The Boob Fairy

Living within sight of the Glastonbury Tor, as I do, I tend to know a bit about fairies. You see, the Tor houses the reputed entry portal to the underworld and serves as the legendary dwelling place of Gwyn ap Nudd, ominous King of the Fairies. His subjects were described as tall, dark beings, just itching to play mocking tricks on mortals, kidnap or even kill them, given half the chance. So, despite their supposed propensity for collecting teeth and leaving money, fairies are not all generosity and smiles.

However, there is another Fairy here in Britain who’s far more entrancing. Hailing from the Northeast of England (which, sadly, is hundreds of miles from Glastonbury), the desirably-curvaceous 26-year-old redhead appears in all of her voluptuous glory on, sharing the site with the likes of Alexis & Imogen and a bountiful bevy of other buxom British beauties. Needless to say, if this Fairy came to collect my teeth in the night, I’d gladly give her the lot…provided she’d let me gum her marvelous 36GG boobs afterwards!

Fairy 36GG    Fairy 36GG

Fairy 36GG    Fairy 36GG

Fairy 36GG    Fairy 36GG


23 thoughts on “The Boob Fairy”

  1. i’m thinking…what woudl it be like to have that dear fairy all mine for rainy Saturday…sipping a little Glenfiddich, watching her prance about in the raw, coming across the room to join you, with her drink…Tanqueray?, both of us of course nude, me working myself up and then her taking over the duty…me groping and grabbing all the woman I can…hmmm.

  2. I determine that I should do a close up and personal study of her boobs and nipples. It may be the only way to truely know if we’re talking quality or just mass quantity. I’ll let you know boys!

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