The many bras of Davina 32J…

For a woman who spends a lot of time topless, Davina from XX-Cel certainly does seem to have quite the collection of bras. I’m not a fan, personally, as they obscure the breasts from my unfettered viewing pleasure. Then again, there are some who find bras sexy. I agree that they can have some desirable side-effects, such as enhancing the cleavage, but this can sometimes be deceptive as well (as is the case with a WonderBra; a woman takes one off, and you’re left to wonder where her boobs went!). :~P

Such is certainly not the case with Davina, however. Her jumbo 32JJ juggs would never be a disappointment. Mind you, I can understand the plight of well-endowed women such as herself actually needing substantial upholstery to provide enough support to avoid the potential physiological complications of constantly carrying so much weight up top. Still, I so much prefer to see big tits dangling free, and Davina’s J-cups do a rather nice job of that as well! ;~)

Come to think of it, it has been a while since I’d last blogged my favourite XX-Cel model, hasn’t it? Thus, I was pleased to see our lovely Davina in an all-new series, trying on her copious collection of over the shoulder boulder holders, when I logged on to this morning…

Davina 32J from    Davina 32J from    Davina 32J from

Davina 32J from    Davina 32J from    Davina 32J from

Davina 32J from    Davina 32J from    Davina 32J from

Davina 32J from    Davina 32J from    Davina 32J from

(note: sample photos are 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)

…me? I prefer my breasts unencumbered (well, not my breasts, per se, but you know what I mean). To this end, I thought I’d offer a few video clips of a braless Davina as well, again courtesy of

Davina 32J Videos from    Davina 32J Videos from

(note: sample videos 1/4 resolution of those available on the site)


11 thoughts on “The many bras of Davina 32J…”

  1. I think Davina is very very sexy but those have to be some of the most unflattering bras I’ve seen. I hate to even say that because I think Davina is hot. Lighting is negligible too. I personally love to see a woman in bra and panties but let’s keep things feminine, transparent or semi-transparent and with bits of lace and lots of satin, shall we…as a general rule, I’m not a fan of cotton underwear. But thanks for Davina and hopefully there will be more of her with better lighting and the kind of lingerie that will do her hot body and Cheshire grin justice…

  2. As with the last pic, # 12, Davina always seems to have that look, like she’s holier than you. But in that pic #4, she’s got that fetching smile that’s enough to melt your heart! And with those big boobs, she’s really nice! I think she’d be be more popular if she just gave us more of those wonderful smiles.

  3. Anyone she’ll ever take the plunge and take a big sausage up her cunt? She would be awesome in hardcore wiv those juggs!!

  4. I still don’t understand why that Cel continues to trick on the bra sizes. How can he say that this girl has J cup???
    Alicia 36JJ from should have JJJJJ cup if davina has j cup!
    Look at this pic of Alicia 36JJ, she is becoming IMPRESSIVE

    And i can add this compare also Davina J (ahahahaah) cup with HH cup of Alessandra Derya. u think there is a LOGICAL comparison?
    We are not so silly, plz Cel stop to joke.

  5. Hi Marc,
    You probably don’t know but different countries have different meanings for bra-sizes.
    A J cup in the UK and a J-cup in France for examples, don’t mean the same thing.
    Also in lots of eastern Europeans countries they don’t even use the cups, but sizes like 1, 2 or 3 and so on.
    So I’m certianly not trying to “trick” you guys by inventing sizes for the girls, but actually put the real info they give me.
    Also it’s interesting to note that a lot of the girls have no idea of their real size, but that’s another question.



  6. Hi Davina, I recognise you babe, I swear I used to date you, ever been to Birmingham? Remember all them nights at my nans?

  7. I too agree Davina is beautiful. She has that girl next door look that most no longer have. She has gained a little over the years which is a positive. I remember she also used to model for ATK. Yes she used to have lots of hair too.

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