Sam needs a favour…

NOTE: Hah! I just received an e-mail that Sam’s troubles with the magazine have been resolved (that was quick!). Thanks to all the fans who voiced their displeasure and helped to get this issue sorted!

We interrupt this blog to bring you an important public service announcement: It seems our Sexy Samantha 38G has got herself in a bit of a kerfuddle over a magazine’s misrepresentation of her – or, more accurately, a lack thereof – and has requested our assistance to help rectify their blatant oversight. If you’ll permit me to turn the blog over to Sam for a moment…

“The people at anemagazine out right lied to me. They were supposed to do an article on me to make up for the fact that my website was not mentioned in the issue with me on the cover. Oh, they had no problem using my image to get people’s attention. But never once plugged my site as was promised. I ask all my fans to write [edit: e-mail addy removed] a nasty note. It would greatly help me show them that I am more than just one girl. Thanks, Sam”

In case you missed it, the cover image in question was from one of the most artistic and avant garde shoots I’ve seen from Sam to date. Artist Amy Walker had transformed her into a beautiful butterfly using body paint, and a wall mural replete with wings made the metamorphosis complete. The entire series is posted on Sam’s website, but here are a few preview pics…

Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at

Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at

…still, as much as I appreciate the artistic merits of a living human canvas, I must say that I prefer my women stark bollock naked. To that end, here are a few video clips from SexySamantha38G that show Sam and her gorgeous G-cups in all of their nude, natural glory:

Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at

Samantha 38G at    Samantha 38G at


13 thoughts on “Sam needs a favour…”

  1. For sure, Sam is one of the hottes big-bust models (among my favs together with Ashley Evans- the best – long live). But this painted butterfly stuff looks bit nasty. Hard to recognise her. Better not to experiment with paints.

  2. I have to reluctantly agree. I’m a successful fine artist and have to say that the artist working on her was not able to bring out the best in her–the colors are a bit too garish for Sam’s skin type. I actually happen to live near the first painted body salon in the country and some of these women have become living masterpieces because of the attention to detail and vision. But Sam is an extremely hot “softig” woman, nevertheless.

  3. Oh and I just wanted to make one more comment. I think some of the other comments posted here can get too brittle and ascerbic–like that derogatory comment posted recently about Chloe Vevrier. Gentlemen, we are blessed to have such lovely women to look at!

  4. To Craig: What’s a Munter? KYUSS said Samantha’s one of the hottest, and the reason is those absolutely awesome, well proportioned boobs, nipples and areolas. They’re so full and firm and inviting! But I think Sam is far out of place with those butterfly wings. Her place seems to be in bed, tit-fuckng and sucking!

    As for Ashley Evans, she’s another one of those women who look stunning in a bra, but as soon as they go topless, the true breast connoisseur has to use his magnifying glass to make those areolas look bigger! Ashley’s nipples are about right, though.

    Besides Sam, there’s another famous model with boobs, nipples and areolas that are just absolutely stunning, but you’ll never see her here – she doesn’t come up to Reese’s F cup standard. And those gorgeous boobs are on a curvy body that’s just sooo inviting when her clothes are off! She has one of the hottest adult websites on the net, and she’s been in the news, too, on occasion. Her website says, “the most irresistible women on the planet!” and for her, I think that’s mainly because of her boobs, areolas and nipples that just scream, “Touch me, squeeze me, fondle me!”. If by now you haven’t guessed who this is, you can visit her website at

  5. VF – I have to agree. Danni Ashe is one of my all-time favourites and the girls on her site are all pretty damn spectacular. I think was where I first laid eyes on Chloe Vevrier’s amazing body many years ago. Ahhh… good times.

  6. By the way, is her site online? because it directs me to some Dvd rental or sales site.
    ??? weird isn’t?

  7. I love sam’s rack to absolutely no end, I could dive in there and I’d never even try to find my way out again. The paint thing I’ve seen done before, it’s interesting for what it is. I prefer just plain nekkid though.

  8. I can look at a close up, medium shot, or chest shot with no face and know your breasts anywhere. With that said…any breast site, breast magazine, breast video, breast whatever…should know the value of including you in their publications. You also have a market that brings you above the rest. You have a particular way of adding a bit more class than your competition. You are one of the identifiable superstars of the large breasted, bbw, worth watching, luscious women all of us porn officianados now have quick access to indulge ourselves with…and thank the porn gods for that!
    More than once, your breasts have filled my mouth, your soft thighs have engulfed me, and I have filled you with pleasure you have enjoyed while quivering upon me…I suppose you can tell I have a vivid imagination!
    Good luck and kick ass!

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