100 Best Boob Sites Toplist

Sorry for the relative silence today, but I’ve been busying myself with some essential site maintenance. In addition, I’ve put together MyBoobSite’s very own toplist of – what else? – boob sites! Thus, if you’re a webmaster working in the big tits niche, be sure to add your link and banner to the list and I’ll get to work on generating the traffic to make it all worthwhile. If not, you can still enjoy the copious collection of bra-busting boob sites accumulated therein simply by clicking the “100 Best Boob Sites” banner below…

100 Best Boob Sites Toplist



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8 Responses to “100 Best Boob Sites Toplist”

  1. Very Free Says:

    A couple websites were conspicuous by their absence.

    Why aren’t there PREVIOUS and NEXT page buttons?

    WTF is IN and OUT?

  2. Tokimeki Says:

    Great!!! You’re my master man !!!

  3. Spencer Says:

    Holy jaysus mudder of god… the creature!!! the creature!!! The horrible tit-creature is multiplying!!! Dere’s dozens of ‘em… maybe soon thousands!!! Ladies, lock up yer tits and unplug yer computers from the wall. And wear a clove of garlic between yr tits. And don’t turn yr computer back on until y see a message here saying it’s safe again and the nasty beasts have been exercised and exhumed. Dis is not a drill!

  4. Reese Says:

    Spencer: What?? You mean this harmless little critter?!

    Tokimeki: Thanks!! :~D

    Very Free: Which websites did you feel were missing? Oh, and it looks like you need a primer on toplists: Rather than PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons, there are links listed to the individual page numbers both at the top and bottom of the list. As for the old IN and OUT, the “in” tracks the number of hits coming in from external sites casting votes to propel a given listing up the list and the “out” is a cumulative count of how many people have clicked the link or banner for a particular site (so webmasters can tell at a glance how productive the list is being for them). When someone signs up to have their site included in the toplist, they’re given a special linking code to post on their own site to ensure that each click counts as a vote toward promoting them to the top of the list. Erm, and that’s about it, really…

  5. Rick Says:

    Ok, where the heck is Eden?

  6. hentaibee Says:

    is the concept of a toplist really to have links straight to sponsor sites???

  7. Reese Says:

    Rick: Sadly, I didn’t have a banner for her. As soon as I can find one, I’ll put Eden up there as well.

    hentaibee: No, not at all. I Just wanted to seed it with about 50 sites (so it wasn’t just my own three sites up there) to get it active in hopes of others signing up their own sites, blogs, toplists or whatever. So far, I’ve only had two others register, but they’ve been getting some pretty good hits in return. As soon as there are enough, they’ll hopefully push the sponsor sites down the list via their incoming hits. Methinks I should promote it further afield than just in my blog, such as in a few webmasters’ forums, in order to gather new entrants. It’s been up for less than two days, though (albeit with respectable traffic with over 3,000 hits in and 11,500 out), so I expect it’ll take a while to turn around.

  8. hentaibee Says:

    excellent :)

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