Blue Areola Veins on the Breasts of Sexy Venera
+ Micro-Blogging for More Tits on My Boob Site

Sexy Venera was first brought to my attention on my big boobs bird head blog some time back when My Boob Site reader Bob wrote, “What about some video and pics of Sexy Venera on your blog? She has to be the most perfect slim and stacked model ever. Her face and breasts are gorgeous and she has cute dimples on her ass.”

But, more recently, it was Joey on my Anna-cam re-blog who reminded me of my omission when he said, “Reese, while Anna is great, I think you should be focusing on the newer happenings of the big boob world. You should blog about Venera! She’s the latest incredible model making waves. She’s slimmer than Merilyn, and has epic natural tits. The view of her massive breasts from behind is a sight to behold when taking in her slim figure. She’s truly one of a kind. I can’t think of a woman slimmer than her with as big of a chest. Merilyn Sakova, Jana Defi, Hitomi Tanaka are all slim and stacked, but Venera looks slimmer than them and just as stacked. I believe she’s only 5ft3 and 107lbs. She looks amazing.”

So thanks to Joey and all who have brought Venera to my attention but, to be honest, she has been on my boob blog before, albeit amidst a melange of massive mammaries from a DDF Busty mega-post

Sexy Venera Blog (kinda) on MyBoobSite

…but, for some reason, her huge, pendulous breasts on a slim & stacked body totally escaped my norksome notice. It wasn’t until I saw the following Venera video showing the highly pronounced visible blue veins on her breasts running across her areolas close-up that I began to seriously pay attention to her tits for the first time ever…

Highly visible blue veins on the big breasts of veiny areola sexy Venera video close-up H-cup flash tits movie from

…but, as much as I find sexy Venera’s veiny areolas intriguing, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about today. I moreso wanted to discuss the future on My Boob Site. Those of you who’ve been here earlier will have noticed big breasts have kept me busy today, as I’ve already done three micro-boob blogs (here, here & here). It just struck me that, sometimes tits have a story to tell, and other times they don’t. So, in such cases when a single sentence should suffice, I hope you don’t mind if we go heavy on breasts and light on the tit talk (yes, I know there’s our Twitter feed for that, but it annoys me you can’t include thumbnail images so big tit loving Twits can see what they’ll be getting when they click). Just looking for ways to get more boobs on the blog more often, really, as well as for suggestions on other ways we can streamline and improve your porn surfing experience here so, if you’ve got any thoughts or opinions to share on these massive mammary matters, please leave a comment!

Right, then, back to today’s titular topic – H-cup busty and venous Venera – in a few photos (shame the areola veins didn’t show up on the pics, though) and more videos from

32H Sexy Venera photos from DDFbusty

Sexy Venera photos from DDF Busty -

32H Sexy Venera videos from DDFbusty

Sexy Venera videos from DDF Busty -



5 thoughts on “Blue Areola Veins on the Breasts of Sexy Venera
+ Micro-Blogging for More Tits on My Boob Site”

  1. Although I’m not big on comments you got my attention when you said

    “I moreso wanted to discuss the future on My Boob Site.”

    Had me worried you were closing. You’re a busy man speak as much/little as you like just keep this going. I really enjoy your monologues.

  2. I really love veins on boobs – I don’t know why…
    Fancy doing a special on women with veiny breasts?

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