Sabrina Meloni in “Attack of the Water Melons”

Bog Boobs – The Cleavage from the Black Lagoon

There I was, just minding my own business, happily blogging away at what may well be the biggest breasts in the world, when an e-mail comes in. Ah, it’s from the webmaster of, with free photo & video galleries. Cool. I haven’t blogged L-cup Sabrina Meloni – 90L to be precise, or 38L in Imperial measures – in quite a while, so here’s an ideal opportunity to do so. So I clicked the first link, and was suddenly faced with what must be one of the most bizarre big boobs videos I’ve ever encountered…

Imagine, if you will, that you’re a diver just mildly meandering through a luxuriously warm lake. As you make your way through its murky depths – your mask clear, yet your vision impaired by algae and sediment – you detect some meagre measure of movement in the indiscernible distance. Cautiously approaching the UFO (Unidentified Floating Object), you begin to make out the indistinct outline of two massive, fleshy orbs. Unsure of their intentions, you decide to swim away. But it’s too late; their heat-seeking nipples have already locked on to you, making escape from the encroaching mammary menace impossible! You freeze in terror, watching helplessly as the buoyant, bouncy aqua tits set upon you, drowning you in their capacious cleavage and leaving you to descend into a watery grave.

[And so, a helpful hint to any alien civilisations wishing to unleash some malevolent mayhem upon all humanity: Simply disguise them as a pair of 90L boobs since, for big breast lovers like myself, resistance is futile.]

Okay, perhaps I’m embellishing a bit, but those were genuinely my first impressions whilst viewing Sabrina’s latest offering (albeit perhaps coloured by a fair bit of Australian red wine). All kidding aside, here’s a preview of the video gallery eliciting my fearful response, courtesy of

Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L) of    Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L) of

Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L) of    Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L) of

…oh, and there were three Sabrina Meloni photo galleries included in said e-mail as well, but I almost forgot about these once traumatised by the “udderly” terrifying video gallery which preceded them! But, here they are, once again from

Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L) of    Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L) of    Sabrina Meloni 90L (38L) of



6 thoughts on “Sabrina Meloni in “Attack of the Water Melons””

  1. It’s too bad all that green slimey water makes the vids so bad.

    I’ve been downloading quite a few video clips from all over the net, and I’ve come to a conclusion. Almost all of them are from the cutting room floor. Most ‘adult entertainment’ video clips are so poor quality that they are not worth watching. I can say they are, without reservation, the biggest waste of one’s time on the ‘net. It’s a rotten shame that the poor excuses of photographers and videographers have to learn to use their cameras at our time and expense.

    Not to mention the stupid cameramen that make one literally seasick from moving the camera around to the point that it makes one nauseous. If I had a penny for every bad video out there, I’d be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

    This rant is regarding videos in general, not Sabrina’s in particular. There’s a delete key, or an equivalent menu choice on the camera, and it should be used to delete those poor quality videos and reshoot the whole thing again. It’s not rocket science to do this. it just takes some objective viewing and a little more work. Doing this would make the movies so much better, and it’s so much easier to do nowadays with everything being digital.

  2. Sabrina is like that buxom, maternal bartender you’ve always fantasized about having a one-nighter with but never do…the first set she looks good–slender and impossibly lush. Didn’t care for the others so much. Bet she looks great in bra and nightgown however…

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