In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey…

Legend has it that Doug Ingle, keyboardist of Iron Butterfly and composer of the seminal 17 minute epic, was quite possibly drunk when he wrote the title of the band’s new song on the original demo tape, and that a record company executive decided to use it as written because it hearkened to the then-mysterious Eastern spirituality that was all the rage with artists like the Beatles at the time. It was supposed to be “In the Garden of Eden”, of course, which is precisely where I’d like to be…

…simply because that’s the on-line home of the incomparable Eden Mor. A new discovery for me, the 20-year-old Eden makes her real home in Israel. With a bra size of 80HH (but that’s metric, so it would be approximately 34HH measured in inches), she’s the most exceptionally-endowed model yet to grace MyBoobSite, and I’ll definitely be sharing more of Eden with you here as time goes on. In the meantime, enjoy these photos and be sure to visit her Garden of Eden website (and don’t miss her preview video)!




49 thoughts on “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey…”

  1. ok, just thought I would ask. Hi (by the way) Do you get into serious relationships? Would a dream woman like you even go out with a dreamer like me on just a simple date, but fun?

  2. hi, eden , I’m a man from China , and I felt very happy since saw your all things on the net , so , I’ll say that you are a great female as you make me to understand a young lady goddess in my heart every day ! your body is a artistry.

  3. Just moved from california to Viginia and would love for you to cum to see me. I am finding it hard to find a beautiful, sexy large breasted woman like you here… I adore you. marry me and you can get pregnent and watch your mellons swell and get full of milk. I’m sure that you would be able to fill a 1 liter bottle from each of you massive breast. I would love to suck on your nipples for hours and hours. I’m sure that I would have to get an industryal breast pump to empty all the milk, and keep it on to make your nipples very thick and long. how would you like your nipples to be 13mm thick and 30mm long. then they would be in proporsion with your massive mellons….. LOVE STEVE

  4. Eden Mors’s name is sooo appropriate. Just like the garden of Eden, this woman is like unto a paradise of pure pleasure! Earthling man does not have enough eyes to take in all of her beauty at once! She’s too wonderful to look at without becoming hooked!

  5. With those big squishy boobs who needs pillows? If I got my face stuck in them I don’t ever think I could get back out! They’re so squishy soft.

  6. hi eden i am u r big fan.till now i didnt see any pic r movie that some one is fuckking u only i saw u r boobs and pussy i will be the first to fuck u if u say me to fuck i love u more that my life really can i have u r mail id in yahoo plz u r my dream girl i will remove cum from mu cock in bath room by imagin that i am fucking u boobs and sucking u r boobs

  7. big angel…you became my wife from the day i saw you…n always doing my handwork by thinking of you darling…

  8. hello, i am a big breast lover. i am looking for big tits models for relationship, sex and chatting. i have no idea from where i can get into their tpuch and contact. please let me know if any one knows. Roberto Guru

  9. First off, I’d like to say that Eden is a very hot, Voluptuous woman. I love how her boobs are huge without appearing grossly gigantic or disproportionate to her body. I’d say without a doubt that she is the hottest girl on your site.

    I absolutely adore Eden’s thumbnail image, with the flower in her hair and her fists clasped tightly on her breasts. It’s the one featured in your website banner. I believe it’s from the same photoshoot as eden4.jpg on this page, but I can’t find a normal-sized version of it anywhere.

    Anyways, thank you for the lovely pictures ;-)8<=

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