The tribulations of Taylor Stevens…

A few weeks ago, I received a comment from a visitor identified only as “Taylor Fan”, who wrote: “Reese, massive fan of your site, truly brilliant work. However you’ve often mentioned Taylor Stevens, and even said she was one of your favourites. So why no coverage? It has been too long I say, Taylor Stevens needs to revisit your blog, with some of her fine videos! p.s. There seem to be hardly any large pictures of her, any chance of showing any Reese?”

Those of you who’ve been with MyBoobSite since last year will remember Taylor Stevens from my “If Britney Spears had G-cup boobs…” blog (and, actually, they’re H-cup tits – 40H to be precise – as Tay later informed me). She’s indeed one of my favourites and has been absent from these pages for far too long (but with good reason, as I’ll explain in a moment). As for large pictures, Taylor Fan, the only ones I’ve found so far are those I’d featured in my Score blog of Taylor (however, I will be sure to ask Taylor if she has any new hi-res shots that she’d like to share here).

It seems that Taylor’s been having more than her share of troubles lately: She had been taking time out to care for her ill mother along with her brothers. Then, just as her mom was getting better, Taylor herself ended up in the hospital with what she describes as “one of the most painful things I have ever experienced in my life”. After having blood work, ultrasounds and morphine for the pain, her doctors ultimately determined that Taylor was suffering from gallstones and gave her some medication for that. A week later, her doctor called her back to say that he’d also detected some problems with her kidneys, and requested that she return for a CAT-scan! She’s still waiting for her appointment and has been quite worried, as the doctor refused to provide any details over the phone. The only silver lining at the moment is that her pain is only sporadic now, thanks to the medication.

But that’s not all, oh no! Taylor was getting into her car the other day to visit her mother when the temperature light started flashing. When she took it in to her mechanic, he discovered that the head gasket had cracked and all of the fluids mixed together in the engine and all the reservoirs. The upshot? She had to replace the engine (and part with beau coup bucks). Then to top everything off, one of Taylor’s best friends lost his grandmother – the woman who had brought him up. Attending her wake and funeral took its toll on Taylor, as death has been a constant issue on her mind ever since her mother became ill. Taylor said that the biggest bright spot during this dark time has been her fans, who’ve showered her with well-wishes and support, and she really doesn’t know what she’d do without all of you there for her.

Phew! Poor Tay. :~(

You know, I think this is the longest I’ve gone on on MyBoobSite without actually mentioning boobs! Still, I thought you deserved the full explanation for her absence from these pages. The good news is that she’s planning to get back on-line this coming week and spending time with her fans via webcam to help take her mind off everything that’s been going on. If you’d like to have a chat with Taylor, you can do so via her iFriends Fan Club. It’s free to join, and you’ll get access to her personal photo & video archive at no charge (if you decide to enter “live chat mode”, though, that’s when you have to pay). Granted, Taylor’s just one of the hundreds of busty women available for live videochat over at iFriends, but it’s safe to say that she’s our favourite (as well as the one whom I think looks best in a tube-top!)… ;~)

Taylor Stevens 40H    Taylor Stevens 40H    Taylor Stevens 40H

Taylor Stevens 40H    Taylor Stevens 40H    Taylor Stevens 40H

…oh, and here are a few video clips from the very beginning of one of Taylor’s live videochat sessions over at iFriends. As much as I feel for what she’s going through right now, she could have at least sent me the full video so I could see what happened after she took her bra off. Oh well, I guess it’s just all the more incentive to go check out her extensive photo & video archive at Taylor’s free iFriends fan site:

Taylor Stevens 40H    Taylor Stevens 40H

Taylor Stevens 40H    Taylor Stevens 40H

[ Remember: Membership to Taylor Stevens’ iFriends Fan Club is totally free, along with all of the photos & videos in her archive; but, if you enter live video chat with Taylor, you’ll be charged. Of course, if you do decide to spend some money and do a live video chat with Taylor, you’ll get the bonus of a warm, fuzzy feeling, knowing that you’re helping to pay for her new car engine and medical expenses! :~) ]


P.S. Oops, I almost forgot: I’d also wanted to share a cute little avatar-sized animated .gif of Taylor’s boobs jiggling out of her top that a friend had made from a few seconds of one of her webcam sessions! So, here you go.

(webmasters and prospective chat hosts)

16 thoughts on “The tribulations of Taylor Stevens…”

  1. The avatar is great! and I be damned if every time I see a new pic or video of Taylor, her boobs dont look bigger to me…… or maybe its just wishfull thinking.

  2. Hollowleg: Oh, bugger off! There are people here who are genuinely interested in what’s going on with Tay at the moment. Tell you what, in your case, just think of this as a public service announcement.

    Kevin: Ya know, I think you’re right!

  3. Reese – You sure that site it totally free? I signed up for their “free acces” at the iFriends site a ways back to check out Taylor’s site and my card actually got charged. It was only a few bucks but I got the charges reversed and cancelled my membership.

    Strange. I was a little surprised.

    Sad to hear about her run of bad luck – hopefully things will get on the right path for her soon.

  4. BigBoobFan~

    That’s odd. I signed up for iFriends in July of last year with my credit card, spent about a month downloading photos & videos (never did a live videochat with anyone), and I’ve never been charged for it. Hmm. I know they did a verification to ensure the card was legit, but never had an actual charge. Will have to confront them on that!


  5. Well even cute busty girls have bad days as it seems. I hope she get’s well, and I know that we all hope that her mother gets well.

    Cheers :)

  6. Gallstones are a serious problem. If they get really bad, the usual is to perform surgery and that usually leaves a big scar. But I think a lot of surgeeons nowadays are doing laparoscopy, where they punch a couple holes and insert the instruments, which leaves a lot less scars. For a model, that can be important. Let’s hope she can get over it without surgery.

    Of course then people see some small scars and start yelling “Implants!” which isn’t true. As far as I know, Taylor’s bouncy boobs are all natural. What’s a really noticeable scar is open-heart surgery. I knew a woman who had that, and the scars were noticeable for years.

    Enough morbid thoughts. So what’s the verdict on the non-blonde survey? Eh?

  7. Not everyone is in tune with these models. I don’t know Taylor personally and I don’t really care about the soap opera. What I do care about is seeing her enormous tits. You may feel obliged to care about their personal lives because of the position you are in but don’t lump all the rest of us in that category. That being said you have a great blog, I was just disappointed in the pics.

  8. big boob fan- i had the same problem. i signed up and had barely used the site. and there was a few bucks charged to me.

  9. Amazing it’s the only word that comes to mind when i see those huge melons.¡¡By God!!she must have the back’s muscles of a T-800 just to hold those babies up…
    Reese: Since you are just such a fan of’s Alicia, i found this blog and i think it may be of some interest for you:
    In this blog someone posing as Alicia writes about a site with breasts reduction as the central theme of discussion. If you can check this, it will be another mistery unveiled by you :). Be seeing ya mate!!

  10. Hi reese, thank you soo much for the lovely things you said and i appreciate your care and means a lot you and this site are both amazing. Things are really hectic right now and i promise to send you loads of stuff when things clear up. I know that some people dont want to get involved in a models life and personal issues which of course is completly understandable :), but my blog is my way of connecting to the people who do care about that and who do want to know, i share the good and the bad. SO thank you for caring and i look forward to bringing you all a lot more bouncy fun. Thanks again for everything

  11. Hey Reese, thanks alot for answering my post, it’s good to know this is a site that cares about it’s visitors. Same to you Taylor, it’s good to see you take the time to look over what your fans are saying. Really sorry to hear about your problems, I’ve been a fan for a while, but without a credit card, i rely on great people such as Reese. Hope everything improves.

    Also Reese just going to ask if you’ve ever come across Dawn Allison from I would have thought she’d have been welcome on the best breast site on the net.

    Keep up the great work!

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