Venera at Score

Just a micro-boob blog follow-up to my first proper Sexy Venera blog to say the 32H busty slim and stacked venous vixen has also put in an appearance with the good folks at Score! And so, with her huge H-cup tits jiggling away in a mirror (erm, that’ll just be in the Venera video, of course), here’s sexy Venera in a few of her photos plus her preview video from

32H Venera photos from Scoreland

Venera at    Venera at

32H Venera video from Scoreland

Venera video from


4 thoughts on “Venera at Score”

  1. For the life of me I can’t figure out how she keeps getting work on these mainstream websites. Her tits look like they were in a knife fight.

  2. Oh my…….

    Reece.. this woman has just drained my balls.. Oh my god….

    lol.. I love boobs like these.. Reece you are a bloody great hero.. Along with Abbi Secraa, Anya Sakova, Westy, Fae (aka Katie – Scoreland), If Barclays had been a sperm bank, I would have set up a ‘Premier’ account for the amount I’d be depositing.. haha!

    I *love* pendulous boobs on ‘slim to average’ women especially of this shape where most of the mass is toward the areola end (I daren’t use the ‘S’ word to describe them though). It’s not to some peoples tastes, admittedly, as many prefer a fuller boob. That’s fine but I love the softness of boobs, like this type, especially on younger women. A really *great* example of this is Terri Nova.. Oh to be smothered by young, pendulous and weighted boobs like this..

    Keep up the finds reece… these ladies are fantastic… :) :) :)

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