The Elusive Imogen…

Ah, Imogen. I’ve been stalking the ‘net for this lovely since before I knew bra sizes went above DD-cups. In fact, she may well have been my first introduction to what I would now call reasonable-sized breasts. With a bra size of 38GG and womanly curves in all the right places, Imogen became my model of the ideal woman. I would dream of wallowing in her glorious G-cups for hours on end. Trouble was, I could never find much of her on the ‘net. Even Google searches with all the right terms would only return about 40 results – many of them duplicate galleries. Imagine my delight when I awaken this morning to find that she’s just released a new gallery for her website,! Take a look:



24 thoughts on “The Elusive Imogen…”

  1. Hi, this is Alexis here from Busty Brits. I just happened to fall upon your website purely by accident! I was actually the glamour model, Imogen is my best friend of 17 years, she came on a shoot with me one day and ended up doing some shots! She can’t believe that she has all these fans! Imogen is now 34 years old and is happily married with a son. If you need any more info please contact me!

  2. Hey Alexis,

    Nice to hear from you. Are you and Imogen still modelling?
    Would love to see some recent pics of you both.

    Any chance ??

  3. Hi Navigator
    We don’t model anymore but we are selling our merchandise. T-shirts with our photos on, and lingerie that we actually wore for our shoots!!
    Take care, love Alexis x

  4. It’s a shame you’re not still modelling. Do you sell copies of your photo shoots or does Busty Brits hold the copyright?


  5. Alexis, please please please let Imogen know how many fans she has and tell her to come back to modeling. We love her.
    Where do you now sell your photos and videos, still on Busty Brits?

  6. Imogen is aware of how many fans she has but unfortunately has no desire to do any more photo shoots! We haven’t set up a website yet, but our worn lingerie and a personal letter from either Imogen or myself are available at a cost of £50 sterling plus £5 package and posting. We can be contaced at the following e-mail address
    unfortunately busty brits own our photos, but I have many photos in my portfolio which are available, Imogen however only ever did the shoot for busty brits. Take care you guys xx

  7. What a splendid set…and her face. She isn’t beautiful but sexy as hel…like the wife of a neighor…you dream of catching her sunbathing topless in the back yard…leering over the backyard fence…

  8. wow!!! really good looking lady with a swinging body.. to just compliment her boobs is to miss the forest for the tree ( splendid tree indeed)

  9. Imogen is the epitome of female beauty. She sets a bar that will never be reached. Whoever persuaded her to model is a genius. Women like her make the world a better place.

  10. Stumbled on this site recently. I’ve always felt that Alexis was far more beautiful than Imogen. I would love to see more of her photos but the email she gives above is dead. Anyone any ideas?????

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