of her baby who is feeded probably only 2 times a day ( that ‘s enough in view of the enormous stock … On the contrary, let us bring pressure to bear upon Divinebreasts: they will do what they ought to do: to please us with quality clips of Alice in order to let us have “our well-deserved finest hours” and make also our wives happier by that … Movie-makers, looking ahead, will ” take pity on” Alice shortly and will give her a principal role in a good Italian spaghetti Western as a farmer’s daughter who handles optrusive cowboys…. I will welcome such a movie,
    of course ! Do you agree ?
    Pieter ( The Netherlands )

  12. Alicia’s tits are udderly divine! If only all the women in the world would have a minimum of her size tits, we’d all be real happy boob campers! Thanks for the juggs! Find more of her!

  13. great find!!! i joined the site, but cant find the new pics you posted…(her in bathroom) are these new, or were you able to get them as a preview?? anyhow, SHE IS AMAZING!!

  14. I had a dream … My boss ( 70 years ) had succeeded in making an appointment with a new pin-up girl for making video-clips and pictures at her home. He adviced me and my younger mate ( for the lightning ) to take lunch with us. So we went our way up to the address in question and that turned out to be a nice small bungalow called ” Chez Alice ”
    Alice, expecting us, was a dazzling dark beauty with a heavenly body and udders so big I could hardly catch them on my camera.. ! I saw a big bottle of oil standing on the table and I adviced Alicia to oil those big suckers for a better result. Unfortunately, the 1/4 gallon bottle was empty soon… and my mate was sent away for another 1/2 gallon..
    I was in luck, my mate loose his way and I was “forced” to massage her without oil. When I came home-dead-beat- and hungry at 10 p.m. it flashed upon me that my boss was right: I forgot my lunch .. !
    I woke up next morning and remembered : I was in WONDERland with my
    Alice and … I had to go back for finishing my job !
    Pieter ( The Netherlands )

  15. Onefineg~

    Alicia’s five new photo galleries were sent to me to help promote the site, so I expect the bathroom photos will be appearing very soon. However, it is kind of strange that they’d send me unreleased material. Hmmm. Perhaps the DB folks are just getting a little ahead of themselves with all the excitement.

    ~Reese! :~)

  16. Hi Alicia is so lovely and fresh faced not to mention her milking udders. I have also seen some pics of Diane also from DB. Are there any pics or clips of her please. Just love her full tits and big areolas. Any clips of her lactating? Would appreciate these very much. God what a hard on these women create!!

  17. rosco~

    The video clips here on MyBoobSite are in WMV-9 format, so you’ll need the latest version of Windows Media Player to view them. The full-length videos on Divine Breasts, however, appear to be MPEGs.

    ~Reese! :~)

  18. u look so so so sexy .. u have beautiful tits in the world for me u are my dream .. life dream ..; i want to talk to u soon

  19. Those are some beautiful large breasts. I’d love to stick my cock between them ans titty fuck you and cum all over those sweet mams!!

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