The world’s biggest boobs?!

My mate “Very Free”, whom you may have noticed posting here from time to time, has been relentless: For the past few months, he’s been goading me into blogging Karola from, claiming that she has more massive mammaries than either 38MM Liana of LushBoobs or 48NNN Serenity Davis of eMelons – in fact, quite possibly the biggest breasts in the world! He even sent me this photo, saying that Karola was the only one he’d seen who could rest her head on her tits like a pillow.

Now, I’m no stranger to the Siliconefree site, it being the home of one of my other long-time favourites – 36HHH Zina – but I hadn’t really noticed Karola before. So I went for a visit to check her out…and I dare say that VF may well be right! Karola’s magnificent monsters appear even to dwarf the monumental ladies of BoobsXL – yes, 90L Sabrina Meloni included! And, although I was unable to locate Karola’s bra size, I have it on good authority that her breasts weigh a staggering 4.5Kg (10lbs) each!!

Apart from that, very little seems to be known about the colossal Karola, save for the 1,172 photos and 112 movies of her at So, considering that a picture is apparently worth a thousand words, I’ll rely upon the following to tell the rest of the story…

Karola from    Karola from    Karola from

Karola from    Karola from    Karola from

Karola from    Karola from    Karola from

Karola from    Karola from    Karola from

Karola from    Karola from    Karola from

Karola from    Karola from    Karola from

…and since VF was kind enough to provide a review in his most recent e-mail, I’ll let him introduce the videos: “I give her movies a C grade or lower, for she has little acting ability and her props are mostly just too small tops and shirts. But her massive melons make up for the inadequacy of her performances. They are absolutely amazing to see in motion!” Thanks for that, VF, I most heartily agree:

Karola from    Karola from    Karola from

Karola from    Karola from    Karola from


155 thoughts on “The world’s biggest boobs?!”

  1. NEVER , NEVER have i seen such a montruous pair of boobs, still can’t believe this woman, totally hypnotizing ……¿Where is she from, does any of you know ?

  2. Well, she DOES have the biggest fucking tits I have ever seen, I think! BUT… I prefere quantity AND quallity. Someone like Faith or Ewa don’t have nearly the tit size but they are drop dead HOT. Eden Mor is pretty damn stacked AND she has a perfect body AND her face is amazing. So, I’d reather take a complete package, even if it does mean losing a cup size… or two… or three… or five!

  3. I think she’s from Germany or so…but anyway, I have “known” her ever since I discovered SiliconeFree years ago, but despite those massive boobs I don’t really find her attractive either…

    Sizewise I’m not sure if she is reall bigger than for instanse Norma Stitz…!? Who I personalls find sexier as well….so what do you guys think…?!

  4. I would have to agree with mangafreak that Norma Stitz has the biggest tits in the world! If you want to see some freaking titties type in norma stitz or go to melonie rose’s site to see her! She looks a lot better than Karola!

    Reese, I would love to see Norma Stitz!

  5. Phew, it’s hard tro live up to Reese’s kudos. I’ve listened to Karola’s movies, and she does not speak German or other western European language. The best I can determine is she’s from Poland. As for breast size, she weighs one on a meat scale, and it says an honest 4.5kg, or ten pounds. And seeing them in motion is really convincing and udderly amazing. I’ve never seen a movie of Norma Stitz but I’ve seen plenty of her still pics, and both her and Karola have the same body shape and size, and both have “E. Norma Stitz”, AKA enormous tits. Really, really enormous. I take away points from Norma for having areolas and nipples which are too small in proportion to her massive mammaries. And I give more points to Karola for having very large areolas and nipples, however due to Karola’s light skin and the massive size of her breasts, her areolas are stretched to the point where they’re barely visible. Karola’s amateur movies leave a lot to be desired, but it just heats my blood up to see those incredibly massive boobs in motion. And heartwarming, too. She shows that there’s a real person behind those huge tits, even though I can’t understand a word of her language. Her movies waste a lot of time showing her doing house chores, but there’s some things that just flip my wig. like in the kitchen when she closes the silverware drawer, she bumps it closed a bit with her tit, which is hanging way down there, that low, at her waistline. She knows they’re there, but they’re so big and ever present, that she has to ‘make room’ for them in most everything she does.

    There are other women with breasts bigger than Norma or Karola, but they’re mostly victims of some medical condition that’s caused them to be ‘gigantomastic’ – huge breasted. Ting Jiafen and Peggy Horne are two examples (Peggy, after having 5 kids, was about 8 pounds each, and Ting claimed 22 pounds, and it looks like it, too). But Norma and Karola are just a few of these women who have managed to live with their incredibly large breasts and capitalize on their size, and make a bit of money (and gain notoriety) from them. has some other massive mammaries, such as Kati and even some pics of Wonder Tracy. I think June Kelly is on there too. Enjoy.

    Here’s a good reference that gives a long list of big tit models. I clicked on Nicole Peters and found that her birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. Happy B’day, Nicole, and I wish you many more, and hope you keep modeling even after you’ve had a kid or two and your awesome breasts are even bigger. :o)

    Reese, why don’t you do a short blog on Yulia Nova? Click on her name at the URL above and check her out. She’s not well-known outside of Japan. She’s a bit on the slim side, but oh, those two beaut’s! Wow..

  6. Okay, I checked the movies again and it’s my bad — she is not from Germany, but from Switzerland! Close though…! ;)

    She and the guy behind the camera are exchanging a few sentences in “Swiss German” and since the site owner is actually a Swiss guy too, it might as well be him shooting the videos anyway…!?

  7. Gawd, I’d love to bury my head in the cleavage between Karola’s boobs, and wrap those monsters around until I could suck both nipples at once! They’d be such a _nice_pair_ of ear warmers!

    After I posted, I viewed the vid clips Reese posted of Karola. I can’t figure out a couple things. I’ve never seen any videos of her in bed, all they showed on was her on the couch. And I can’t figure out why Reese’s are .WMVs; all the videos on SF are .MOVs, which require us to download Quicktime, which is a part of Itunes, and takes up so much drive space. Luckily I recovered some by deleting the Itunes part after the installation. And another thing that I don’t like is that most of the videos are Zipped into .ZIP files, which gain nothing during compression, and just make one more hassle for the viewer who has to unzip them.

    Man, what an incredibly gargantuan pair of earwarmers.. That is if you watch out so that you don’t get smothered by them! ;-)
    But what a way to die!!

  8. Since when is QuickTime “part of iTunes”…?! It’s always been part of the Mac OS as well as a free download for windows computers…
    And how much disk space can a simple app as that take anyway…?!?

  9. Close to the world’s largest breasts but, the world’s largest breasts belong to an african american woman named Norma Stitz. Her breasts weigh in at 28 lbs. each.

  10. Good god! That’s horrible! It’s like something out of Little Britain! How in God’s name is somebody supposed to get off over something like that!?

  11. If you love huge tits karola has to be on your list as one of the best. I would love to see a volume test to sort out who has the best tits measured by size. I agree looks are not every thing if you love huge tits you will not have a concern about the womans looks. She looks good to me with a fantastic figure.


  13. oh fuck i’m late bute Karola is maybe my favourite !! i love her gigantic super breast,i love everything if somebody have pics or video of Karol i take everything ! waouuw she’s great! (

  14. Yes, interesting. Yet too old for me..
    And well about that “Norma Stitz” – she ain’t what I call a beauty, either.
    They look pretty much the same, face wise…
    But Karola’s boobs really ARE big.
    I wonder whan they started growing ; )

  15. well, anybody who says Norma doens’t have a beautiful face to go with her huge tits is in thrall of conventional but weird notion of “beauty”, likewise about Karola. Their beauty is interior – I mean also their generosity in sharing their beauty with us admirers of real feminine beauty in the face of conventional notions of beauty, as well as physical: they are simply the most beautiful women on the planet!

  16. I just want to add, I think Norma is certainly a better performer than Karola, the things Norma does with her tits in her videos to excite her public are amazing (well, she does have 13 years experience of modelling), and I think also bigger titted, but can someone tell me for sure who is the bigger of the two? Just to be sure even though I would plump for Norma.
    PS 1: check out Sally at Black Amateur Boobs, she too is absolutely enormous!

  17. Those incredible juggs need to be put to use. Someone please knock her up and get those milk factories producing. Volunteers?

  18. hello , oh lala karola , tu es la norma stitz blanche . je me passe en boucle les movies clips et les pictures de toi depuis ce 21 fevrier 2003 markus a de la chance de malaxer ton enorme poitrine . a quand karola habillee en cuir sado , porte -jaretelle et string avec un homme pour des seances tres osees ? karola je pense a toi tout le temps mon amour bye bye

  19. karolas on youtube under the biggest tits in the world.shes done loads of videos about 4 months ago.shes not the prettiest bird going is! but i bet grannys made a few bob out of it.good luck to her!

  20. It’s sad to see women put on display like this, with no respect for their bodies, as the body is a temple.
    You people should be ashamed to even be on this site.

    Seek Jesus, as he is the way!

  21. hello ; karola miss grosses mamelles , je n’ai pas de nouvelles de toi . que deviens tu ? CONTACTE MOI pour des essais en cabine lingerie, corset, et soutiens -gorge sur mesure . MERCI DE ME CONTACTER PAR EMAIL

  22. KAROLA # 1 KAROLA # 1 KAROLA # 1 KARKAROLA # # 1 KAROLA # 1 KAROLA # 1 KAROLA # 1 KAROLA # 1 ….KAROLA # 1……KAROLA # 1……KAROLA # 1…………KAROLA # 1……………KAROLA # 1……..KAROLA # 1………….KAROLA # 1…………

  23. i love Karola’s boobs, suzie sparks and yolanda haskens but these three don’t tell us what cup size their boobs are and how much one breast weigh! But these three have the perfect boobs in roudness, heaviness and form and shape especially with a shirt, without a shirt, with a bra, bending over, and standing up half naked. The best thing about these three is that their breast is completely natural and silicone free. They are completely real.

  24. also these three have the biggest boobs in the world and I’m not sure if there any black women that can compare to them especially other women of color or anyone that is non-white in the realm of completely real, all natural, no silicone breasts to match these three women’s breasts size in perfect heaviness and roudness and form dropping pass there elbows except Sally from website and Mimi and red bone, and toni from website!

  25. Karola is the woman of my dreams. I think she is beautiful. I would be in seventh heaven to make love to her. I would love to fondle her breasts. I would love to bury my face in her boobs.

  26. Meeeeeeeeeeen how i wish i could just feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel this hugh tits of Karola. i love everything about her. men i give everything to have her for just an hour. Karola you are a real woman.

  27. Love those boobs I wish someone had a photo of her standing with them over her shoulders. I have never seen a woman who could do that an have them stay on their own

  28. Norma Stitz’s tits aren’t as big as Karola’s! No way! The site of Norma Stitz also frustrates me as it’s kind of confusing to navigate. Too much clutter. And a lot of wasted pictures where her breasts are hidden. I hate sites where boobs are 50% smaller than the boobs should look because of a bra. What’s the point? The better shots of Norma are in her earlier years before she had her site. I wish they used that same creativity on her current site!

  29. I agree with Sean.

    Norma would be instantly defeated by Karola.

    Norma belongs to a reasonable category ,
    while Karola is a true smasher.

  30. Ich würde der Karola mal zu gerne einen strammen Seil-BH schnüren!
    Das würde ihre Monsterbrüste in supergeile Megakugeln verwandeln….

  31. Karola, milujem Tvoje obrovské a nádherné prsia !!!
    Jedna noc s Tebou v Tvojom náručí – moj najkrajší sen !!!
    Náruživo Ťa bozkáva Peter /55/.

  32. No breast fight would ever be permitted between Karola and Norma.

    Since Karola’s breasts are far heavier , she would hurt Norma.

    Norma Stitz is a marketing product , not big enough for these days.

    Compared to Karola , Norma Stitz looks anorexic.

    Karola could smother Norma with very little effort.

    Please keep in mind the severe differences.

    Don’t let Norma Stitz propaganda cheat you.


  33. So here is a set all you fucking pig fucks can dig, you shallow fucks with shit for brains that cum all over yourself when you see a fat tittied whore.
    Small titttied women are the best, the hottest, the best lovemakers, have the sexiest hips, bellys and asses. What’s the matter you pigs cum all over yourselves looking at these massive tumors on this whore?
    Stupid fucks

  34. Guys …

    I have seen a lot of “virtual competition” between Norma and Karola.

    My best friend is a physician and she saw the pictures.
    Her conclusion is that Karola beats Norma by far in terms of size.

    According to the way breasts rest and hang it seems the situation gets
    even worst for Norma Stitz.

    While Norma’s Stitz breasts are obese , Karola’s are extemely massive
    and with no doubt heavier and would indeed resist hardcore violence.

    In a real tit fight Karola would send Norma to the wheel chair for life.

  35. damn that chick has monstourus boobs!but she is not rly pretty,i world fuc her tho…=).bot how could those tits be like that?

  36. there’s a bunch of “experts” that walk their lives convinced that Norma Stitz outrageous when it’s a brutal fact that Karola is way bigger than Norma Stitz …


  38. Hello,
    i had a pass for her new site
    And i must say, shes really the best lady in this world.
    Her videos are so hot and some are really funny, if u speak german.
    But here are only softcore pictures and videos.
    I mailed her and she gave me the answer in less then 24 hours.
    I hope the answer came personally from her.
    She wrote, that in the near future there will be videos and pictures of her in the shower. But she didn´t told me when in the future.
    I also asked her for some videos of her with an man having sex, but she told me she does not know any man who she wants to have sex with.
    But im sure there will be a lot of men, she only must say “YES I WANT A MAN”. If she does, i will be the first who also says “YEEESSS”.
    So, fans of her must visit her site, its really great. But in this moment only Topless.
    Best wishes from germany


  39. Tits are like paychecks bigger is always always better no matter how large saggy tits with dark veins and deep stretchmarks are very sexy they give a titter. Sexy mature look. To karola: sie haben die grosste schoenste titten in die weld bitte bleiben sie genau wie sie sind. Danke danke. Danke!

  40. My wife 0f 28 years is blessed with a 50ff pair. Double f I found stands for floppy and fun she I very saggy to the point thsat all you see is the top ogf her big. Pale areolasd her sexy little nipples are tucked under lots of bulging bveins and deep stretch marks I make a point to tell her that I think she’s a sexy voluptuous woman hopefully karola has
    A lucky mate (dam lucky) to remind het of hert beauty

  41. I see a few negative comments here women. Like karola, who I think is sexy and beautiful don,t have to take their bras off! Ny wife is a ff girl and has been the recipient of many negative comments (all from flat women) which was very hard t

    O deal with. We are different physically and need to look at each other in a positive manner. When trying to view a karola video I get a buffering that comes up what is this please answer on this site. Thanx.

  42. Hi Mike~

    Try downloading the videos first using the right-click (or Alt-click on a Mac) and save them to your hard drive for off-line viewing. That way, you won’t be buffering the file on-line and it should work much better.

    ~Reese! :~)

  43. Hey Mike~

    What computer / operating system and media player software are you using? I’ve got both a PC with Windows 7 & Windows Media Player and a Mac running OSX with Quicktime and they both work fine on these videos. Let me know what you’ve got and I’ll try to find an alternative movie player for you…

    ~Reese! :~)

    parler plutot du modele karola coment vous la trouver ? et que feriez vous si vous étier en face de karola tout nu?

  45. Hi reese ! Again thanks so much for your help ahead of time! I am not using a computer , I am on a blackberry cell phone. Please answer on this site I have a lot of experience living with an extremely sdaggy large titted woman and have a lot of stories I can tell hopefully you have a double f or maybe many sizes larger other half in your life, I do not have a lot of comuter skills which is an interesting paradox because I am a toolmaker that worked in the first shop that made the first four sided fine pitch chips in modern computers for intel about twenty five years ago. Please excuse my poor typing skills as I am typing with three re attached fingers. Which do not work that well. Again thank YOU so much ahead of time!

  46. Just one more point thank you to very free or whoever runs this site it is a great forum for those of us lucky enough blessed enough fortunate enough to go through life with a sexy gorgeous extrenely saggy large titted woman

  47. Je parle un peux francaise. Bonjour monsuer pickbrown. Comma tallez vous. Je vais tres bien! Karola est # 1! Elle est. Grande. Grande grande tetons!

  48. Justwondering if karola has done any photos or videos enjoying her tremendous tits as in kissing liking and sucking them

  49. To the boss of the website about fifteen years ago I got a free video to commenmerate a one year anniversary of plumpers and big women magazine a woman very similar to karola! Very large perfectly shaped (saggy) tits large pale five inch plus areolas nipples tucked like my wife a brunette lots of dark veins and deep. Stretch marks. Post her she would compliment karola very well. By the way she went by the name of sarah

  50. tony …. can’t answer your question … but I can tell you that if Karola gives Norma Stitz a bear hug , that would show how brutally heavier and bigger Karola is … Most of us always thought that no day would come where Norma Stitz would be defeated … but as you can see … that day has already come … And the defeat has been a ” by far ” defeat and not just a mere dubious victory.

    Karola would indeed crush Norma Stitz with no effort at all.

  51. my wife who is very proud of her 40 inch ff cup size tits was put in a bear hug by a woman who sports an( I ) size bra and was quickly crushed with ease; the woman even let my wife put both her tits agains just one of the I size cups and couldn’t budge it. for the first time in her life my wife was the one being easily defeated by a more powerful tit queen; for the reminder of the night she worshiped and paid homage to the women that crushed her.

  52. I hear a lot of comparisons to Norma Stitz. Please guys lets not make Norma out to be some foxy babe. My problem with both Norma and Karola is the lack of areola and nipple defination. I’ll take Eden Mor, Cheron, and Chantel any day of the week over those to even though their smaller in the boob department. I like Anorei too but she’s got the same problem zero defination a women needs a darker areola in my book to be top notch.

  53. jb … I agree with you … there are lots of comparisons to Norma Stitz in this blog and in plenty of other webs.
    In at least 90 % of the comparisons Karola is bigger than Norma Stitz , or Karola’s boobs are heavier than Norma’s , or simply Norma can’t beat Karola.
    If you like or need well defined darker areolas you may like Gloria Sutters.
    Bigger than Karola and of course giant compared to Norma.

  54. Would love to see karola sucking her incredibly sexy tits. It would be so sexy to see her enjoy and love her beautiful tits like we do

  55. My better half much better sucks herself to turn me on and herself too I look forward to baseball when I get home from two jobs. She has a baseball diamond belly button up top two tucked under nipples four inches below that and a cute little puss about two inches below that sparse pussy hair fills in the infield she hangs down past her hairline. I am very lucky

  56. i feel korola is much bigger and heavier and much longer and droopier than norma stitz, i proclaim karola as having the largest tits in history!

  57. Karola looks a lot like peggy horne used to look. Reese post some pics and vid. Clips of peggy if you cvan. Self sucking shots of karola thisd I know you can do

  58. Let’s see some bent over saggy shots and some standup shots0 with her pale areolae brushing her hairline self sucking shots would be incredible! Come on reese do the world a huge favor

  59. Hi reese let’s see the shower shots you talked about before. They would have to be the standup super sagging shots I want to see.

  60. for the fans of big and beautiful breasts
    the best site : (von karola )
    karola is a natural model
    always new movies and pictures
    weekly karola is very generous, sexy, sensual, fantastic, wonderful , congratulations
    thank you karola

  61. If you`re looking for quanTITy tits this the woman for you. Norma Stitz (normastits) is the chocolate version (fave).
    I`d love to have all four of those huge tits to smother me for only 3 days straight.Then they wouldn`t want to see a GUY for weeks when I got through suckin and playing with them.
    It would be a TIT FEAST` for me.

  62. Guys ….

    This blog is about a true giant named Karola …

    I’m having a hard time understanding why so many comparisons
    with Norma Stitz.

    Although Norma is big , her boobs are more like “waterish” and saggy.

    Karola is heavy meat , massive tits , beating Norma by far.

    I have been a long time in South Carolina and there are black women with
    her breasts way buy waaaaay bigger than Norma’s.

    Open your eyes ! and recognize Karola as a TRUE TIT MONSTER !!!

  63. Karola ist die SCHÖNSTE sexy Frau der Welt
    Blick auf die Augen
    es DRÜCKT die Liebe
    ich WÜNSCHTE, Sie liebt mich
    ooooh la la ! karola

  64. Nobody…nobody is bigger better or more lovable than Norma. Karola runs a distant also breathtaking and I am so grateful for both these lovely incredible darling breathtaking ladies. Thank you , thank you!

  65. chubby lourdaud , tu ne connais pas karola pourquoi tu dis elle est loin derriére norma ?
    KAROLA a des seins plus gros que NORMA okay chubby lourdaud

  66. Karola, have got more than what I expect, more than the size of her head, that reaches down to her waist, better than titches.

  67. merci Boober
    karola a 4dvds super
    est-ce que tu les a vu ?
    et de nombreuses photos
    son photographe Marcus a eu beaucoup de chance de tourner ses films avec elle .
    je pense que c’est une femme suisse ou allemande ou polonaise
    boober si tu veux on peut correspondre ?

  68. note pour massive boobblover
    non karola est allemande , pas suisse
    tu as bien compris , mon petit monsieur avec tes fausses informations

  69. There’s a simple way for Karola to see if she’s bigger than Norma. Let’s face it the two of them are never going to get together unfortunately!! When Norma dethroned Ambrosia for the ‘biggest’ title they measured their boobs in all sorts of ways. That video is out there on a lot of sites so Karola just needs to do the same measurements and hey presto!!!

  70. Liebe Karola,

    Ich habe Sie erst for kurzem entdeckt und bin begeistert. Von was Ich von Ihnen gesehen habe glaube Ich dass wir uns gut verstehen wuerden. Ich bin ein bischen aelter als Sie, und Sie als meine Freundin zu haben wuerde mich so stolz machen! Bitte machen Sie keine Porno Vidios. Bin auch sehr enttauest wie vulgar viele Maenner ueber Sie schreiben.

    Mit den besten Gruessen Horst

  71. Hello
    tell you of lies MR Horst Franck
    Karola you say no pornography
    but you watch it ,and you wanted to see her making love with men
    you are like all men
    you are a liar and a manipulator

  72. i think both karola and norma are very close in size. i prefer norma, simply because i am a ‘nigger lover’!

  73. karola and norma are sexy
    l prefer KAROLA
    we see his big blue veins and taking the age
    KAROLA 55 years
    breasts continued has to bulk up
    l love that KAROLA and norma is found

  74. Apparently the question of who’s the biggest in the world arouses passions. And that’s logical: every boob lover wants to know! A smothering titfight Norma vs Karola would certainly be the greatest event of all times for the fans all over the world. But it’s like dreams that never come true, unfortunately… So we are condamned to compare only with pictures and videos.
    Norma’s title is often contested, and Karola is for sure bigger than life, the biggest in Europe: no doubt. But personnally, I’m sure that Norma is bigger. Even when we can imagine that a woman could stand the comparison (not beat her, of course, just stand the comparison), she outdoes her. For example, the huge Mz Diva shot pictures and a video with her: before that video, I would never had imagined there was such a difference…
    And when I look carefuly the most recent pics of Karola, and compare them to Norma’s, I’m reinforced in my opinion. Nevertheless I would love to see a woman bigger than Norma! It’s very exciting to think that the queen for all years has lost her crown… But personnally I’m sure that this time is not come.

  75. breasts KAROLA are big and sexy
    his lips are fleshy and sensual
    karola is a woman to breastfeed
    the man who wants to become a baby
    chaest weighs 9,5 kg of KAROLA
    a man with KAROLA band moming , afternoon , evening it would the happiest men
    i want to suck , i want to caress , l want to ejaculate breasts KAROLA

  76. 4.5 kg each? Strange since I’ve personally weighed Anika’s (of DB and OMGBB) and they are of the same weight though definitely smaller than Karola’s. And I don’t think it’s a density thing.

  77. Looking for the karola clip where she shows off her bulging viens. About four minutes. Found it under holy knockers batman Please post a link

  78. has either Karola or Norma commented on the other ? i would love to hear what THEY THINK, if a tit to tit contest took place between them.. example, how long would it take for one to crush the other? we would need Minka or Maxie as a ref to try to keep order

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