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I just received an e-mail from Jason over at about a contest to find the hottest girl in porn. This week features busty Brandy Taylor (aka Brandy Talore), whom some of you may remember from such blogs as “An anatomy lesson with Brandy Taylor…“.

Despite being a bit of a wanker and her brief lesbian sex scandal with Chloe Vevrier, I feel that Brandy certainly deserves this honour (besides, she’s got the biggest breasts of the lot). And, lest we forget, a vote for Brandy Taylor is a vote for big boobs! So…


…and for those of you who need a refresher on her ample qualifications, here are a few photo & video galleries from Big Tits Round Asses wherein Brandy demonstrates her willingness to fill the position:

Brandy Taylor Photo Galleries:

Brandy Taylor at Big Tits Round Asses    Brandy Taylor at    Brandy Taylor at Big Tits Round Asses

Brandy Taylor at    Brandy Taylor at Big Tits Round Asses    Brandy Taylor at

Brandy Taylor Video Galleries:

Brandy Taylor at Big Tits Round Asses    Brandy Taylor at    Brandy Taylor at Big Tits Round Asses

Brandy Taylor at    Brandy Taylor at Big Tits Round Asses    Brandy Taylor at



24 thoughts on “Vote Brandy Taylor”

  1. I think Brandy is great. She’s so cute and her tits are so soft and cuddlely looking. I haven’t watched these clips yet, but my favorite had her actually enjoying getting screwed. You know how some of these porn stars just go throught the motions, well her nipples were so stiff and extended she obviously liked it. I’m sure they could fake that too but I like to think she was enjoying getting hammered.

  2. Pretty face, huge tits and a round ass to boot, is just too much.¿Is there a video of Brandy and Chloe V?.
    This got nothing to do here maybe but ¿is there anything new in the web about Jana Defi or Merilyn?

  3. I have not seen a Chloe/Brandy video but I think Chloe may post one in the future.

    As for Brandy, she is a dream! As you say, huge tits, lovely ass and legs and a cute face. What more could you ask for. Oh and she probably swallows, which makes things even better!! She obviously loves getting a good pumping!!

  4. To gustave: (where JJ cup lactating Alicia resides) is going to have Merilyn sometime this March. I haven’t seen any oif it yet, so I can’t say if it’s new stuff or just re-runs.

    But to bhe honest, both her and Jana have so much all over the web that you shouldn’t have much difficulty in finding a lot of new stuff on either of them.

  5. She didn’t win…?!? What the hell is wrong with those people…?!? Did they all lose their sense for sexyness and their good taste…?!

  6. She’s just beautiful and when i have the change to fuck her i will defintitly fuck her as hard as hell.

  7. well i turn on my pc
    connect to internet
    open google
    n try searching abt brandy taylor
    she’s my ultimate fantasy
    i wish i cud just spend a one cold night in a hot bath tub playin wid her tits!
    She’s lovely!

  8. brandy taylor, soo many word can desrcibe how hot, sexy, and amazing this woman is. she had the most gorgeous tits and have such a hot thick body. I would give anything to meet, and fuck her

  9. Every day I look to your tailers Brandy, they are fantastic.
    In heaven I would fuck with you the rest of my life-time
    So my ultimate wish is to fuck one time with you a whole night long …
    Can we deal it Brandy … ? Please, please please …

  10. well what can i say, nice big round tits, pretty innocent face, and round ass i just love to titty fuck her and she has my vote. i always look in the web search for brandy. love that big tit girl!!!!

  11. hi brandy i want to fuck you so bad with those tits of yours and that cute ass to fuck your like the god of all gods mabye i could fuck you for my site some time love ya bye

    please email back

  12. hi brandy i love your work with your huge tits cute ass hot body could you fuck me for my site sometime i love your huge tits i want to fuck your tits for so hard and long and your ass i want to give you anal so bad just to tell you my dick is 16 inches long and 4 inches thick please email me

  13. YOur Cute..YOur boobs are nice….I probally Came to your pictures a Million times..Keep up the Good work..and I hope you win.

    P.s this is what the alaphabet would look like if Q and R where eliminated

  14. Man what can i say, I cant get enougth of brandy!!!! that smile, n those titts are 2 die 4……… Thanks

  15. wats up Brandy i just masterbated four times after seeing one of your videos and i have to tell u u are the sexiest thing alive i produce my own movies and i’ve been looking all over for a girl of your stature love to fuck you some time hit me back.

  16. man my ex-gf’s tits were exactly like Brandy’s, 36DDD soft and natural! Soo I can really feel her beauty! She’s awesome! There’s nothin better than sucking on those huge tits and then fuckin them and after all the action jus layin ur head on her tits n suck her nipples dry til she falls sleep!! thats what i did to my girl every night haha keep up the good work brandy!

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