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A little over a week ago, I received an e-mail from lovely webmistress Pani Silk of Boobs Garden announcing that she’d just added a new model, Kora, to their fine family of busty Polish girls on the site. Now, it’s not that I didn’t find Kora to be a gorgeous example of big tits goodness, it’s that I merely hadn’t had ample opportunity to slot her in (as it were).

Then, just yesterday, I received yet another message from Ms. Silk heralding yet another new model (yes, Pani’s a truly relentless force when it comes to acquiring fresh faces for her site)! This time, it happened to be an irresistible buxom blonde babe by the name of Malina, whose sultry “come hither and fondle my moderately-sized yet perfectly-formed breasts, paying particular attention to the succulent nipples surrounded by a generous helping of pink areolae” looks left me no choice but to abandon today’s intended blog entry and devote the entirety of my undivided attention to the latest women of BoobsGarden (and so it would seem Pani’s developed an acute awareness of what it takes to manipulate me as well (as if it wasn’t enough for her simply to secure Wanessa’s love on my behalf))!

So begging your forgiveness, seeing that it’s well beyond my control, here’s new busty Polish model Malina from

Malina from    Malina from    Malina from

Malina from    Malina from    Malina from


…however, seeing as she’d predated Malina by over a week and served as Pani’s initial offering for the ever-growing BoobsGarden line-up, it would be unfair of me not to feature Kora here as well. Sure, she does sport that abbreviated shock of blonde hair (in an obvious attempt to woo me, no doubt – but if it didn’t work for Busty Merilyn, it’s not gonna work for her, either), but, as genuinely lovely as Kora is and despite her marvellous breasts, she just doesn’t quite match up to the winsome wonder that is Malina (imho). Prejudiced? Perhaps. Still, being the equal opportunity blogger that I am, I nonetheless feel it my duty to include Kora for your perusal in my litany of the latest arrivals to

Kora from    Kora from    Kora from

Kora from    Kora from    Kora from


…what’s that I hear you say? What could be better than seeing both of our new Boobs Garden models in one post?? How about a softcore lesbian romp featuring not only Malina & Kora, but Aneta Buena as well?! Well, in the series curiously entitled “Polish Tree Lesbians” (sounds like some sort of sapphic, Slavic marsupial, doesn’t it?), we get precisely that!! Sure, Aneta’s been here before – and plays a killer game of “pervy pool“, to be sure – but don’t you agree that it’s Malina who steals the show in the following photos? To assist in your assessment, here are some samples from the series starring Aneta Buena, Malina & Kora from

Aneta Buena, Malina & Kora at    Aneta Buena, Malina & Kora at    Aneta Buena, Malina & Kora at

Aneta Buena, Malina & Kora at    Aneta Buena, Malina & Kora at    Aneta Buena, Malina & Kora at


15 thoughts on “New girls Kora & Malina from”

  1. Hey Reese, just a quick (cunni)linguistic comment to this post: Pani is the Polish word for “Lady,” as well as the equivalent of Ms. , Miss, and Mrs. in English. So, all three of these lovely ladies are actually Panis (Pani Malina, Pani Aneta, etc.), not only Pani Silk. Just to make sure: it sounded like you were using “pani” as if it was a first name. Anyway, I love those boobies…

  2. That’s a real good description: “moderately-sized yet perfectly-formed breasts … succulent nipples surrounded by a generous helping of pink areolae”. All three of them have well-proportioned boobs (I’d welcome the chance to help any of those puppies out of their bra), but I think Anita’s are the winners, when it comes to size. They’re all beautiful packages, with cute faces.

  3. I fucking love Kora, her titties are increidable, her body thick and tasty. Her pussy is like gold. I just found her wedsite which is
    Admitedly her face is not incredable but it is that averageness that makes her so hot. I want to fuck the shit out of her.

  4. Hi I am Big fan of aneta buena and have been trawling the net for free stuff about her, I was thinking of signing up to polish busty website or boobs garden just to see . I would like to know if anyone else has tried any of these sites out, is there any good stuff actually worth paying for or would it be better just to wait for the free previews.

  5. Actually, I think that the term “Pani” could in fact be used as a proper name, or at least as a”stage name” in the sense that a title can be used as a name, ie: “Miss Foxy”, “Lady Leather”, “Mistress Minx”, etc…. I believe that this is the manner in which “Miss Silk” is using it.

    BTW, keep it up with the site (bit of a pun there)… I mean, keep on with the good work! Let’s see more of Violet (only one pic of her!), Zina, Fairy, Kora, Aneta, et al…. sexy, sultry, voluptuous vixens all. Also, would love to see you bring in Josephine James. She might be a little older than most of the other models, but she seems to have nicer curves on her now than when she was younger.

  6. Hey everyone, my wife’s name is Kora too and her breasts are almost as big. I’d love to see more of this Kora and I’m willing to share some of my wife’s pics with you guys.

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