New Venera and More from Score

Right. I post my very first Venera blog and, moments later, I see she’s also on Scoreland, making me feel obligated to do another Venera blog for them as well! That was just two days ago and three boob blogs ago. And now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I log in today to take a look at Score’s updates, only to find there are already two more new Venera videos & photo sets posted!…

New 32H Venera photos from Scoreland

Venera from    Venera from    Venera from

Venera from    Venera from    Venera from

New 32H Venera videos from Scoreland

Venera video from    Venera video from

Venera video from    Venera video from

…ah, but it seems 32H sexy Venera isn’t for everyone. Despite being so slim and stacked with H-cup breasts to her cleavage credit, it was in that last Venera blog where My Boob Site visitor Bryan remarked that he can’t figure out how she keeps getting work on such popular mainstream porn sites, going on to question the relative attractiveness of her arguably unusually enormous rack on such a slender figure. OhReally? was even more harsh in thinking she might be better suited to our big tits tranny site, the only thing missing being her penis! Guess there’s just no pleasing some people, eh?

But, being as I’m eager to please and get something for everyone out there, even such dissenters of dairy goodness as these two, I thought I’d carry on with a few extra videos for more busty voluptuous variety. And so, here’s Valory Irene (enjoying a lovely large breast massage), Beshine (visiting again from her own on-line home), Dors Feline (who seems to still be going strong despite her retirement announcement), Leanne Crow (whom we’d last seen elsewhere but only in passing), Charley Green (who’s really beginning to grow on me, despite having eschewed her former blondeness), Angela White & Maggie Green (both of whom we’d seen in a threesome recently), Desiree (in her first anal sex scene) and, lastly but not leastly, ever lactating Kristina Milan (having yet another milky fuck) in these videos from

Valory Irene video from    Beshine video from

Dors Feline video from    Leanne Crow video from

Charley Green video from    Angela White & Maggie Green video from

Desiree video from    Kristina Milan video from


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