New videos from Jana Defi & Maggie Green…

I’ve just received notification that there’s a brand new Jana Defi (aka Princessa / Maria Swan) video available over at, wherein she liberates her glorious 32G globes from a too-small bikini and oils them up with tanning lotion. A definite must-see for the hardened Jana fans among you (and, if you’re not hardened already, just wait ’til you see the video!)… ;~)

(click here to view a clip from Jana’s video)

Jana Defi 32G at


…they’ve also posted an interview with gorgeous ex-ginger Maggie Green on! I’ve heard rumours circulating that she’ll be getting her own website at some point in the indeterminate future, but these are unsubstantiated. I, for one, hope it’s true; as I feel that Maggie and her fabulous 36F boobs certainly deserve their very own place on the ‘net:

(click here to view a clip from Maggie’s interview)

Maggie Green 36F at


16 thoughts on “New videos from Jana Defi & Maggie Green…”

  1. Jana/Princessa/Maria Swan is amazing. Colossal cans, electric eyes and a midsection that’s unbelievable. How, in the name of whomever you all pray to, did she get a body like that? I’m clearly in awe. We bow before her bounty!
    Three of my favorite characteristics wrapped up in one package: eyes, smile, boobs!

  2. I checked out this blog’s video clip of Jana AKA Princessa, which is quite short, only a few seconds. In a previous comment I said that I thought that she had implants. I thought so because she had unusually sharp angles in her upper breast next to her armpit as she lifted her breast with her hand, and these sharp angles led me to believe that they were caused by some artificial substance under her skin. But after seeing this latest clip, I don’t see any such angles, and her breasts look like they are soft and pliable, just like natural breasts should be. Therefore I will have to retract the statement that I believed she had implants.

  3. Sorry to ask this sooo late but ¿how long is the video of Jana/Maria Swan/Princessa? (the one that appears in this blog) ’cause i can’t find it yet anywhere

  4. I’m from argentina and i’d like to get this whole video of Jana, where can I get it? I’d like also see more of her, I really like her…

  5. sorry i made a mistake in my email address in my previous messege, this one i m submitting here is the right address.
    i’ll be looking forward to get any help from u guys.

  6. Wwwwwwooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jana Defi / Maria Swan is Amaaaazing !!!!!!!
    Very beautiful face & awsome body !!!!!!!
    Those 32G’s make me eternally hard !!!!!!

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