New high-resolution videos of Alicia 36JJ…

I’d just noticed that my most recent blog of Divine Breasts had drifted off of the first page and figured I’d best go fetch more of Alicia 36JJ to fill the obvious gap left by her absence. Not that I need an excuse, really, as the feedback I’ve received shows that genuine big breast lovers simply can’t get enough of this latest JJ-cup sensation in the on-line world of big boobs.

When I logged onto DivineBreasts this morning to find more blog fodder, I was thrilled to discover that Alicia had started offering her videos in high-definition 600×360 resolution! Indeed, it just keeps getting better and better. I’ll get to the videos in a moment, but, while I was there, I also downloaded Alicia’s latest photo series in white lingerie. Here’s a sampling…

Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from

Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from

Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from    Alicia 36JJ from

(note: actual photos downloadable from the site are 1024×778 resolution)

…on to the videos: I suppose an apt title for this latest video series from Alicia could be “big tits on glass”, as she spends most of it with her boobs pressed up against a sliding glass door. The real treat, however, comes when the 36JJ lactating lovely steps back and begins to knead her breasts and squeeze her nipples, releasing streams of milk against the transparent pane. Here are a couple of clips from Alicia’s video, courtesy of


(note: actual video downloadable from the site is 600×360 resolution)



19 thoughts on “New high-resolution videos of Alicia 36JJ…”

  1. Hi!

    Well done Reese. That footage is fab! What I would’nt give to see Alicia lift one of her heavy boobs up with both hands to her mouth and suck that milk filled tit into her mouth. The footage has enabled me to have one of the best wanks ever! My fantasy (as I’m sure is every Alicia fan is) is to spray my cum all over her enormous cleavage and watch her lick all my cum off her breasts. She’d also look amazing in a school uniform with her tit’s bulging through her school blouse!

    Sheesh! I’m gonna need another wank!!

  2. Good news about the high res updation on the new pics and vids. I’m sorta waiting for there to be alot of archives on that sight before i go and join. Thats what im doing for alot of the newly naturally busted pgs that ive seen. As always, great info on the naturally BIG Breasted scene! Thanks Again!

  3. Marc: Yeah!!! but i wolud like to see her in a jumper also, to see those BIG breasts nulging their way out of the jumper,mmmmmmmm¡¡¡yummy!!!

  4. WOW. Um… WOW…

    Alicia is amazing- quickly working her way into my top five! She is the kind of girl I really like: Of course, HUGE TITS, curvy body and more cute than beautiful, ya know? Great face, young looking… girl-ish.

    Thanks again for making my day! YOU RULE REESE!

  5. Alicia, she’s SO lovely! She would be great even without supersized tits like that. And with those tits, she’s simply too good to be true.

    Thanks Reese. And you are so right: we just can’t get enough of Alicia!

  6. Well, Tito is once again standing to attention with praise of Alicia’s delicious peanut butter cups–with plenty thanks going to Reese. Tito will try hard not to think of Alicia this weekend while he is on the beach sunning himself, else Tito will be popping a tent in his speedos and looking for an umbrella to cover his woodie in a hurry. ;)

    After seeing the video clip, Tito proposes a new event for the Playboy channel.

    You have all seen darts on ESPN, well I propose a makeshift dart board that is designed with milk-trapping recesses. Thus and in furtherance to Tito’s point, milk-endowed ladies such as Alicia can squirt to their udder delight with their game faces on and their bras off.

    The object of the game, like darts, would be to earn the highest point total on their attempts (with a double-dripple out requirement, of course). The winner stands to claim the Busty Cup award, presented by none other than Heffner himself in his robe. Ohhhhh, 140! (said in a British voice like at the darting convention pubs)

    Tito thinks that would be cool. Ah the Tito, he’s smittened by Alicia’s beauty.

  7. wow! Alicia just keeps coming at us BB fans

    –it is good, and rare, to see someone as big and natural

    -her boobs are also capped with large nips-

    -she is a great looking babe, kind of easy sultry look about her-

    and to make the whole thing unreal she is expressing herself with fountains of the good juice.



  8. Yeah Marc! you are right… mate !! Ian you are right !! she needs her own site, is a Boob Diva, c mon Alicia !! we want a DVD urgent!!
    Thanks Reese as always you re a really FRIEND!!

  9. Something about the little girl hair just turns me off. I’d love to see her as a secretary.. or a teacher!

  10. My vote goes to Alicia… Much more of her! (and much more of Alessandra and Wanessa, and less of Maxi and Chessie)

    And as for Kupsyza, she’s mine! You can’t have her!

  11. Yeah a DVD is urgently needed. Soem one let Alicia know that it is needed.

    I know she’ll never do hardcore but I’d love to see her in a school uniform with her tit’s bulging through whilst sucking some guy off. Just as the guy is about to blow his load she rips off her school blouse and bra and let’s the guy shoot his cum over her overdeveloped bosom. Then lifting each tit up to her mouth she licks and sucks the sperm from her boobs giving that cute smile.

  12. “Friday-night fever” Every Friday is Friday-night fever ! why ? well, that stunning “Lady Alicia” ( Div.Breasts) will pass by and I may say: the prettiest (Italian) beauty I ever saw in my life. She is for all waters and is willing to show we are all waiting for: her delicious colossal hangers !
    However, it ‘s a pity that her camera-man often has no notion of what to do with this breath-taken beauty and is ‘t aware of the fact that HE is “obliged” to make clear exiting pictures of unique Alicia ( and that even in The Netherlands many guys are always at home “doing overwork” with a full box of tissues nearby …..on Friday-night !!
    Peter ( The Netherlands )

  13. Yeah Marc agree totally with you!

    By the way does anyone know if there are any big boob DVD’s which feature big breasted woman licking/sucking a guys cum of their juggs? I always look for this kind of scene on a big boob dvd but the directors never seem to have the imagination to show this.

  14. I fully agree with IAN 7/1 and MARC 7/3 that ALL regular Myboobsite readers who are highly interested in this heavenly creature ( and who is ‘t ? ) have to insist on Alicia starting her own site and/or making a sensational DVD ( I did ! ) In the end she is the “Cleopatra” in her own proper person among the BBW web-girls with moreover her charming “Mona Lisa” smile. I happen to know her contact-address: baby. So get going !!
    limmerick about Alicia:
    Once..there was an Italian beauty named ALICE
    with breasts a man could hardly embrace THESE
    She first said: ” I never want kids”
    but a lucky guy grabbed those big tits
    and NOW “only” her baby may her big ones SQUEEZE !!
    Peter ( Holland )

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