September Carrino Needs New Curtains

No, really. While they’re not so bad in the photos from her Black Zipper Swimsuit series over at her September Carrino site…

September Carrino black zipper swimsuit photos from

…the aliasing and strobing from the vertical stripes on her curtains really fucks with the video, providing an almost hypnotic moire effect in the background to totally distract your attention from her JJ-cup tits! Just hope it’s not so evident in the actual HD version of September Carrino’s Black Zipper Swimsuit video from

September Carrino black zipper swimsuit video from


6 thoughts on “September Carrino Needs New Curtains”

  1. That first pic is especially sweet, lovely smile!

    September’s dark hair, larger breasts w/o nipple piercing are all much preferred, IMHO. > What a beautiful woman.

    Thanks for featuring her, Reese.

  2. Despite that fact that i know they are real, it always seems from her photos that they are unreal or photoshopped looking, which make me think, are her breasts surreal?

  3. Those nips are to die for! Wow… I want to pop ’em in my mouth and suckle on them all day long… fantastic pics.

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