Satisfying the big breast fetish…

Some people just know how to photograph boobs: They can take even a small-chested girl – like a C- or D-cup – and make her look “udderly” massive. There are two that come to mind as the true masters of this art: One is my mate Cel, with his marvellous macro-boobotic InspectaCam™, and the other is the breast-obsessed photographer over at Big Boob Dreams (that said, the BangBros do a bang-up job of making tits look big as well).

It’s not fair, really. Let’s say, for example, that you were on an adult dating site, perving over the photo ads, and came across this stunning specimen. I don’t know about you, but I’d be contacting her faster than you could say “blonde, big tits and a shaved, pierced clit”! Just imagine my disappointment when I finally got to meet up with her, only to discover that her boobs are actually quite small!! Still, I wouldn’t turn down a nice titfuck. ;~)

I guess it’s all in the camera angles, lenses and poses they choose. And, unlike those cheaters who PhotoShop huge breasts onto their models, it also helps that these sites start out with naturally busty babes to begin with. The biggest bonus, however, is that sites like Cel’s & BBD are run by genuine big breast lovers like ourselves, so they know exactly what we want to see, as evidenced in the following photos & videos from

BigBoobDreams Photo Galleries:

Big Boob Dreams    Big Boob Dreams    Big Boob Dreams

Big Boob Dreams    Big Boob Dreams    Big Boob Dreams

BigBoobDreams Video Galleries:

Big Boob Dreams    Big Boob Dreams    Big Boob Dreams

Big Boob Dreams    Big Boob Dreams    Big Boob Dreams



14 thoughts on “Satisfying the big breast fetish…”

  1. those are some beautiful bosoms though. I know they may not completely “measure up” but damn fine lookers. thanks

  2. I think Reese is being unrealistic when he calls C or D cups small. I’d say A or B cups are below average, C or D cups average, and DD cups above average, and then we get into the very large and extremely large categories where those of us who are really obseessed like to dwell. We have to remember that we can ogle a whole lot of women before we find one that makes it into the above average or greater categories.

    I found a Yahoo group called hugetitsightings that has some very intersting photos. One is of an actress named Selma Blair that wears huge fake tits in a movie called A Dirty Shame. They look convincing to me.

    Another pic series is of a SSBBW named Jen, who has massive mams nearly as big as Karola’s, but she outwaighs Karola by a large amount. Those boobs are massive! Her whole body is massive!

    In another album, I found a model supposedly from named Jerri, who is supposed to be a 36 PP cup. But she’s fully clothed, so my guess is she’s not real, but wearing prosthetics.

    So the moral of the story is to check things out thoroughly before making a final judgment. I think that’s what Reese is trying to say. One pic can be morphed with photomanipulation software into a very spectacular sight. But, as with the old maxim “A picture is worth a thousand words”, it can be said that a video is worth a thousand pictures because it’s so much more difficult to morph hundreds or thousands of frames, compared to a single morphed picture. So keep on looking for the Real Thing.

  3. I agree! When you look at how some of these girls are photographed, their chests look huge. Then when there is a picture at a distance, they look average to above average. I agree With Very Free, C & D are average today, with DD or larger above average. Implants are deceptive as well. I dated a women that I met that had “C” size implants. They looked good, but nothing like a natural soft “C or D”.

  4. So…are my boobs small?? 30dd-23-33 seems pretty good sized, lol…
    Some of those are so big they look more like arms than boobs….perhaps we could start morphing into having 6 appendages can you imagine? Add some hands to those puppies and work production could go way up…just joking.

    I saw another teen site that had a girl–maybe c cup and it said big boobs.

    I’ve wondered if a man feels he needs to also be well-endowed to date large breasted women?

  5. Well interesting comments from all of you. I have massive jugs myself,dont actually like them though. I find it weird that so many people seem to be turned on by big breasts. Who out there can tell me whats the appeal. I am forced to wear a 38g,because bras that actually fit are so hard to find. In a perfect world i would wear a 36j or in my best dreams (if i had it my way) a 34d. Still nice and perfectly sweet to nibble on without the excess weight!

  6. Hi,
    I am a bisexual male and have had a unique breast fetish for most of my adult life. While loving big beautiful breasts on females, I also desire them on my male body. I am now too old to consider growing breasts or surgical reconstruction, so to fulfill my fantasy, I keep my body in very good shape and I photoedit female breasts onto personal pictures of myself. I have been doing this for many years now and am quite proficient. I have a large collection in varying poses including nudes, semi nudes and dressed. I am a hopeless exhibitionist and would love to share my special pics with people who may find them interesting and erotic. If you might be interested, please contact me and we can discuss what you might enjoy in such pics.
    Thank you,

  7. hello how are you doing i want to know if you are looking for more breast models, because i am 23, i live in down town long beach, and i am 34 HH naturals looking for a job using my breast and why not use them for as site that likes them

  8. Hi bosomy ladies, any of you near Norwalk, Connecticut? Send me a photo and I will return my photo to you and maybe have some naked fun. How about sharing a bubble bath?

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