Voluptuous covergirl Jelena live on webcam !!

Apologies again, but I’ve really been getting into this webcamming lark as of late. It’s a blast being able to troll through a long list of busty women, perve at their pics and peruse their profiles, and then choose one with whom to spend some “hands-down quality time” [*wink-wink, nudge-nudge* ].

In addition to having found a few familiar faces there, it’s turning out to be a veritable frontier for finding new big tits talent! My latest “discovery” is 38G Jelena whom, as it so happens, is slated to be the covergirl for the December 2006 issue of Score’s Voluptuous Magazine!!

Score's Voluptuous Magazine

It’s in her role as a live big boobs webcam queen for ImLive, however, that the 22-year-old Jelena really shines. A consummate performer, she does whatever it takes to please her audience. Her costumes consist of everything from low-cut tops to bras to wet t-shirts (when she’s not topless, that is). Jelena’s even got a nurse’s uniform among her wardrobe, should you require some of that “sexual healing” that Marvin sang about, and occasionally plays the busty, sexy schoolgirl as well! She’s also the first webcam girl I’ve known who takes her live cam show into the bath.

Among the talents touted on the profile page of Jelena’s Fan Club we find toys, anal sex, double-penetration, blow-jobs (in fact, she claims to be the best cock-sucker there!), tit-fucks, foot-jobs & role-play. Throw her friendly, bubbly personality and gorgeous G-cup breasts into the mix, and you’ve got a resumé for the ultimate virtual girlfriend! Here are a few vidcaps from lovely Jelena’s live webcam sessions at ImLive.com:

Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com    Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com    Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com

Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com    Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com    Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com

Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com    Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com    Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com

Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com    Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com    Jelena 38G on webcam at ImLive.com



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22 thoughts on “Voluptuous covergirl Jelena live on webcam !!”

  1. Fcuk Reese! She looks fit to lock loins with! Right on! I gotta find that Voluptuous, if you look close Jenny Hill is also on the cover.

  2. I just hope our mail address will not be sold, but in the first place, Reese, you rule!!! how do i start my own page like this!!!

    I love it because its free from trashy advertisements and fake boobs, Thanks!!!


  3. Tony~

    If you’re concerned about your e-mail address, just go to the ImLive site, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click in their “Anti-Spam Policy” link. With all of the legislation (and prosecution!) going on in this regard, major sites have started to take the spam issue quite seriously!

    Funny you should ask about starting your own page like this! If you can hang on for just a few weeks, I’ll provide details about a new, innovative and simple way to create your very own big boobs blog (and make some money at it, too)!!

    ~Reese! :~)

  4. I’m not really a fan of those webcam sites, but that Jelena is so totally my type that I might reconsider…!? Wow, is she hot or what…?!?

  5. Is the Im in ImLive supposed to be the contraction for I am, I’m?? Just curious…

    About the only picture that shows her tits is the one where she’s sticking her tongue out, and even then you can’t see much with that fishnet top in the way. But judging from the power outlet in the background, she’s definitely not in the U.S., she must be in Europe, or maybe the U.K. I’d like to put my plug into her socket!! :-)

  6. Hiya folks :) here I am – browsing Internet and I’ve found this site and blog bout me haha! :-) hey thanks Reese for discovering and thanks guys for nice feedbacks :-)) Answering few questions thats been mentioned – Im in UK yes :) but not british tho. Yes I’ve been posing for THA as well. Having some other major projects right now :) gonna appear on Juggs mag. Well deffinitely Reese told all truth about me and Id be happy to see ya’ll in my videochat room guys – up close and personal ;)

  7. This is a bit off the existing “thread”, so please don’t bite my virtual head off. Can anyone tell me if the 3-day trial period for Scoreland (for $6.95, I believe) offers all of the content that can be obtained for the regular price ($29.95/month, I believe)?

    Thanks much!

  8. I’ve seen picture 2 and 7 on a lot of sites before, yes Jelena you are HOT stuff I will give you that.
    Plus you are a UK girl that makes you even more special. What part are you from North, South, East or West?

    Good luck in your career.

  9. Oooh Kent, not to far from me ;-)

    Just saw that you said that you are not British, so what country you from to have that lovely long dark hair? How long you been growing it?

    I was thinking about doing a bit of modeling myself, you must have some contacts, I’ll risk getting Spammed alive and send you a picture. Here is my e-mail address marcusbig23@yahoo.com


  10. GOOD FUCKING LORD. This woman is so close to perfection for me it hurts. I want MORE!!!

    I just hate Scoreland pictures and I hate webcam quality! They’re on opposite ends of the spectrum – the mag’s pics are so glossy and over-lit that the girls don’t even look real, and the crappy colors and grainy res of webcams just looks shitty. I hope she branches out and does more modeling work for other photographers and sites. If she had her own regular site I’d join in a second.

  11. To Curvelover –
    Thanks for your kind words dear.
    Im planning to have my own website soon … I hope you will be the first who joins :-)
    Take care

  12. Hi Jelena… Im an artist and i really loved your face.. and body from the first time i saw you by chance in some website… Since that i started searching for you… I wish i recieve from you…and tell me.. how can i get more of ur pictures… i started being fond of them… i will draw one for you ;)
    you can checl some of my artworks in my personal website http://www.osamasarraf.com



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