Maria Moore vs Samantha 38G in Big Boobs Battle

Don’t blame me – Sam started it. And I wouldn’t even have been aware had it not been for my mate Clint (aka the “Big Tit Cyber Pimp“) spilling the beans to me the other day. It seems that our Sexy Samantha 38G was looking to incite a little friendly competition with her mate Maria Moore when she sent her the following message…

“I was wondering which one of us has the bigger set of boobs? Me/Samantha38g or Miss Maria Moore? Who has bigger nipples? I would love to hear your opinions. Cause I know that you all look at all of us with natural huge boobs.”

…to which Maria Moore was quick to reply…

“I am a little curious myself. But there is only one way to know for sure ….a side by side or a tit-to-tit comparison. What a little minx she is, getting everyone all hot and bothered over such a thought!”

…even Alicia Loren put her own two cents in…

“Hello to you and to my “friend” Maria… I could say friend cause we started to exchange emails. Anyway… do you want me being out of this boobs competition? LOL”

…and so I thought I’d pose the question here; not as to who has the biggest breasts or nipples of the two as that’s but a matter of stats, but simply who has the best big breasts overall! To facilitate your choosing, I’ve included a few choice photos of both Sam & Maria from the HotSexyPlumpers site for comparison’s sake, followed by a little poll to cast your vote.

Come to think of it, since both Sam & Maria appear on the same website, maybe there is a chance of getting the two together for a photo / video shoot! Boggles the big breast lovers’ mind, it does. Anyway, here they are, colossal cleavage contenders Samantha 38G & Maria Moore (Sam gets to go first, as she threw down the gauntlet), courtesy of

Samantha38G at

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Maria Moore at

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Samantha 38G
Samantha 38G
Maria Moore
Maria Moore
Who has the best big breasts overall??

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47 thoughts on “Maria Moore vs Samantha 38G in Big Boobs Battle”

  1. These two are pretty well matched, both terrific but in different ways. Only a side-by-side comparison will allow us to make a real determination. What a shoot that would be!

    That said, if Alicia Loren entered the ring, she’d probably take the title.

  2. Samantha, Samantha, Samantha forever and always. I love this woman. There is no chance to beat her wonderful breasts. But a nice try, Maria :-)

  3. Altough Sam makes me drool and some things to harden up, it really isn’t a serious question, cause Maria is really out of this world. The form, size and altogether shape of her funbags are just almost unfathomable.
    But a tit-to-tit fotoshoot would be… well, a pleasue to say the least.

  4. I also vote for a side by side comparison of the 2.

    I love both sets of nipples, they remind me of mine.
    My nipples are bigger still, I think but both sam and maria have bigger tits.
    I love these images, make me feel so sexy and turned on.

    Thank you sooooo much

  5. I love Samantha but Maria’s got the better boobs between the two of them. But they are both have incredibly superb voluptuous full figured female wonder bodies!!!!!!!

  6. This is a very difficult choice, as both these women are absolutely gorgeous. Sexiness to the power of 3.

    I became a fan of Samantha before I did Maria, so there is a special place in my crotch for Samantha to be sure. But Maria quickly made me stand to attention when I first viewed her vids and scored some major points as well.

    How about I say this contest is a draw for me. ;) Either lady is an absolute stunner.

  7. Ack, too bad they airbrushed the crap out of maria moore in that photoset.

    It’s a toss up between the 2 of them in my book. I saw Sam first, but she’s gotten a little bit more “plasticky” as of late on her site. Then again she does have an amazing rack…..

    Just get the 2 of them together for a photo shoot! :)

  8. Even though Maria has a convicing lead already, the only reason why it is even so close is because of the third choice for them doing a photoshoot together. If that option wasn’t there and it was just between Samantha and Maria, then it would be a much bigger margin for Maria, hands down. What I would like to see is a photoshoot with Maria Moore and Milena Velba!!

  9. I love Maria best overall (including personality- I just don’t dig how Sam acts in her scenes), and I do prefer her tits to boot. But she also gets points from me for growing consistently across the course of her career, while Sam looks about the same (though these days a lot more glammed up).
    I do think, though, that Milena v. Alicia must be the next battle- and a tough call!

  10. Marias boobs are bigger, no doubt about that. Sorry Sam. But Alicia would beat Maria fairly easily also.

    We need Alicia vs Milena, that would be a good one.

    That said, we need more of this type of stuff. There are alot of girls out there who like being the bustiest girl in a room or whereever. We need more challenges like this that Sam offerred up!

  11. Battlestar Galactica what dude? lol, just kidding. ;) I don’t even know what you just said Niki but if you suggest that both these ladies are out of this world, then I agree.

    Otherwise, if this is not what you said, then I retract the question on the grounds of no speakada your language and instead summons both Maria and Sam to appear nude together with measuring tape in hand to settle this once and for tits, err…I mean all. ;)

    # Niki Says:
    March 6th, 2007 at 12:41 am

    Megagalattiche entrambi!

  12. Now this is something that interests me……………………being a busty girl………………boobs competitions, who has the bigger boobs!

    I think its cool that this Samantha wanted to challenge Maria to see who had the bigger boobs. I have always enjoyed being the bustiest girl in the room whereever I was and I am sure other girls are out there who feel the same. I have been in a couple of situations like this, back in college and at a couple of bars before, it was fun and a turn on :)

    Though in this case, it appears Samantha picked on someone a bit bigger then herself…….lol. But this is cool!

  13. Well, Heather. This is potentially the volunteer photographer here. lol

    Anyhoots, if you find such a situation fun and a turn on, then who am I to deny you? You could be my camera assistant and I’ll try and pull some strings for you to include a jello backdrop. ;) I wish. lol

    (tough_choice then awakens to the voice of Bill Cosby offering me a pudding pop)

  14. Now as a model, I know that certain angles enhance how a big a boob looks. Currently when I shoot pics, it is my face I want to look the best. I count on my boobs already being huge and in the pics.
    As for my looking a bit plastic… How funny… I have not had any surgery or procedures. I prefer the glamour look, and one of the reasons why I started my site. I wanted pictures of plumper type gals to be more glamourous.
    My acting on film. Yah, it is not acting. I don’t act, I am just me. But then you can always turn the sound down.
    As to who has the bigger boobs? I honestly don’t know. At this time there is no shoot of us scheduled together. My schedule is full for the next couple of months.
    I think it is a guy who says he is Alicia, not the actual model. Also Alicia is in Italy. Due to the 2257 law I can not shoot with her. I have made that person at that email address aware of the situation. Part of the reason why I think it is a guy. He just doesn’t get it or care. Just wants me to fly to Italy at my own expense.
    Have to say reading Reese’s site give me great feedback and a bit of the truth.
    When a gal has bigger boobs than mine I don’t get jealous, just amazed.

    Forever: 38G

  15. tough_choice, what can I say, it was fun :)

    And Samantha, like I said, I think it was cool you challenged her, even if it was just in jest! Good luck wqth your continued modeling!

  16. Thanks for the reply, Heather. You must not have went to Ohio State then, or I would have remembered such a competition! :) lol

  17. Samantha38g, I must say it is a surprise to see you post here! I did not realize there is a 2257 law that would prohibit that. Maybe we should pitch in to a fund that would fund your airline ticket to make this photo shoot possible. lol :)

    As for Maria or you facing off, as I said, you are both visions of physical beauty and such a test would prove little to dispute that!

    Anyhoots, I need to focus on my finals right now. I write one tomorrow and have to get both you and Maria off my mind if I want to get any studying done!

  18. Hey Reese! Has Maria ever replied on this forum? Suprised to see Samantha’s reply on here and I was just wondering what Maria would say about our little conversation here and the proposed challenge by Forever: Samantha 38G!

  19. the thought of these 2 ladies together is amazing……

    i dont really mind which of the lovely ladies has the bigger boobs…they both are amazing in looks and i always enjoy the pics i see of them…

  20. Asking kme to choose over these 2, is like asking which I prefer, getting a blowjob, or actually fucking a chick’s cunt!?? :P

  21. I love Sam. I’ve been a fan of hers for years. I think Maria’s boobs are a little bigger and her butts bigger (smile), but I love Sam. Sam also works with different male talent and that’s why I believe that you won’t see them together in a hardcore scene. Sam your the best! I also like your personality. :-). Both women are very nice to look at and a scene with both of them would stay in my DVD player for a long time.


  22. Yep.Sam is all that woman can be.Hoping to see her here in Finland also.Maybe in my home…..;-)

    Maria is number 2.( Remember that there are atleast 10000000 woman in earth,so to be number two is not not bad.) And Maria has bigger boobs.So in this case she’s number one.Sorry Sam.

  23. Maria not only has the perfect shape, she is in perfect shape. The perfect thong bikini body. Maybe a little thin. If she could gain a few pounds in the right spots. Booty & boobs. We are looking forward to seeing Maria in more competitions. If we could pay for custom videos. Maria is a winner! She has the best boobs!

  24. I love Maria,she is wonderful and very exciting.She has got very nice big boobs with large aréolas.I’m prefer Maria than Samantha

  25. I never knew about Maria until I saw her video “Boobies” on Now I own it and I have to say that she’s a very beautiful woman. That little bikini she wore on it was just so beautiful and it was the perfect color “blue.” I just love the color blue. Anytime I see a woman wearing that color, I just have to say she is so lovely. Maria was very beautiful in that little blue bikini she wore. I wish I can date a woman like her. She has a really great body as well.

  26. J’aime les deux même si ma préférence va a Maria dont je préfère le look quand a la taille des seins je pense que ceux de Samantha sont juste un peu plus gros,mais elles sont toutes les deux très jolies et très excitantes

  27. the only way to find out who’s tits are the biggest and best is to have the ladies put a bearhug on each other and see who’s huge bust dominates; with alicia taking on the winner

  28. I would vote for Maria over most anybody ,but DAMN who fuckin cares SAMANTHA ,Alicia Loren(BEAUTIFUL,no question but a bit boring)These are ALL THE most breathtaking examples of WOMANHOOD on the freakin planet,everybody has their favs,I personally have had it bad for SAPPHIRE for the longest time and this new webcam girl ANOREI COLLINS is UNFUCKING REAL! So as SAM says just thank God,a higher power,nature WHATEVER and Dig Em. Ps. Hows about you hookin up to that anorei ,SAM it would be AMAZING to see her and you together.

  29. Don’t wanna sound likes I’m dissin ya SAM,fact is you’re both so hot it’s friggin ridiculous.Every dude has a personal “Hard ON” tho, one chick that’s his KRYPTONITE.For me SAPPHIRE just plain RULES,her breasts are like the “heir apparent” for Chesty Morgan.You,Maria,SAPPHIRE,all three of you are the TRUE SUPERMODELS,..not these long legged boney ass bread and water freaks we’ve been gettin shoved down our throats all these years.WHEN,…When do the men of this friggin world WAKE UP,and reclaim the standard that is a CURVY,VOLUPTUOS…STACKED woman .Put THEM back atop the pedestal,Where they rightfully belong!

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