Oiling up with Maxi 32JJ…

It’s been nearly a month since I last blogged Maxi 32JJ, so I figured is was time to make good on the promise I’d made in my “Maxi 32JJ in overalls…” post to feature her baby oil breast massage shoot here at some point. It just doesn’t seem fair that I got to see Maxi’s JJ-cup tits all slippery and slathered in oil so much earlier than you, but I like to let a given model slide naturally over to the second page of my MyBoobSite before blogging her again (except in the case of breakthrough news, mind, like Faith’s titfuck / blowjob video).

I actually found this series from Maxi to be a bit shocking, as pregnant Maxi is now so big she looks fit to burst! However, it’s not really all that evident in the view from behind. I do love shots like that where you catch a glimpse of breast flesh when a model’s facing away from the camera. In fact, that’s one of the key methods I use to assess how busty someone is when walking (or should I say stalking?) down the street. If there’s a woman walking in front of me and I can see the contours of her boobs jutting out beyond her torso, I invariably pick up the pace so I can get a frontal view. ;~)

But back to Maxi: Here are a few photos from her baby oil shoot on Maxi32JJ, my favourites being the “dangling” photos in the third row, as there’s nothing like the close-up perspective of a beautiful, bulging pair of big breasts dangling in your face. It just makes me want to reach out and lick them (apart from the face that I haven’t dusted my monitor in weeks)… :~P

Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com    Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com    Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com

Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com    Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com    Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com

Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com    Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com    Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com

Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com    Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com    Maxi 32JJ of Maxi32JJ.com

(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)

…and here are some clips from Maxi’s videos that go along with the series, oiling up the rest of her body and then rubbing and squeezing exquisitely suckable her nipples to a massive erection, courtesy of Maxi32JJ.com:

Maxi 32JJ Videos from Maxi32JJ.com    Maxi 32JJ Videos from Maxi32JJ.com

(note: videos downloadable from the site are full-frame HD 1280×720 resolution)


17 thoughts on “Oiling up with Maxi 32JJ…”

  1. Maxi love goddess *worship* ouch :))) Her enormous breasts and huge nipples are really driving me wild LOL :) Sorry Reese, but she’s my fav :)))
    Ugh her husband must be a very very lucky man :)

    As always super Reese! And Maxi thank you for sharing :)) Don’t stop!

  2. Hmh, I don’t know…I still don’ really find her (body) that attractive…!?! And I still think models, who hide their face shouldn’t be featured anyway…!?! I mean, come on, people who know you, will recognize you anyway…and those who don’t, well, who cares…?!?

    Anywayy, to each their own…so I’ll just see what the next post here will bring,,,! :)

    And until then I’ll just keep staring at the Taylor Stevens pics…!! ;)

  3. Maxi is always so incredible but i can say that i’ve prefered the creamy video of french girl kapucine. She really seemed to take pleasure in oiling her humongous boobs.
    Anyway, thanks a lot Reese, you’re always on top !

  4. Reese made a good point. I was in the bookstore yesterday and I saw a woman from behind, and those two tell-tale bulges were sticking out. :-) She was wearing a thing with a low cut back, bare under the arms, and I could see the flesh bulging out, not just the fabric! Low cut in the front, too. Wow! Too bad she had a homely face, and she was having to take time to chase down her young kid.

    I looked at Maxi’s earlier pics and these recent ones, and there isn’t much change; her boobs stick out more but that’s because her belly is pushing them out. Mangaphreak made a good point. Her body is not that attractive to me, but I think that’s because she’s petite, and that makes her boobs look bigger. And he’s right about the face. Maxi and Breya and the others who obscure their faces will never be as popular as those that are revealing all. And not being able to see Maxi’s head makes it harder to determine her size and height, so we can’t easily tell how petite she is. She’s probably 5 feet tall or less.

    And like he said, ho-hum, just another Maxi day; blog on.

  5. Well, another great post on this blog!
    Maxi32JJ is amazing!
    One of the best curvaceous big busty ladies on the net!
    Sexy, hot and absolutely gorgeous!
    Please, let’s keep in touch with her evolution!

  6. Monster tits on a fab lady!
    Bombshell of the amateur contest, isn’t she?!
    Milking juggs are waiting to spray off…

  7. hi guys, im a 20 yr old female with 36jj or 38j boobs, im finding it really hard to get a bra that gives support AND cleavage, or even just cleavage
    please can u help me find a bra that will do this. I live in scotland but can buy online. please email me back on email i have given.


  8. Has anyone seen the Milena Velba video where she is being milked by a redhead? I’ve seen it a couple of times and have been trying to find it but no such luck?

  9. Could anyone point me toward some recent pics of Sharday?

    I’m in a particular mood today, and I don’t think it’s just going to go away…

    Or, if you could post some, Reese? Please…?

  10. always been a maxi fan……….though i understand why she hides he face, I think hiding her face has really hurt her popularity in the long run. But then again who knows why she does this anyway? the growth she has shown over the years has been very nice. Back in the day she was the reason I went to the now defunct (I guess) topheavy.com.

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