My day at the sexual health clinic…

I spent most of this morning sitting with my wife, Vix, in the waiting room of our local GUM clinic (that’s Genito-Urinary Medicine or the British equivalent of an American STD clinic). First, it was a doctor who ushered me into his office. Prior to starting my physical examination, he asked me shed-loads of questions pertaining to my sex life…

Doctor: “When did you last have sex?”

Reese: “That’d be about nine hours ago.”

D: “Was that with your wife?”

R: “Yes.”

D: “How long have you been together?”

R: “Six years.”

D: “During that time, have you had sexual relations with anyone other than your wife?”

R: “Yes.”

D: “How recently have you engaged in extramarital relations?”

R: “The most recent? That was sometime last month.”

D: “Was it with a man or a woman?”

R: “A bit of both, really. There were seven of us in bed together at one point, so, yes, three of each.”

…thereupon followed a barrage of additional inquiries as to my sexual practices with individuals outside of my marriage, such as: Do I practice oral sex? Yes. Anal sex? No. Vaginal intercourse? Yes. Do you use protection? Always. The doctor then asked me to drop my trousers and get up on the examining table. After probing my penis and testicles with his fingers in search or abnormalities (fortunately, there were none), he got a small swab off the table and proceeded to spread my cock-head. The insertion of the swab into my urethra was unpleasant but not actually painful. He then asked me to open wide and swabbed the back of my throat (yes, it was a different swab :~P) before sending me off to give a urine sample (which was a blessed relief, really, as I’d not gone in over three hours per the instructions on the leaflet they’d provided and was totally busting!).

The next person to rouse me from my waiting room perch was a combination clinician / counsellor. She carried on with questions regarding my sexual attitudes and responsibility in light of having multiple partners and then recommended that I get inoculated against Hepatitis B. She explained that, even though I practised safe sex with my 3rd-party partners, Hepatitis B could be contracted merely from kissing (a sexual practice I engage in that the previous doctor had not questioned me about!)! I agreed and told her to sign me up for it. She then took a small blood sample (which was likewise remarkably painless), handed me a bag full of free condoms (the assortment even included some strawberry, chocolate & vanilla flavoured ones (thus putting an end to the colloquial meaning of the phrase, “about as useless as a chocolate condom”)!) and sent me back into the waiting room.

My final visit was with the nurse who was to give me my Hep B inoculation (which was to be the first of three injections over the course of six months). The small-gauge needle was barely noticeable as it briefly pierced my upper arm and, handing me another leaflet which explained the program, sent me on my way. Thus ended my two-hour session in the sexual health clinic.

Why do I put myself through this? Well, it’s not because I’m having any problems with my penis or suspect that I’ve contracted an STI from one of my partners, it’s merely because I love sex! And, having multiple partners of both the casual sex acquaintance and long-term fuck-buddy varieties (not to mention my wife), I feel it’s my responsibility to make sure that I’m totally healthy and safe in these recreational sex exploits, for their sake even moreso than my own. Thus, I can’t recommend check-ups like the one I had today highly enough for anyone who’s sexually active, both for their own peace of mind and that of their partner(s).

[I should probably also mention that the whole process is totally anonymous, your records referenced only by your date of birth and a five-digit code number, so there’s no worries about anyone else finding out what you’ve been up to. They don’t even share the results with your GP!]

This, of course, got me to thinking who I’d like to fuck next! As I’d mentioned in yesterdays blog, though, I don’t really know any truly ultra-busty women with which I could fulfill my major big breast fantasies (the most I’ve ever had the profound pleasure to experience being a G-cup, which is sort of a low average when you consider many of the models on this blog). Thus, I generally find myself “settling” for girls with boobs what often fall below the F-cup & up standards I try to adhere to here. In these cases, overall sexiness and a slutty disposition can go a long way in helping me to make my selection (as can being a blonde, for that matter), so I thought today that I’d pay a visit to Big Tits Paradise and force myself to pick a few models who seemed like more realistic fuck-buddies by potential than the sadly less-plentiful huge-breasted girls of my dreams.

Although I’d blogged Big Tits Paradise once before, I was largely unfamiliar with the site and was treated to a plethora of possible candidates in my quest, several of whom I’d not seen before! In the end, I chose three models who represented the sort of casual fuck-buddy I’d not mind knowing (in the Biblical sense) in real life. Granted, in real life I’d be looking for more than mere physical attributes – the ability to hold an intelligent conversation, for example, as it’s nice to have something to talk about lying in bed together when you’re taking a fuck-break as well as long-term friendship potential – but, this being nothing more than a mental exercise, I had to restrict my criteria to a physical appearance and apparent sluttiness.

My first choice was blonde Angel whose reasonably-sized breasts, albeit that “average” G-cup, seemed perfectly adequate for the sorts of sordid sexual situations I like to get up to such as tit-fucking. Bonus points for having a pleasingly-plump body as well, since I enjoy having an intimate cuddle just as much as fucking (however, if I was laying behind Angel in a spooning position, resting a hand on that sexy little plump belly of hers, I’d have such a raging erection in no time that it would soon turn into a cuddle-fuck). Here’s a bit of 34G Angel in photos & videos from

Angel from Big Tits Paradise    Angel from Big Tits Paradise    Angel from Big Tits Paradise

Angel videos from Big Tits Paradise    Angel videos from Big Tits Paradise

…my second choice – Simone – probably shouldn’t even be here because she’s precisely the sort of big tits dream girl that I crave. Simone’s beautiful J-cup breasts could, in fact, go a long way in fulfilling many of my big boob fetish fantasies! Then again, I suppose the fact that she’s not a blonde does qualify her to some degree. Nah, that’s just a lame excuse because, in all honesty, I’d do her in an instant (even if she couldn’t hold a conversation! see? my standards are slipping already ;~o). Here’s some of the “udderly” delicious 34J Simone – once again from

Simone from Big Tits Paradise    Simone from Big Tits Paradise    Simone from Big Tits Paradise

Simone videos from Big Tits Paradise    Simone videos from Big Tits Paradise

…finally, tiny Tiana came as a bit of a surprise to me, her breasts being far too small for my usual taste in tits. However, she’s definitely got the sexy slut-factor down pat (and she is a blonde), so that may have swayed my decision quite considerably. In retrospect, though, I realised that Tiana’s smaller breasts reminded me of those adorning the topless chest my lovely young mutual masturbation buddy I’d mentioned in my last Eden blog (you know, the ones I hadn’t paid any attention to because I was focusing all of my efforts upon her pussy instead)!

Like Tiana, this girl had exactly the same sort of bulbous boobs with unusually large areolas for their size, and I now seriously regret not having spent some time with her tits. Then again, we’re really good friends and I’ll be seeing her again this weekend, so maybe she’d be kind enough to give me another chance. Whilst I site here dreamily pondering that possibility, here’s little blonde Tiana at

Tiana from Big Tits Paradise    Tiana from Big Tits Paradise    Tiana from Big Tits Paradise

Tiana videos from Big Tits Paradise    Tiana videos from Big Tits Paradise



8 thoughts on “My day at the sexual health clinic…”

  1. Hahaha, Reese, you old dawg:D But you made me think, though. I’m a total sex-addict and have casual sex a bit too often. Especially since i’m single at the moment, i really need it twice as much, because in my opinion, sex isn’t half as great with a casual woman than with a person whom you are passionate about. And due to my hate towards condoms, i might want to consider toning it down:D

    Thanks for making me laugh, mate. And keep this site running. It’s the first site i check in the morning ;) And give my best to Vix!


  2. Again, you bring us new (new to me!) beautiful women to gawk at. Simone is just striking. Gorgeous face and a body to die for. Thanks!

  3. Resse

    This is one of those times where your comments out do your pictures. I enjoyed your trip to the clinic story. I agree with you on getting checked. I had the cotton swab up the urinary track once a long time ago and I can still remember how uncomfortable it was.

    Thanks for advocating safe and healthy sex. You never cease to amaze me.


  4. Vadd,

    I totally agree: Simone is astonishing. This is one of the wonderful things about MyBoobSite and Reese’s dedication to the cause. Due to my limited income, I can only subscribe to one big boob site at the time. These days I totally rely on Reese to come up with great busty women that I have never seen before, but need to know about. Simone is a case in point!

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