My Boob Site Needs Your Help

Back in my micro-boob blog last week, dr shrink69 posted the following comment…

dr shrink69 wrote:

Although I’m not big on comments you got my attention when you said

“I moreso wanted to discuss the future on My Boob Site.”

Had me worried you were closing. You’re a busy man speak as much/little as you like just keep this going. I really enjoy your monologues.

…and, to acknowledge said concerns, whilst my big boob blog’s continued existence was not being called into question at the time (as I wasn’t quite ready to write about that part yet), it’s something I’d like to address in a more serious manner now. The truth is, traffic has been dropping dramatically here of late. I don’t know if this is due to the economy (which doesn’t really make sense, since the tens of thousands of promo photos and video clips effectively represent a source of free porn herein) or perhaps something I’m doing wrong (and please let me know if I am), but things have got so bad in terms of losing readership, we’re losing the sponsor support that we need to carry on blogging big tits like this.

“How can I help?” you may ask (erm, if you’re actually at all interested in keeping My Boob Site running, that is). Well, the easiest way would be to help spread the word! If you see something you like on the blog, share it with other large breast lovers you know, post a link to the entry on your favourite porn forum or even just re-tweet its new post announcement from our Twitter feed. Oh, and please don’t just post individual pics or video links (which I’ve sadly seen a lot of on forums), as they just sap the bandwidth away from our dedicated readers. Instead, include a link to the blog post so that a) we can attract new visitors who might want to see more and b) the model gets credit where credit is due!

We’re also looking for suggestions on how to make My Boob Site better. Although we’ve recently made My Boob Site mobile and have begun paring down our sidebar, having started with removing many of the animated banners that made the site slow in loading, we’re open to any ideas you might have to improve my boob blog for making it a more attractive and enjoyable porn surfing experience. In fact, if there’s anything you’d like to see different here, please let us know in a comment below! Also, if you’re a webmaster or blogger yourself, we’re also looking for new hard link trades – banner or otherwise – again in an effort to attract fresh boob lovers to our breast fetish fold.

Apologies if I’m sounding scattered here, but I’m just trying to think of anything and everything that would keep My Boob Site from disappearing forever. We’d be celebrating the blog’s 6th anniversary in September, but I’m worried that we might not make it that far. Thus, I anxiously await any thoughts you might have. *sigh*  Right, then, Reese, stop ranting and get on with the tits (oh, and you should probably stop talking to yourself like that as well, as it’s just plain creepy)! It’ll be just a quickie today, but I’d like to revisit a boob blog gone by. To wit, remember when we’d caught stunningly sexy 32G Arianna Sinn masturbating mindlessly as if the whole wide world around her had ceased to exist?..

Busty girl with a hand down her pants masturbating with 32G Arianna Sinn in casual masturbation photos from Big Tits Glamour

…well, nothing could have been farther from the truth! While watching women wanking is a much beloved hobby of mine (with girls masturbating in their sleep being the biggest turn-on for me, since I can’t help but fantasize over what wet dream she may be having and the sensual sounds of solo sex can be even more arousing than the sights), I do endeavour to be as unobtrusive as possible in such sexual situations (unless invited to lend a helping hand, perchance to dream myself). After all, it’s hard enough to achieve orgasm masturbating with someone watching (erm, unless you’re into the whole exhibitionist / voyeurism scene), so imagine what it would be like to have such a voluptuous wank voyeur invading your personal pussy pleasuring space in the process!

Such was indeed the case for G-cup busty little lady-wank lovely Arianna Sinn in the series referred to above, as she had not one, but two voyeurs encroaching upon her right up close and personal whilst jacking off her genitals is a womanly way. What’s worse is that one was a videographer and the other a photographer who kept snapping away as Ms Sinn stroked her snapper! I mean, wouldn’t constant flashing put Arianna off her stroke? It’s just a good thing that she’s not epileptic, as evidenced in these female masturbation videos of Arianna Sinn at

Arianna Sinn masturbating in big boobs videos from    Arianna Sinn masturbating in big boobs videos from

…then again, I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much as, after all, if it weren’t for someone being a tad intrusive shooting photos and videos, wherever would all my sexy female masturbation porn “cum” from?! Meh, at least they’d extended a little more cunt fiddling courtesy to our “udderly” gorgeous 36GG Joanna Bliss (well, she didn’t have to put up with constant flashing in her genital direction) in her new large breast fetish female masturbation video from

Joanna Bliss masturbating in big boobs videos from    Joanna Bliss masturbating in big boobs videos from

(note: actual HD videos available for download at the site are 1280×720 resolution)





P.S. Oooh, and lookie what I’ve just found!.. :~)

Arianna Sinn is Foxy Marry at    Arianna Sinn is Foxy Marry at    Arianna Sinn is Foxy Marry at


Arianna Sinn aka FoxyMarry at

(more big tits cams)

27 thoughts on “My Boob Site Needs Your Help”

  1. Gee, I’m truly sorry to hear things aren’t going well for this site – I for one am more than happy with it, but I’m also not a trend-follower (or carer!), so I don’t know why it’s happening. I can only guess at the causes (something to do with the trends to mobile computing and/or social media? which would make the mobile & twitter things smart moves).
    I’m also guessing when I suppose the ideal thing to do would be to do an opinion poll/focus group thingy on people who’ve “left” the site asking why they left & what would bring them back – but I haven’t the faintest idea how you’d do that!
    Asking the same questions of folk who still frequent the site may not be as useful (‘cos by definition, they’re probably quite happy with things the way they are – and obviously, you’re not!), but I guess at least some (if not most!) of them would be more trend-savvy than me, and may be able to say why this is happening.
    Sorry to blather on, but I do like this site (and its admins!) a lot, and would be very sad to see it fold. :-(

  2. I love your site and it is still one of my go to jerk off sites, so I’d really hate to see it go.

    However, I have notices a few things change on your site that has made it go down in my the ranks of the go to sites.

    [mod edit: Steve, that’s exactly the sort of thing I need to know, from you and everyone else! So, what are these changes on MyBoobSite that has caused it to slip down in your rankings? Please tell me so I can try to fix them. as that’s one of the main purposes of this post. Cheers, Reese! :~)]

  3. Damn hit send by accident.. maybe you can paste these together? :p

    OK things that have changed… the ads at the top of the page are kind of obtrusive. Not a huge deal, but maybe it’s contributing.

    Second, I have noticed that lately a few of the girls you’ve been featuring are starting to lean more on the BBW side than before. While that’s not really a problem for me (I visit as well) I could see that being a problem for other people.

    Third, while the relatively lengthy blog posts (in terms of text) don’t bother me, I could see it being a distracting. I usually read them, but they do get in the way of, uh, staying “attentive”. Maybe you could make sure you post the tits before text content? Although you do often do that anyway…

    I wish I had better tips, I would really hate for this site to go down. It’s been a really great source for me for years. Please stay alive! :)

  4. Oh, one other key thing I should have mentioned. The reason you’re site has dropped down in my personal rankings isn’t so much because the site is worse. In fact, the content is as good, if not better than it’s ever been. It’s more because of the fact that I’ve found better sources over the years.

    Flash video based sites and even basic image boards are just more efficient at getting the job done. I suppose a classic porn blog like this one just can’t compete with the sheer volume of content that can be found on user-contributed sites.

    The sort of personal touch of this site is the biggest reason I come here. The porn here has essentially been “vetted” by a leading expert, so I know I will find prime content whatever the post. No need to dig around through crap before I find something decent.

  5. Honestly your updates just aren’t what they used to be in terms of frequency or relevance to my favorite models. The models issue may be because I’m an American and you’re a Brit and the crowd isn’t really the same? I also felt like there was about a six month period where every time I cruised over it was a barrage of, frankly, fat chicks. I’m not hating on the BBW crowd, that’s cool, but it’s not my thing.

    As Steve mentioned, your blog posts can get wordy. I know some like them though so maybe a “Read more…” blog post fold?

    I also really dig amateurs. I’m not sure how that fits into your ad scheme but I dig it and it would generate traffic for your paying pro partners, I’m sure.

    I’d like to see flash embed utilized a lot more. I hate getting linked out to 3.7MB in-browser video clips. It’s so 1999.

    I’d also speculate that it might behoove you to condense your affiliated sites and focus your time, energy and updates on a more streamlined group of sites, say 3 instead of 6 or 7.

    Good luck, you’re an old school favorite and I’d hate to see you go.

  6. VERY sorry to learn this, Reese.

    I very much enjoy your prose and your attitude. I assume that’s what puts this place on the map. I.e. It’s an asset, not a problem.

    I must confess that I don’t know how you bring in your $$. Is it simply a matter of traffic, i.e. number of visitors, or is it a matter of those visitors who move from here to a porn site, that kicks you back some $? I know that in the past you’ve encouraged us to move to the porn cites, but now this doesn’t seem to be the issue. Or is it?

    Is traffic down on all your other blogs?

    Are you in touch with other sex- /boob- bloggers, and can so compare notes?

    I don’t know anything about how this biz works, and I’m not in touch with any other breast-fanatics (I keep this vice to myself), so I can’t be of much help… Sorry!

    Hope it all works out, I’d hate to see this jolly blog crash.

  7. I think Steve has some great comments, specifically the length of blog posts and especially the movement towards BBW. Maybe you could do a poll and find out whether your viewers want BBW or not? Speaking personally, I don’t mind it that much, as long as it’s not very often, but I would rather this not be a BBW site.

    Another thing may or may not be possible, due to your affiliate relationships. But when it comes to a blog, I read it to get the latest and greatest from the entire big boob universe, not just who you might have affiliate relationships with. I assume that you are scouring the Internet to find the “next ‘big’ thing”, so you are providing value, but there is not as much value if you are solely showcasing models you have affiliate relationships with. I think overall, this is the balance between revenue and readership…

    I know that means you might potentially have a blog that doesn’t have a financial payback, but it would be interesting as you come across new models that might pique people’s interest.

  8. I love the site, I’ve been visiting it since my mid teens and although good for a wank it’s left me with such a high standard for woman since I’m breast obsessed. But you can’t fix that.

  9. I am actually quite surprised by the “BBW critique.” I’ve been a regular visitor on this site since its inception and I have never felt that it had a BBW focus. So, I disagree with Steve and Feedback here (although some of the other criticisms are valid) as I feel Reese has always given a good balance between thick, average, and thin girls on this site. A quick browsing of the last several pages shows that this critique does not hold water (IMHO).

    On the one hand you have girls like Anorei Collins, Anna Love, Alicia Loren, and Terri Jane (BBW).
    But you also have Abbi Secraa, Rachel Aldana , Beverly Paige, Christy Marks (average-sized women)
    Then there’s Merilyn Sakova, September Carrino, the new Eden Mor, Sarah Willis, and the new girl, Venera (thin) ..etc.

  10. Reese,
    Been a fan for many years, and your site is my first stop when I feel the need to pleasure over big boobs. I must admit, our taste in big boobs is similar, and I guess we could chat it up a bit over a pint or two of beer.

    IMHO I think your drop in traffic may just be a sign of the times. Think back when you started, you provided a great service by blogging about boobs you found truly magnificent. And that took some work, 1) to go around find them and 2) prepare it for display on your site.

    I remember from a previous post a while back, maybe by Samantha38G, a comment was made about the number of big boob content creators. Score, Sensational, xx-cel have all stepped up their game in bringing big boob content to the web and mobile. So I often find myself detouring around myboobsite and going directly to these websites first. In some sense you’ve trained us too well. We know where to go.

    But I’m not entirely convinced this is the major factor in dropping traffic. I think the surge in adult cams is digging into everyone, even the big content creators. I never was much of a fan of them in the beginning, but slowly have come to enjoy lurking around these sites first before coming to myboobsite. Many of the webcam models are posting new photos and videos on a regular basis, so they are out-scooping you (and everyone else) at your own game. Furthermore the selection of big-boobs is ENORMOUS, and when you chat with a model of your choice, you get to see EXACTLY what you want, not what some videographer thinks you want to see. Again, I have to thank you Reese, because I wouldn’t have taken notice without you directing me so.

    That said, I think a revival of Big Boobs on Cam might have some relevance in the webcam era. Can Big Boobs on Cam take a new life reviewing cam models? Can reviews me monetized? Would I come to Big Boobs on Cam to find out about the newest big boob models? Or what popular models are doing? Perhaps.

    I see more and more models who have worked for Score and Sensational, taking charge of their content on webcam. You monetize on banners to Score, Sensational and others. Are you so with links to some of the imlive models you support?

    Hope this is helpful?

  11. Gotta be honest. I visit this site several time a week.

    Sorry Reece its an exception if I read every word, but as they say a picture tells a 1,000 words. And the pictures on here in the main are what I want to see.

    It would be a pity to see the site close down. But then again seeing all the buy buy buy big boob links all over the place does get a little boring.

  12. Hi. I view the site several times a week from my RSS viewer. I don’t really visit your site proper, thus viewing your ads. You might want to change the RSS settings on your blog to only publish part of your article, and force the audience to visit your site for the whole thing. I think this would improve your sites viewership/stats.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Have always loved your blog! Just recently got internet service again so, I’am back! Please keep up the good work!

  14. Could also be that people are getting your blog via their RSS reader, meaning that they read your columns without actually visiting your site. cheers.

  15. this is an interesting topic. So much so that i decided to comment on this even though I’ve never commented on anything on your entire blog. ever.

    Here is my opinion

    firstly, there is nothing serious wrong with your content that I can determine. Your decline in readership is not due to any glaring flaw in content. Rather, it is due to competition most likely. What you need to figure out is why the competition is succeeding where you are not. I have a few thoughts on this. Second consideration is accessibility and promotion. Third consideration is malware.

    So here’s my ideas

    my opinion is that the above 3 items are all connected to each other. I think you are declining in readership because of all three. The first thing I would recommend is that you make a serious attempt at removing all malware. In the last 6 months, I’ve had problems with malware infecting my computer everytime I do a search for “my boob site”. I don’t know if it is malware directly attached to your site or if it is the search engine I use. You need more name recognition. Your blog needs to be mentioned more on other sites. Links to your blog from other sites would be cool. Stop blogging about yourself and your significant other. you are not what your readership is looking for. You need more personal contact with the models if you want yourself to be part of your blogs. We are looking at girls with impressive attributes and that is our interest. They are the main point to this blog, not you and your life. I think you should look at the role of charlie in the “charlie’s angels” tv series. He was never seen and pretty much anonymous and mysterious. emulate that. leave your personal life out of your blog.

    You might research free porn(or free-er porn)on the internet. It seems to me amateurs are growing in market share. these small time soft core web cam girls are nothing to scoff at. review the youtube teasers and provide the links to their more revealing sites. Don’t lean so much towards girls of the british isles. branch out. contact these girls personally and go to see them in person and blog about that. I want to meet these anonymous amateur bodacious cuties. But I have limited time and money. You could do it for me and I could see it on your blog.

  16. I come here to check for new finds. I quickly scroll through, reading whole posts occasionally, though rarely. I use you and other blogs as a trusted source for bringing new (or new to me) talent. New photo sets from established models make good filler, as do old forgotten sets from models of days gone by.

    The main turnoff to the site, though, in comparison to new sites I might find, is the lack of embedded video. I will NOT download a mpg, and I hesitate to follow a video link to a hardcore site.

    My thoughts. Thanks for what you do. I enjoy it.

  17. Reese, I’ve enjoyed the blog, although I agree that the video is aggravating. For some reason, windows media player cannot play the files, so I use realplayer.

    If you wanted to spend a LITTLE money and time, you could use twitter to drive traffic to your site. I’ve been using a twitter automation program (search profiles and tweets for words, such as breasts; auto follow and other tools) and, in less than a year, I’ve been able to generate over 72000 followers in my 40+ accounts.

    The software has a free trial and costs $110 for automating 10 twitter accounts. It costs less for fewer accounts and $188 for unlimited accounts.

    I would suggest that you set up a twitter account for each blog, locate interested followers of that particular blog, and drive traffic that way.

    I would receive a small referral fee for you signing up.

    If you are interested, send an email to the account I put in for this comment.

  18. How about NOT deleting comments which don’t blindly praise the worst looking fatties on here?

    Seriously, you post some real huge monstrosities on here yet make out they’re the most beautiful women in the world…!

  19. First of all I want to thank you Reese for a magnificent blog!

    I’m a long time reader, but a first time comentator here. Although I have to admit that lately I’ve started to visit your site less frequently then I used to, so I have some part in your traffic going down.

    I started to think about what it is that has made me visit less often lately, to see if there could be anything there that could be relevant for you. Some reasons have nothing to do with your site (like it being summer and therefore I’m spending less time at the computer or that more of my porn-surfing time is being used for my other fetish, muscular women, now then before) but there are also a couple thing that is more closely connected to the site. Firs of all, and this is the biggest thing for me, is that I feel you are leaning more and more towards the heavier women which does not interest me. When I visit your site and find a new post about a girl like Merilyn Sakova or Rachel Aldana it makes me happy, a post about Anorei Collins not so much.

    Another thing is that I don’t feel like I find new girls I haven’t heard of before when visiting your site as I used to. I don’t now if this is because I am more well versed now and simply know of more girls or if it’s been harder for you to find “new sensations”.

    Theese are the main things I could think of right away. I might come back with more feedback at a later time. But in short: more slim&stacked women and you’ll get more visits from me! And when I got to checking your latest posts (been awhile since my last visit) it feels like there is a better balance (for my taste) between slimer and bigger girls now.

    Thanks again for a good blog, I’ll make sure to start visiting more often again!

  20. sadly disappointed to read that the site is having difficulty to the extent of potentially shuttin gdown. that would truly be a loss for many if not all big boob lovers.

    I have no idea why things have changed for your blog and Ive only recently disocvered this blog last year, so Im late to an enormous resource for my smut collection and overall knowledge and awareness of the best new big busted models.

    I will have to consider this more before posting further thoughts on what can be done to make this work. Hang in there !!

  21. It’s a shame to hear that the future of this blog is being called into question. I’ve been enjoying your blog for over a year, and I think you have something really unique going on here.

    With all the advances in technology that have been made over the years, and the world being able to access a vast collection of media and information in a very short amount of time, I think many people have developed an “instant gratification” mindset. Nothing wrong with that, of course.

    When you look at the typical adult-oriented website, it overwhelms you with pictures, videos, and links to more and more content. Instant gratification.

    This blog, however, is certainly not about the instant gratification, which is exactly what I enjoy about it. When you put up a new post, you always provide a thought or two about what it is you’re sharing with us (as well as the occasionally bad pun!). I have never seen this blog as a porn site, but rather as a blog from a breast connoisseur.

    While I’m not sure what to recommend about the crowd that’s looking for more porn with less thought, I think it’s a safe bet that those of us still enjoying your blog are sticking around for a while : )

  22. Hi Reece, I check your site several times a week and enjoy the content muchly, although I agree with others above that some of your blogs can be rather long-winded.

    I disagree with those who want to see more slim ‘n’ stacked models and less of the “thick” ones. In fact, I’ve noticed a recent trend on the site to feature more models with what to me are only average size boobs, so it seems to me you’re doing that already.

    The truth is, you can never please everybody. Personally, I would rather you gave us more of the really HUGE girls – I’m happiest when you feature models like Anorei, Miosotis, Beshine, Norma Stitz, Mz Diva, Abbi Secraa, Karola, Cotton Candi, etc… But then I have to remind myself that the name of the site isn’t myBIGboobsite or myHUGEboobsite, but just myboobsite.

    So perhaps you have to decide who you’re aiming at. And why don’t you feature more black models? They have some of the most spectacular boobs on earth and yet they barely seem to get a look in. I don’t believe you’re racist, but one could be forgiven for making that assumption.

    I hope all these comments have been helpful and something positive can be done, I would certainly miss the site if you stopped blogging!

  23. This is where I go for big-boob news. Please don’t close down! I don’t think the blog posts are too long. In fact, in a sea of boob blogs with pics and no personality, this blog is a breath of fresh air! I’ll be a better viewer, I swear! DON’T CLOSE DOWN MY DREAMS!

  24. Hello Reese.
    I tryed various times to send emails to you. I am willing to help as I told you. We had not this drop effect in the last 2 years. We had a grow. Let me know if u are still interested

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