More Maxi 32JJ on MyBBWSite

A quick heads-up for those who haven’t seen it already: I’ve just featured Maxi’s wet t-shirt video over on my BBW blog. It’s quite a treat to see her huge JJ-cup boobs straining against the tight, soaked t-shirt – nipples becoming erect under the shower spray – even if she does spend far too much time squirting her neatly-shaved pussy. ;~) Of course, it gets even better when she peels off the shirt to reveal her 32JJ tits in all their glory:

Maxi 32JJ - The ultimate wet t-shirt model!


6 thoughts on “More Maxi 32JJ on MyBBWSite”

  1. I’ll have to send Reese a pic of Maxi from 2 or 3 years ago, when she was a few (or several?) cup sizes smaller, just for comparison. It looks like she has gotten _quite_ a bit bigger. Check your email, Reese. :-)

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