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After having taken the piss out of the lovely (and hopefully good-humoured) Faith Nelson in my busty drunken blowjob blog, I figured it was time to make amends. I only pick on our Faith because I fancy her, mind – ever since she released that delightfully-dirty pussy-flashing “Fuck Me” series, actually. And since I’d recently apologized to Busty Merilyn, it’s only fair that I now extend the same contrite courtesy to Faith. Now, if only I could find something untoward to say about my dream girl Princessa, I’d have our entire trio of teen G-cup goddesses covered…covered in what, I’m not exactly sure, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from imagining the possibilities! ;~)

Well, I suppose that chocolate sauce is one possibility (hmm, do I sense a growing theme, here?), as appears to be the case in one of Faith’s videos below with Juliet. Personally, I’d much rather see her playing with her E-cup friend Ashley, whom I feel is a much better match for Faith’s 32G endowments. But, eh, what’cha gonna do? I suppose we could just sit back and enjoy these six new video galleries from

Faith 32G from - Strawberries Video    Faith 32G from - Lollipop Video    Faith 32G from - Rug Video

Faith 32G from - Messy Video    Faith 32G from - Pussy Play Video    Faith 32G from - Massage Video


13 thoughts on “New Video Galleries from InBedWithFaith”

  1. Oh to be young again. I miss that smooth smooth skin. Oh , to be an English schoolboy. Love her accent too. Hey, maybe she likes older guys!

  2. Thanks for the Faith! She is one of my favorites! Top fiver, for sure. But I agree with you- when the hell is she going to do something a bit more hard-core?

  3. Faith is great and nice but guys… What a NEW 36JJ FIND!!!!! Alicia from .
    I think I am in complete LOVE with her, not just HUGE BOOBS, but that beautiful face!
    Excuse me if I am not so “specific” about Faith but ALICIA created me BIG BIG “problems”!!!!

  4. Hi Faith, we meet at last. You attracted me from the first moment I clapped eyes on you. I wish I was 30 years younger – forty-four years younger, I mean, then I’d be able to cope with you! – and if you read books and could cook I’d wed-you-and bed-you instantly. Not only do you look ‘rather nice’ but you have something….that reminds me of my great love, Britain’s famous ‘Glamour Queen’ Vickie Kennedy (actually Maggie Nolan, the girl from Goldfinger). When I was 14-16 I used to do hardcore for Harrison Marks, the 50’s-60’s porn-king, and met Maggie when she started modelling for him. Looking at your pics I get this…let’s say that sparks literally flew between Maggie and me when we met…but that was with physical contact, not oggling nude pics. IWhen we met again, a year later, she was engaged to a suger-daddy (“I’m never going home again, cost what it will”). I was still at school, what could I do?

    I’d like to turn my clock back and meet you when I was 15, Faith Nelson.

    But dreams are free….

    Look after yourself, have a nice life, avoid the mistakes she made.


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