Young girls with naturally large breasts…

Young girls with naturally large breasts are a rarity indeed. Young thin girls doubly so. That’s why models like Jana Defi, Anya Sakova & Faith Nelson get so immensely popular in appealing to the slim-n-stacked subset of the big tits niche. Back in high school amongst 600+ odd students – more than half of them female – I can recall but a single pair of breasts that would’ve qualified for inclusion on MyBoobSite, and those were on a correspondingly voluptuous young lady whose story I’ve told before.

That seems to be the norm, really. If you’re hooked on big tits as a teen (as I was), you’ll likely find a lot more girls built like Holly than Liz (then, of course, you also get those few teens that are teetering on the verge of voluptuous, like Ashley). No matter, though, as long as big boobs are involved, the rest of the body shape is largely irrelevant to me.

I’m only mentioning this because I received an e-mail from my mate Jes the other day telling me about a girl named Abbigail from FemJoy who stood out as one of those rare exceptions to the rule (and, if you take a look at the site with comparative intent, you’ll see what I mean). Although her breasts aren’t huge, Abbigail certainly fits the slim-n-stacked teen genre to a tee. So, rather than Jes & I selfishly keeping Abbigail all to ourselves, I thought it might be nice to share. Here she is, courtesy of

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17 thoughts on “Young girls with naturally large breasts…”

  1. Reese this is a good find mate! I don’t agree with, as long as they have big boobs then they’re ok principle though. This site must remain ‘big breast in contrast to the rest of the body’ otherwise we become a bbw site or no different than any other site that shows women naked. The breasts must represent something unusually proportionate to the body otherwise it is just a BBw.

    This find is what makes the site so special. Admittedly you’re not going to find a JANA every day but that should be the perfection we should be aiming at! Thgis girl is beautiful!!!!!!

  2. Sam,

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. A Big Boob site is just that… a site for big boobs. Why does it have to be qualified as a woman with big boobs & a small waist. I think the variety that Reese has here is great. For many of us guys who love big tits, it doesn’t matter what frame they come on, that’s just a small part of the package.

    Reese, natural finds like this one are nice, but don’t forsake other bra busters just because they’re bigger around.

  3. Fantastic! I have always mentioned how I prefer the ‘slim-and-stacked’ end of the spectrum. 100% heartthrob material. Abigail is not your ordinary ‘popular girl’ name, but her body makes you forget her name.

  4. WHAOH! Jesus! Warn a guy before you put something like that up on the screen! Oh, wait, you did… :P

    SHe is fucking AMAZING! As for my two cents: I do prefer them slim and stacked but I would never complain about a HUGE set of tits just because they are on a bigger babe!

  5. Badjacker,

    I think you misunderstood what I was saying friend. I never once said skinny or thin; what I said was in ‘contrast to’. Meaning if she is going to be a little on the fat side she should have breasts that put her body into shadow. In fact to prove the point one of my all time favourite girls whom I would offfer marriage to is Eden Moore. She is a little on the large side but her breasts are unbelievable. This demonstates my point well. Even though she is big her breasts are that much larger. If her breasts were nothing special why would she be a big boobed model, de facto, she wouldn’t!!!!

  6. Has there been any new pictures or video clips of either super-busty chicks like Anekee, Miosotis, and/or Fuko (aka”Love”)?

  7. Sam,
    I’m sorry I guess I did misunderstand.

    You’ll have to fight me for Eden though. :)

    Cheers mate! Here’s to big tits, wherever we may find them!

  8. I can speak only for myself, but i do prefer slim’n’stacked girls instead of bbw girls. Btw, Abbigail is a member of the Faith-Jana-Anya class, just perfect!
    What can I say, more photos please? ;)

  9. Does someone found more pics from Abbigail ?
    She is something else, but she is the only beauty at that femjoy site… Does she have a site for here own ? there is someone else featuring her ?

    Regards !

  10. Pretty girl. Love the last picture and her devilish little smile. Soft round and busty – could not ask for more. Similar to girls – I found this website through that blog. I visit My Boob Site every day now. Thanks for all the hard work. I click all the banners and adds if that helps.


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