Perhaps Pam Parker or Colette on cam?

Ever since I’d blogged ImLive’s busty webcam girls on Friday, I’ve been casually surfing the site in search of new talent. However, more and more, it seems that familiar faces keep cropping up! For example, I could swear that this first girl is my favourite busty plumper Xtasy from HotSexyPlumpers (I’ll provide galleries of both for the sake of comparison)…

Definitely Xtasy from    Maybe Xtasy on webcam at

…what do you think? The next one I came across struck me as a dead ringer for 38JJ Missy (aka Serenitty) from

Definitely Missy 38JJ from    Maybe Missy 38JJ on webcam at

…but, again, I’m not really sure. It makes sense, though, that some of our beloved big boobs models would wish to supplement their website income by webcamming in their spare time. It’s nice for us, too, as it provides fans the opportunity to chat live with these girls 1-on-1 and develop more of a personal relationship than the decidedly one-sided affair of merely perving over their pics & videos.

It was the third familiar face, however, that left me in a bit of a kerfuddle and thinking that maybe you guys could help me out. The model’s name for the sake for her cam site was “Primrose” (why oh why can they not simply use the same name for all of the sites on which they appear?). As soon as I clicked, I swore I’d seen her before. My first inkling was that she might be 40H Colette from

Colette 40H from    Colette 40H from    Colette 40H from

Colette 40H from    Colette 40H from    Colette 40H from

Colette 40H from    Colette 40H from    Colette 40H from

Colette 40H from    Colette 40H from    Colette 40H from

…”webcamming with her would be great!” I thought, since Colette’s a master of mammary motion as evidenced by the big boobs bouncing and swinging videos on her site

Colette videos from    Colette videos from

Colette videos from    Colette videos from



…I was fairly certain I’d solved the riddle on this one, too, until the dark shadows of doubt began creeping into my mind. I know, I know – I could’ve easily just logged on to Primrose’s fan site and asked, but that seemed too obvious – and, besides, I wouldn’t have been able to write such an excessively extensive blog for today! :~)

My second thoughts progressed through a panoply of pulchritudinous possibilities, taking into consideration not only the breasts but body type, facial structure and hairstyle as well (realising the latter is fairly ephemeral in nature). I finally settled upon another potential candidate, the lovely Pam Parker from

Pam Parker from    Pam Parker from    Pam Parker from

Pam Parker from    Pam Parker from    Pam Parker from

Pam Parker from    Pam Parker from    Pam Parker from

Pam Parker from    Pam Parker from    Pam Parker from



…so is Primrose indeed actually Pam Parker; or is she Colette; or perhaps someone entirely different whom I’ve not yet considered?! In this case, at least for me, it seems that familiarity only breeds confusion. Thus, having provided extensive evidence for you to examine, please take a look and let me know what you think. To assist in your deliberation, here’s the original Primrose gallery that I’d come across at

Primrose on webcam at




20 thoughts on “Perhaps Pam Parker or Colette on cam?”

  1. Well I’ve never used ImLive but I have cammed with a couple of girls for Hotsexyplumpers on Specifically Lizzy a few times and Daphne once. I have seen Monica’s listing on NF but have never had a show from her. I do get a show from a couple of the BBW’s from Niteflirt once or twice a week but I could use a wider variety to choose from especially at a more reasonable price.

  2. “Elementary, my dear Reese” :) Body traits aside, the secret is in the necklace! If you look closely you will find that the golden simple necklace that Primrose is wearing in several of the photos is, in fact, exactly equal to the one that Pam Parker uses in her photos. This could be a coincidence, but it would be quite strange… :) So, my verdict is: Primrose is Pam Parker!

  3. Collette is the great breast mystery to which I spent a fair amount of time trying to unravel – needless to say Miss C is safe and sound in the northeast and living the life of a student in the post grad world – These pics are old and leftover from her last site –

  4. Definitely not Colette – she was more BBW than this woman. Some shots bear a VERY strong resemblance to Pam Parker, especially the later grabs. But the clearest images of her face in the middle really look like neither. If it’s anyone I’ve seen before I’d guess Pam Parker, but perhaps in slightly younger days.

  5. Your blog is great and there is nothing better in the world than big boobs. But the girl should be cute- somehow!
    You’ve come a long way from Imogen, Faith and Jana down to these girls.

    All the best for the future!

  6. Definitely Pam Parker. I solved the mystery and found the necklace thinking I was the first but it seems that Man of Action reported this first. I have a shot of Pam using a red measuring take to show the girth of one breast (by the way I’m finding this to be a very erotic measurement and it’s become more important as we have more and more big jugg models these days. Hard to tell the difference between the 38Hs and 36Js etc. girth says it all! I’m finding anything 20 inch or better is gigantic…) and in this photo she is wearing that necklace.

    If you also look closely at the nipple and areola you can tell there’s no way it’s Colette. Colette was awesome. She was the total voluptuous woman! Wish she would return. Her eyes are also unmistakeable: big round pretty eyes. This ‘primrose’ is not like that.

    I also wanted to comment on the Serenitty look alike. I don’t think that’s the same girl. And Xstacy? Possible, dude.

  7. I don’t think she’s Pam Parker. Their faces, though similar, are not the same. yes, they have massive boobs but not the same girl/woman, from my point of view at least . ¡¡¡Keep going as usual, you’re doing terrific!!!

  8. Since today is election day, my vote goes to Pam Parker.

    I’ve often wondered if Collette’s eyes are dark underneath because of eye makeup, or if it’s just dark skin under her eyes. But then I’m probably watching mostly a lot lower… :-) Damn, that girl can whop her tits around! I hope she doesn’t try that while she’s on top, ‘cuz the guy under her is gonna get slapped silly if she does!

  9. Collette, Pam Parker and Primose are the same. The mole halfway down the right breast (as we face the pics) in Collette and Primose’s pics and clips is in the same place. In Pam’s you can still see an image of where that mole might be plus the necklace as was previously mentioned. regardless what a pair of love pillows!!!

  10. I’ve stopped wondering why (about all the names). I figure their various names are trademarked for various reasons.

    The way I see it, they’re just avoiding the ‘tittie-taxes’. So, now they’re free to take more pics for our pleasure.

    Thank you, you lovely ladies!

  11. While I agree that Primrose and Pam Parker are the same. I have to disagree about Collette. Pam has a slight overbite that Collette has never had. Also Collettes areolae are larger than Pams. And on the Missy question,I don’t think she and Serinity are the same. In any case,keep up the good work. Any chance you could post something from

  12. I’m supprised from some of you can’t tell primrose and pam are the same wow! well matter of fact she is. Because i am a person that nows for sure. and that is my secret…lol, but dam, it took this long for this girl to show up more place’s on the internet. Im shocked, she has been at imlive for some time now, at least 4 years now. Thats pretty good for her, if u not want to be so public to so many people out there in this world. But not ask me my secret, because i was told personaly not to exploit her real identity, and i think thats why alot of women chose to use different names. So that it is hard to find out who they realy are, so weird people like us don’t bother them. Because to them its just a job to make money in this world. They have other live’s to deal with, not just this sex industry us guy’s like when we are depessed when we can’t get any. So to me pam/primrose is a great person in my life. Thanks for posting this, it will get her more out there in this world of sex crazed (big boob) guy’s or gals. my heart is out to you Pam Parker/Primrose.

  13. I am truely flattered to find my picture on here;) But i can say for a fact that Missy and the other pic are not the same girl. I am the girl in the second pic. I too have a website though too….you should go and check it out . Although i can say there are alot of girls that have numerous sites and do ImLive and also NiteFlirts.

    Bootylicious SC4

  14. Love your site, keep up the good work
    Just off hand have, you ever heard of Yoko Matsugane?
    She is a bikini model from japan, what a set shes got

  15. Oh yes Pam in the sexy bra gets my vote I love that 2nd pic of her pulling the dress back and showing her magnificent tit off in that bra. I’d love to kneel in front of her and lick her tits and that bra sloppy wet in that lacy thing…mmmm!
    She has such gorgeous tits too. Pic 7 with her elbows back makes those huge heavy tits look so delicious….oooooh!!!
    More Pam….please!

  16. Defo Pam P is Primrose. Look at the Pam P video in the kitchen with her black flower patterend top and red skirt. The exact same outfit Primrose wears in her photos on imlive!!!!

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